Gonzo as Freddie Krueger
Gonzo as Freddie Krueger
Gonzo as Freddie Krueger. Member reactions:
Funny, funny . . . the resemblance is all in the nose . . . his hat being crooked adds to the humor . . . Nice work.
Thank you D-man. Thank you for comment IcyAllEyeCan Thank you very much geriatric. Thank you very much nepaguy59 and rajeshstar. Thank you balodiya. Thank you very much qtrmoonshop with "Q".
Krueger is looking great, bronze congrats.
Thank you very much pcrdds, Black, Sunshin3 and NewsMaster, I'm glad for you have liked.

Funny Gonzo and Animal in a Car

Gonzo and Animal in a Car
How's this for a watermark.
Member reactions:
, yeah only the older members and forum participants will get this
Dont you wish this was on it the first time
Congrats on wood, Jerry. You're a world-wide hit with your Gonzo.
woody for Gonzo , thanks guys, just giving credit where credit is due.
I like this alot jerry so funny and nice work , congrats on the woody and keep up top chops man

Funny Gonzo in Space

Gonzo in Space
Jerry Lambert's Gonzo is in space. Newsmaster/Jerry: This is not my work, obviously - Gonzo is Jerry Lambert's creation. I realize this may be a violation of FN rules and regulations, but my intentions are honorable. I can substitute out Gonzo with a FN ad without Gonzo. Since Jerry's work is still getting so much attention world wide, why not up in space as well. (Update: Approved by Newsmaster/Jerry Lambert.) Astronauts prepare for space walk this week.
Member reactions:
As long as Jer gives you permission, it's OK with FN rules. Freaking hilarious concept. Thank pic is a legend.
Okay, thanks Newsie. I hope he realizes I am trying to further immortalize his work.
Jerry must live for posterity. Future younglings must marvel at the master of wit. I think there is no higher compliment/flattery than immitation. Nicely done Doxi.

Funny Gonzo Journalism

Gonzo Journalism
R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson
Member reactions:
We can't stop here... THIS IS BAT COUNTRY.

Funny Gonzo Launch Pad

Gonzo Launch Pad
Is it a bird. Is it a rocket. No - It's the "Be-Gone Gonzo".

Funny Gonzo Mafia

Gonzo Mafia
In memory of the Valentines Day Massacre Gonzo goes all out on all his ex girlfriends.

Funny President Gonzo

President Gonzo
Member reactions:
Would be a heck of alot better then Obama.
I actually have a "Gonzo for President" patch on an old shirt...

Funny Gonzo in Harry Potter

Gonzo in Harry Potter
Gonzo Potter

Funny Gonzo Forever Johnny Depp Painting

Gonzo Forever Johnny Depp Painting
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Funny Gonzo

And they used to talk about Bert and Ernie
Member reactions:
that would explain some things about him.

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