The Gondolier in an I Love Venice T-Shirt
The Gondolier in an I Love Venice T-Shirt
The Gondolier in an I Love Venice T-Shirt.

Funny Mick Jagger The Young Gondolier

Mick Jagger The Young Gondolier
Member reactions:
Great work on lighting and integrating the sources to produce this. The gondalier's image is slightly blurred, probably as a result of the source size. MJ and Jocko, are a bit too sharp comparatively. And the Union Jack is vastly overblurred - HRM would not be pleased. Two Michaels. One is 65 years young. The other . . . well all I can say is he was such a sweet, attractive and talented kid.
I have edited the flag for HRM. If you look at the source, the flag is so blury you can barely make it out, I was trying to keep it the same but the aperature setting in my scene is a bit different and it didn't fit. Thanks for the critique.
Quality work. One of the best ones in the show. at Jacko watering the monkey.
I do think this is good, though for some reason Micks head looks like it is falling off...
Oops, I must have moved his head when cleaning things up. thanks.
I think jacko is trying to get bubbles drunk...Great chop.
Thanks for your input everyone, on to the next one

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