Mr. & Mrs. Gollum
Mr. & Mrs. Gollum
Mr. & Mrs. Gollum. Three main sources,

Funny Juicy Fish for Gollum

Juicy Fish for Gollum
Member reactions:
Always fun to chop that little fellah. Great job and a bit puzzling. I can't make out what the cave is made out of. Throw me a bone, will ya. No pun intended
Sorry for the late response guys. Thanks very much, Champ. Yes it was fun, DD. Especially spearing the fish. But most of all I like the pretty colors.. Ha. Thanks, Tim. The Cave if you will, is Balrog's horn. Smeagol is riding in it's curvature.

Funny Donald Trump as Gollum Holding Rand Paul's Head

Donald Trump as Gollum Holding Rand Paul's Head
News Story Sen. Rand Paul, who recently described Trump as a Gollum, suspends presidential campaign.
Member reactions:
Jaw drops. 7th. Funny stuff.... Next time, Champ. You are owed one.
Thanks Rajesh and NewsMaster, and thank you Hits, for the kind words. Appreciated
I have to agree with Hit-man. Great Work Uncle-C.

Funny Robert Durst as Gollum

Robert Durst as Gollum
Fascinating story, more dramatic than fiction. He's gotten away with a least three murders. Allegedly. Robert Durst Investigation Spreads to Other States
Member reactions:
Oooohhhh great theme for this and dark contrasting works well. Very nice work. Cheers

Funny Gollum's Girlfriend

Gollum's Girlfriend
Poor gollum, dropping that ring sure ... ed her off..
Member reactions:
Not from a cgi-page/forum... pic from reddit.. got stopped last freakshow....
Yeh..She has got comparatively beautiful eye and smile and hair and skin and and and and and all is nothing but gift from hidden I like this chop
Even wicked characters look beautiful sometimes and this can happen using photoshop
You made the featured spot for your efforts. Nicely done, strong chopping skills evident
Glad this beauty did not go to a waste basket.

Funny Alfred E Neuman as Gollum

Alfred E Neuman as Gollum
Member reactions:
Chambs. Awesome chop.
Nice work-looks real. Long live Alfred 'E' .
Great Job Hidden, but may I suggest cutting the size in half from (3286 x 2687)to(1643 x 1344) and you would still have a huge chop. A classic chop
Awesome makeover of Obama as a Hobbit good chop with excellent blending all the best
I dont understand What I see here.. I get scared with Funny looks of Gollum Fantastic work
Congrats winning the Gold Ninji. Great combo
Congratulations on the Gold. I like your picture; it's really cute and well done.

Funny Christopher Walkin as Gollum

Christopher Walkin as Gollum
Member reactions:
Great look given to his face and body the Hobbit styled well done

Funny Gollum Putin with Kitten

Gollum Putin with Kitten
Keep that cat out of the bag.
Member reactions:
Awesome.... Amazing look given by Putin and the face merge is so perfectly done... looks like original
Like the objects placed in the hanads and nice tie

Funny Nancy Pelosi Gollum

Nancy Pelosi Gollum
Member reactions:
Wao... lovely freaky eyes... they were so big as the eyes of the Fish The Eye lids and the face merge is perfect... Good hobbit look given to her
Nice Job, Good Caricature Like the fish in the hand, good thinking

Funny Gollum Obama

Gollum Obama
Member reactions:
Fantastic.... Obama as a Hobbit look.... He has done his own security breach Like the Seal on the Rock.... It really rocks
Amazing job done very clean and neat Total 12 Hairs on his head very nice
Laughing my arse offfff hair style is amazing

Funny Gollum Celebrities

Gollum Celebrities
The latest installment of the Lord of The Rings saga - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - became the biggest US box office hit among the movies ever released for Christmas. Much to the joy of the LOTR fans, The Hobbit was digitally remastered for IMAX 3D, and was filmed using a breakthrough technology. To mark the release of the new Hobbit movie, take any celebrities or politicians and turn them into Gollums.

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