Gollum Finds the Ring on Audi Car
Gollum Finds the Ring on Audi Car
Gollum Finds the Ring on Audi Car. After Gollum lost "the ring", he immediatley discovered a more dependable replacement. Sources
Member reactions:
SOS bring me home...no intelligent life here.
What I love about this entry: 1) the concept - it's clever - the ring is taken from a modern element (Audi logo) and a modern element (Audi car) is mixed with the LOTR world. "Mix the unmixable" is a winning formula here 2) The execution - perfect blending worthy of a cool poster to decorate any wall. 3) The color pattern you chose here 4) The dragon 5) Frodo in Audi My minor critique is two moons - probably one too many. Overall grade: FA (Freaking Awesome)
Bronze moon for ya, mate. Congrats on the bronze.
Man.This is fantastic,awesome.Congrats on the bronze,Xaos.
damn. Only when Newsy pointed out the audi rings i noticed it. I was wondering what he did on the car. I just didnt look closely enough. A great idea. congrats on another thophy, Xaos.
that was cool X-man .. thanks newsy to note the idea for us . keep going mate

Funny Sherlock Gollum

Sherlock Gollum

Funny Gollum John

Gollum John
My wife said this looks like my passport pic
Member reactions:
You look so cute.......not scary at all. Great job
John you never looked better or great chop.
Wonderfully blended. Looks natural for our resident prankster John.
Nice work John. Good job of combining you and Gollum, whats the x1 stand for tho.
Thanks everyone Funk mate the X1 came about because wheneve I just try to use John to join something its ALWAYS taken already. when I registered on a forum years ago the Johnx1 was the first available name it came up with and I liked the sound of it.

Funny Statue of David with Gollum Head

Statue of David with Gollum Head
Member reactions:
GREAT. I love this looks so real. Good work on the loin cloth too.

Funny Morgan Freeman as Gollum

Morgan Freeman as Gollum
Member reactions:
Looks dark on my monitor but excellent work.
Prolly intended to be dark, Doxi. Cool theme to chose. I like
Not dark on my monitor, I can see the LOTR title up the top right & something ova on the left still under the black & heaps of black painted around the head, BG needs a good clean-up. Otherwise the chop itself is pretty ok.

Funny Gollum Chihuahua and Yoda Chihuahua

Gollum Chihuahua and Yoda Chihuahua

Funny Gollum Painting

Gollum Painting

Funny Gollum with Aliens

Gollum with Aliens

Funny Gollum With Ears for Eyes

Gollum With Ears for Eyes
Member reactions:
I can't see my precious, but I can hear my precious.

Funny Gollum in Durer Painting

Gollum in Durer Painting
Member reactions:
Thanks Jeremix, shrunk in the wash so to speak and I didnt notice AGAIN. Should be bigger now
Great. If i could say one last thing. You too should clone some yellow textured part and paste in on his cheeckbone. That part looks a little smuched and some texture and yellow highlight would do the trick i think.
Thanks again Jeremix mate. cloned and filled area and balanced it out a bit.
I would just like to say this is why I love it here. even though we are all in competition fellow choppers are willing to offer advice and help. superb
It helps when i don't play in this particular battle.
one less great chopper to worry about in this one then .
I like this. The eye color was a splendid edit.
So this was yours John. I always seem to end up at your chops.
Lol like the master to the student mate. keep those tips and help coming

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