Gollum Robert Downey Jr.
Gollum Robert Downey Jr.
Gollum Robert Downey Jr.. Member reactions:
Great effect, that's creepy. I originally thought it was Willem Dafoe.
Wrinkles near the eyes were well molded great work overall on the face... gives a natural look

Funny Putin Gollum

Putin Gollum
Member reactions:
Very Interesting Good thinking of one small and one big eyes looks stunning
Genius work, good merge and nice concept of Normal+Freaky

Funny Bruce Willis Gollum

Bruce Willis Gollum

Funny Gollum Finds His Origins

Gollum Finds His Origins
After all this time, Gollum finds out why he is the way he is.
Member reactions:
Very well done like the concept and the way it was designed and chopped is awesome like the skulls bearing plants in the field
Cleaver placement of lights on the field and skull's crop is ready to cut.... Awesome idea to convert source image to scary picture

Funny Gollum by Magritte

Gollum by Magritte
This artistic manipulation is based on face of my italian friend, Gian-boy: green, white and red are the colors of the Italian Flag

Funny Bruce Willis as Gollum

Bruce Willis as Gollum
Member reactions:
Great blending work, it's not easy achieving that effect, very well done
I knew this was yours-very nice rendition.

Funny Gollum Shark

Gollum Shark

Funny Gollum in Dali Painting

Gollum in Dali Painting
PLEASE REFRESH BROWSER BEFORE VOTING (Before and After gollumization)
Member reactions:
Woody congrats, PixJockey. Very cool and cleanly done.

Funny Queen Gollum

Queen Gollum
Member reactions:
thanks hobbit + andwhat
hahahahahahahahahahaha,,,no way...love it...

Funny Geln Beck and Sarah Palin Gollum

Geln Beck and Sarah Palin Gollum
Glen Beck and Sarah Palin Get Stupid
Member reactions:
Give me the number for Palin's new hairdresser. Freaking hilarious.

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