Cher Gollum
Cher Gollum
Cher Gollum. Member reactions:
Lovely.... awesome the devil looking into the Golden Ring Nice Mirror with magic band love it
Very good thinking and very well executed nice

Funny Abe Lincoln Gollum

Abe Lincoln Gollum
Member reactions:
Superb merge.. love to see Lincoln again great chop well blended
All around a great image. Love the blend on the face and excellent chose for the background.
Good chopping job Like the expession on his face
Wonderful work, great done and background merge is fantastic

Funny Antony Hopkins as Gollum

Antony Hopkins as Gollum
Member reactions:
Great work on the eyes and the skin... Good texture and well finished

Funny Gollum Catwoman

Gollum Catwoman
Member reactions:
Nice facial expression and the merge works well with this poster
Nice thinking and good outcome catttttttttttyyyyyyyyy
Flawless chop, nice execution with the merge. Perfect expression and clean

Funny Gollum Bruce Willis

Gollum Bruce Willis
Member reactions:
Out of box job done Amazing fingers of both hands and feet and the Hair falling on his face gives a scary and pleasant look to the image Bruce looks awesome in this attire He will enjoy to see this
Best in Show. This is an excellent picture.
Such an innocent gollum And overall view is just superb Fantastic job done
Mind blowing gesture with outstanding finishing. A perfect entry

Funny Steve Buscemi Gollum

Steve Buscemi Gollum
Doh, another Steve Buscemi chop
Member reactions:
Awesome.... great look with crisp details well done big face

Funny David Bovie as Gollum

David Bovie as Gollum

Funny Obama Gollum Family

Obama Gollum Family
Member reactions:
Michele looks pretty

Funny Michelle Obama as Gollum

Michelle Obama as Gollum
Member reactions:
Love to see Obama in her eyes, and the Skeleton is doing good stunts to impress her Nice magazine cover look given
HA HA Nice Magzine front page looks very awesome.
Cool idea of image reflection on her eye I like it

Funny Susan Sarandon as Gollum

Susan Sarandon as Gollum
Member reactions:
no difference,, jk.. .. great stuff.

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