David and Goliath.
David and Goliath.
David and Goliath..

Funny David Macron vs Marine Goliath

David Macron vs Marine Goliath
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If his eyes were aimed at the camera this would be powerful, the bomb.
Maybe but there was no camera at the time of Caravaggio :/
I like it
Ahh, but there was a camera. It was called a paint brush. Lol

Funny Goliath should had seen the Stone

Goliath should had seen the Stone
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Thanks Hitspinner, comments from you are always welcome .

Funny Optimus and Goliath

Optimus and Goliath

Funny David And Goliath

David And Goliath
Confronting fears head on
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Nice work integrating it into the orig source, like what u'v done with the boy/horse...gr8 fit
Thanks. The original needed a bit of work as well.
Yeh it was a bit low quality & grainy, ya did goodly.
Great idea and good work
Art at its best. You brought the sources in perfect harmony. Wish there were more trophies in the contest to honor this one.
Thanks for all the great kudos. This site is an awesome outlet for the expression of ideas. Some win, some don't but what amazing talent they have.
Yep, you worked the source quite nicely I get a bit nervous leaving that much original source remaining but sometimes if we try to change it too much, we loose the brilliance of the original art. That would have been a shame on this as the way it is is great.
How kind. Funny, I thought exactly the same thing about too much original source. Having gone over the original for a few hours to smooth it, then realizing I probably made only a small apparent difference, then added a small bit to it, it was a tough decision whether to submit or not.
Nice work and nice details. I like the earth cracking under the weight of his foot.

Funny David and Goliath - Man Vs Robot

David and Goliath - Man Vs Robot
Sources link fixed.
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Szép munka . / Great work .
Thats not too easy to play with the shadows on the floor.
Csak így tovább Magyarország büszkeségei(pozitív vélemény)
Shadows are tough, Homlok. Here is a pointer for everybody that might be uncomfortable creating shadows. Simply work the chops in a diffused light environment where softer values demand less exacting precision. Once you got that mastered, increase light intensity in successive chops till you got it mastered. Anyway, nuf of that... Great chop. Is that you in the pic.
Thank you. hahahhhaa thats not me. My friend who allowed me to use his pic. I'm very weak. besiegerhomlok.deviantart.com
Szép munka,éreztem és tudtam,h Te csináltad.Great work Homlok,congrats..
that was great try homlok ... keep up fantastic works

Funny David and Goliath

David and Goliath

Funny Goliath Beetle

Goliath Beetle

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