Funny Water now with Goldfish

Water now with Goldfish

Funny Hillary Clinton as Pinocchio with Her Server in a Goldfish Bowl

Hillary Clinton as Pinocchio with Her Server in a Goldfish Bowl
Clinton: Using Private Email Server 'Wasn't the Best Choice'
Member reactions:
Cool political satire. I fixed the link for you (you forgot the quotes)
Thanks again i always drop the ball when entering this particular challenge.

Funny Russell Crow Catches a Mutant Goldfish

Russell Crow Catches a Mutant Goldfish
Mutant monster goldfish taking over Australian waterways
Member reactions:
I like how you did small goldfish jumping out of a fishbowl.

Funny Goldfish Walking On Land

Goldfish Walking On Land
Fish walk on land
Member reactions:
Amazing Big fish and This fish is living without water it's great.... I like this chop..
great the gills concept to the legs attached to the fish good one

Funny Shooting a Goldfish

Shooting a Goldfish
This fish was making way too much noise. So..... Sincerely: John Wesley Hardin Images Used
Member reactions:
Thanks Guys.'s an underwater photo-shot.
Thanks for the comment Eric Thanks Lu. I was wondering why my picture was tanking. Lol
I guess 8 is tanking when one chops at your level. I contend... missing muzzle blast. It's still A+++
Thanks Silver-C. Thanks Hitz..yeah your right needed a blast. Tanking (weak play on words I guess) as in fish tank...Just having a lot fun with this one. I had more to say about this sinking fish but work got in the way. Cheerio..Thanks people Pisces Rule...
At least the Silver Cup takes some sting out of that 6, huh Splat By the way, Great Job..
Thanks UC..yeah your right. I knew shooting a fish would be risky. You can tear a person limb from limb in these chops and it's hilarious.. but shooting a poor defenseless virtual goldfish could be taboo for some. Funny how society thinks.

Funny Strange Apple in a Goldfish Bowl

Strange Apple in a Goldfish Bowl
Member reactions:
Like the expressive apple... good work with mouth and eyes well chopped

Funny Joe Biden the Clown with a Bowl of Goldfish on His Head

Joe Biden the Clown with a Bowl of Goldfish on His Head

Funny Dream Drinking Cup with Goldfish

Dream Drinking Cup with Goldfish
Some sources
Member reactions:
Awesome imagination.... The glass with blue liquids with small island over top is really fantastic... the fishes and fruits beneath Awesome work seen here
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME..... no words can explain this beautiful work has the power of creativity
Very strange, very cool and beautifully done. Me likey.
Gold congrats,DesignerKratos.
The whole contest has a strange feel. Congrads on a fine chop, Kratos. Knew it was yours. There's a whole new group of choppers here. Looks like your water fx is a hit with them, so come back and do more of them
WTH. I am confused.
Yay. Congratulations on Gold DesignerKratos... ; )
thank you Bmore , and everyone been ages since my last work on fn ,,, wish i could join more again as before ... thanks for all votes and comments guys
thank you pcrdds & penaplonk & silvercanine
Congrats on the gold, Kratos. I think this is your best chop by a score so far. Your skills did not rust after a break.
Many thanks guys Had so much fun by working on this

Funny Goldfish in a Light Bulb

Goldfish in a Light Bulb
Member reactions:
Excellent work. What happens when the light gets turned on. Fried fish..
SteveGSQ you got the Menu This is awesome idea and feasible too, very nicely done with the layers Lovely chop
TY everyone. I have a good teacher, my Mum

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