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Funny Golden Pictures

Golden dreamsFunny Golden dreams
Member reactions:

Sir Alma Tadema meets Maxfeild Parrish.. Pretty chop
Elegant mix of art, Miss Laff. Pleasing colors

Renee Zellweger and her Golden RetrieverFunny Renee Zellweger and her Golden Retriever
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Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden GlobesFunny Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes
Member reactions:
Golden Globes anticipation is high for host Ricky Gervais HIGH RES (Best) related story
huge round face, and nice work on his smile like this
Nicely executed. wonderful work on head, U had ur Gold hidden
This was just too funny and a killer piece.Blew me away.
Thank you kindly to all, I appreciate your kind words I had a lot of fun with "Ricky Roundface" . . . and thanks to FN for the feature.

Bird Cobra Lays a Golden EggFunny Bird Cobra Lays a Golden Egg
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Lance Armstrong The man with the Golden BikeFunny Lance Armstrong The man with the Golden Bike
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Little Girl Finds a Golden AppleFunny Little Girl Finds a Golden Apple
Member reactions:

It is a lovely surrealistic piece with humor thrown in. The bird's arm made me laugh when it caught my eye. (in a good way)
Looking at the apple and holding apples in her dress,great subject use. Is she waiting to catch it.
crusader234 : Yes she is waiting for the fall of the apple because she wants the golden one. In my imagination, she's waiting for something rare. She doesn't want an apple coming from a market .
deaddog : I tried to apply in this work, your remark given in one of my previous work. I think it's better now .
Thanks JoaoN and thanks rajeshstar .
Thanks a lot Monsieur pcr . Did you suspect it was me .
Bronze congratulations . . . nice work .
Thanks a lot HoHouse, qtrmoonshop, crusader234 and Krrish .
I thought is yours but wasn't sure Great work, I love the colors and the theme is awesome..
Many thanks geriatric for your constant nice words .

The Golden Goose Digital ArtFunny The Golden Goose Digital Art
Member reactions:

a photoshop version of the Goldeb Goose

Woman Jumps Off Golden Gate BridgeFunny Woman Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge
Member reactions:

Teenage girl survives leap from Golden Gate Bridge FYI: The "Teenage Girl" jumping off the bridge is none other than "preemiememe," a huge fan of Howard Stern who is sitting on the bridge urging her to jump.
Haha....looks like Pree got a new tattoo
I guess she must have and I'm sure it cost a fortune.
ohhhgawwwddd..... i have that..
Love the 3 bras on the dog. Still laughing.
One Win away from a 'Hat-Trick' Dr. Chuckles. Congratulations.
Hahaha, Stern holding the sign "Jump if you love me" make Pree do it for sure. Good thing she's holding on to the balloons for safety. I like the FN ship and the doggie bikini, .
Thanks, Newsy. Too bad the FN ship is going to get swallowed up by the Whale. You can order the doggie bikini if you want. Operators are standing by.
OK, I'll call this episode "Swimming with the Whales"
Newsy..How about, "Dances With Whales."

Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres` Golden UnderwearFunny Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres` Golden Underwear
Member reactions:

Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres' Golden Underwear during Golden Globe Roasting. Can make you cringe, but Sooo funny.
Nice chop, and thanks for the youtube link - had a good laugh.

The Man with the Golden Tongue Ted WilliamsFunny The Man with the Golden Tongue Ted Williams
Member reactions:

This guy Rocks. Working Video of Teds Discovery
yeah, I just saw the video of this Guy yesterday, quite impressive and Inspiring story, and Beautiful chop by the way,
Thanks Salis. Positive comments are like gold cups to me.
Excellent. however I wish the mac & cheese was higher res.
Thanks preemiememe and Thanks deaddog for the tip. mac & cheese now a bit higher res
I wanna thank you for the excellent chop and the news which I would otherwise miss - I now saw the videos with the man and the whole Today's Show with him, thanks to you.
FrEAKING New Jersey. Thanks. This Dude is now on my Hero list.
crusader234 (((WONDERFUL))) congrattsssss....
congrats on the silver..very deserving chop...
Funny stuff. Obama plus Terminator = Abominator.
a silver very gain crusader... compliments
Congrats on the silver, crusader. I like how you showed that the guy seems to be the mix of Obama and Arnie.

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