Golden Gate Underwater From Full Moon
Golden Gate Underwater From Full Moon
Golden Gate Underwater From Full Moon. Created from scratch using daytime photos (not illustrations). Please click view original to see full detail
Member reactions:
Impressive work. Looks somewhat apocalyptic too
Congratulations. I love the water, beautiful. But since I live near SF, I'd be terrified if this happened. Well I'd be underwater. No more chopping. CONGRATS..

Funny Honey Bee Golden Retriever

Honey Bee Golden Retriever
Member reactions:
He's a freaking cutie. Nice job using the tennis ball, Hidden.
I would sharpen more face and legs. Anyway excellent.

Funny Sam Elliot in the Golden Compass

Sam Elliot in the Golden Compass
Dual Role of hero and antagonist
Member reactions:
Smooth like silk, grand details at each pixel, lovely chop
TY Eric, Evirio and Geriatric. I believe it to be worthy where some other's don't. It went from 9.87 7 voters to 8.2 14 voters.
Extraordinary chop . Great caricatures, great use of colors and lights. Very impressive.
Thank you Aliascraft and Luciano. I always try to raise the bar
Outstanding chop on its own. In the light of the current contest, I would just increase the space in the composition that's given to the second smaller Sam... OR add yet another Elliot in the background, making even more of them. Two would be enough if they were of comparable size. As I said, this chop is great, but I believe if you remove the smaller Sam it'll be still essentially the same chop, as the focus is placed on one large Sam figure.
So were you the 300 karma that voted 7 Vlad. This chop took a stunning dive, almost 2 full points. I tried every possible variation in composition, resizing, shifting, reversing. What you see is what visually looked the best and what I would grade as an 8-9 by anyone else or I would not have entered. Thanks for the comments and votes, well most of the votes Cheers
Silver Congratulations HitMan, was a 10 for me.
Excellent competition... great chop.. Congrats Hits..
Thanks Champ and Evirio. a 10 is far generous but I'll take it hahahah. A vote of 7, I gotta speak up. But what makes it so interesting is we all have our opinions. I'd rather be a tool and blurt out feelings than harbor and build a festering resentment like too many people do. Keeps the wrinkles away hahaahah
Congratulations. Got top score from me; love it.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. For the record, I did NOT give it a 7.
God bless you then my friend. I really did not think you would.

Funny Renee Zellweger and her Golden Retriever

Renee Zellweger and her Golden Retriever

Funny Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe

Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe
Member reactions:
Really clean work. Only wonder if the shadow is in the right place.
Big head deserves big awards well done like it
Hmmm my first comment didn't take... Oh well, Bazing... Love big bang chop, love the show and everything connected. Always great chops fromk you, Doc.
Thanks, Icy. Thanks, eric. Thanks, raj.

Funny Golden Gates

Golden Gates
This is a tribute to a dear lady I know, who passed away on Friday. She loved animals and her computername, BazBoy reflected her love for her dog, Baz. RIB Jo.
Member reactions:
double post
You have done honour to your friend with this lovely image.
this was a very thoughtful of you to do...

Funny Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes
Golden Globes anticipation is high for host Ricky Gervais HIGH RES (Best) related story
Member reactions:
huge round face, and nice work on his smile like this
Nicely executed. wonderful work on head, U had ur Gold hidden
This was just too funny and a killer piece.Blew me away.
Thank you kindly to all, I appreciate your kind words I had a lot of fun with "Ricky Roundface" . . . and thanks to FN for the feature.

Funny Bird Cobra Lays a Golden Egg

Bird Cobra Lays a Golden Egg

Funny Lance Armstrong The man with the Golden Bike

Lance Armstrong The man with the Golden Bike

Funny Little Girl Finds a Golden Apple

Little Girl Finds a Golden Apple
Member reactions:
It is a lovely surrealistic piece with humor thrown in. The bird's arm made me laugh when it caught my eye. (in a good way)
Looking at the apple and holding apples in her dress,great subject use. Is she waiting to catch it.
crusader234 : Yes she is waiting for the fall of the apple because she wants the golden one. In my imagination, she's waiting for something rare. She doesn't want an apple coming from a market .
deaddog : I tried to apply in this work, your remark given in one of my previous work. I think it's better now .
Thanks JoaoN and thanks rajeshstar .
Thanks a lot Monsieur pcr . Did you suspect it was me .
Thanks a lot HoHouse, qtrmoonshop, crusader234 and Krrish .
I thought is yours but wasn't sure Great work, I love the colors and the theme is awesome..
Many thanks geriatric for your constant nice words .

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