The Golden Buckwheat of Russia
The Golden Buckwheat of Russia
The Golden Buckwheat of Russia.

Funny Golden Age of Michael Phelps

Golden Age of Michael Phelps
Member reactions:
excellent work... on the water spills and the age
It is just joke. We love and respect Michael.

Funny Golden smile

Golden smile
Member reactions:
I'd put my money on this one, best of 58.
I thought this had a good chance for Gold yet you're cleaning up in this one Den 🍻
You might be the first to win three in a swapfest. Holy cow, congrats on the wood
d at the gold teeth, congrats again buddy

Funny Golden Greats

Golden Greats
Member reactions:
Beautiful look on face.

Funny Golden Rain

Golden Rain
Donald Trump Responds to ‘Golden Showers’ Claim: ‘Total Political Witch Hunt’
Member reactions:
What a story. And the fun is just beginning.
Pro work. Could be a poster, no prob. Those that shower together.... nahh I'd get in too much trouble going further with that comment hahahaha. Wet woody for Denlig

Funny Magritte's FIFA Golden Boot

Magritte's FIFA Golden Boot

Funny Trump is Golden!

Trump is Golden!
Fun at the Olympic Games for the Donald and the ladies.
Member reactions:
Funny how some people's art work gets pulled and others don't
This fits the theme of adding/merging two sports.
Umm , It says change any Olympic sport anyway you wish...
Make America Great Again is what makes this funny.
tgiles: Please read the directions properly next time, it also says "merging two sports" which is quite obviously what is going on here. Roman rings/gymnastics.

Funny The Golden Queen

The Golden Queen
Member reactions:
Better with a small desaturation of her face.
Great head and medal swap Congrats on the gold.

Funny Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors
Go 4 It

Funny The Green Ogre Who Laid A Golden Egg

The Green Ogre Who Laid A Golden Egg
Member reactions:
Somehow his face reminds me of political News annalist Charles Krauthammer. ☺
Lol,your right SS,I thought he was starting to look like Charles Krauthammer as I was tweaking his face.Should have had him holding an issue of the Weekly Standard.

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