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Funny Gold Pictures

Blue And Gold MacawFunny Blue And Gold Macaw
Member reactions:

Looks like the parrot was all done from scratch in photoshop. Very impressive, especially the feather work
Yes...parrot was done from scratch...feather by feather.
Very much impressed to see this chop... great thinking and well finish overall good work
Nicely done. I like how you ran the painting. and the Chinese landscape.... love it.
It's very attractive image and nice Background
Thanks, everyone. It truly was a labor of love.
WoW..Dr.Very Artistic Work --> --> -->Love The Details
Congrats on the silver, Paul. This parrot was done with love.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Hamid. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Newsy...right you are.

Going For the GoldFunny Going For the Gold
Member reactions:

Great Britain aiming for goldFunny Great Britain aiming for gold
Member reactions:

Nicely chopped. Just wish it made a new sport, cause this one already exists

Solid Gold StarFunny Solid Gold Star
Member reactions:

A star fish eaten a gold fish now its skin color changed

Green Elephant`s GoldFunny Green Elephant`s Gold
Member reactions:

Nice work with the rainbow on the nuts, and very well done with the elephant with a cap, like it
Pot O' Peanuts, . Congrats on the wood, Hobbit.

No Gold For the Brack Obama LeprechaunFunny No Gold For the Brack Obama Leprechaun
Member reactions:

This leprechaun used up all the gold.
Like his hat and his expression is too good funny pin holder

Dog Pooping Gold BarsFunny Dog Pooping Gold Bars
Member reactions:

Taiwan City Collects Dog Poop In Exchange For Gold Lottery

Gold Tin ManFunny Gold Tin Man
Member reactions:

Playing Gold on the Yellow Brick RoadFunny Playing Gold on the Yellow Brick Road
Member reactions:

Saint Ben Bernanke with GoldFunny Saint Ben Bernanke with Gold
Member reactions:

My favorite one, well done, food luck for you.
You sure are knocking-out those Winning chops. You must be a Charlie Sheen afficionado..."WINNING." Congratulations.
Damn salis your a beast, you keep crushing the competition. Great job.
salis... congrats...... polished work..
, Saint of Disneyland perhaps...excellent work
thank you guys, I've been lucky enough those days, maybe I stole the luck Talisman from ( charlie sheen ) Geri AZ: this one was inspired by your work ( ben bernanke )da*n I love that one thanx folks for Votes and Comments, Appreciate it.
Congrats on the cup Salis. Super quality work.
Ok ,enough with the funny pics. Make something that makes me uneasy, that makes me think..make something that shocks me..make art gawdamnit, or face the concequences.. This message will selfdestruct in 5 seconds.. four.. three...
Too freaking brilliant. He reminds me of Irish version of Santa too.
Congrats on the win, Salis. You won a pot of gold. Must be the luck of Irish.

GoldFunny Gold - A gold bathtub weighing over 170 pounds has been stolen from a hotel near Tokyo. Japanese police are still uncertain on how this massive golden piece could be dragged out of the hotel leaving no signs other than chains cut off on the doors of the room where it was located. Such "clean" job must have been carefully planned and involved several men. In this contest you are asked to turn any objects or organisms into gold, partially or in full. Think of toys, consumer products, and plants made with gold, animals with golden teeth, and other ideas.

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