Golconda 2008
Golconda 2008
Golconda 2008. Member reactions:
Excellent conceptual theme - Right on the money
How timely. This applies to a lot more than just Wall Street...Guess greed isn't so good after all.
That's why the economy is failing - Everyone's just hangin' out. Masterfully Done.
Very timely and clever Magritte based satire here. Congratulations, TGA. I only wish the image was bigger in full view. Remember that the site automatically resizes your image to 500 pixels in normal view, but full view can be much bigger.
Congrats TGA I predict mass emailing. Should be a hit.
Nice one TGA. Great idea and well done. Congrats on the silver

Funny Magritte's 21st Century Golconda

Magritte's 21st Century Golconda
This ancient city was known for it's diamond cutters...more police than cutters today.

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