Godzilla Chasing Marathon Runners
Godzilla Chasing Marathon Runners
Godzilla Chasing Marathon Runners. Member reactions:
wonderful, i would add some darkenss(NIGHT) to the picture and some cracks to the gound. But still one of my best
he he tá entrando no espírito da coisa, parabéns pela vitória ... Fe,icidades..

Funny Godzilla and Pig Hybrid

Godzilla and Pig Hybrid
Legendary south Georgia swine to be portrayed in a horror movie Not your father's "Thoughtless little pig"...
Member reactions:
This is possibly the best use of Godzilla ever. Love the tail
Original name, "Boarat" changed due to possible copyright infringement.

Funny Godzilla

He's back to attack the city...
Member reactions:
OH Crap not again..we just REp-TILED the whole house.
This is the LAST time anyone steals my parking spot after I shovel it out.
Taco Bell Dog: "I think I need a bigger box"
Is it just me, or does his tail turn into a thumb... (Great Chop.)
Great job. The edges need to be a bit softer though.
Very funny.

Funny Godzilla

Just... couldn't... resist.
Member reactions:
Good headlines. You might try blurring the headlines a bit to more closely match the original headlines.

Funny Godzilla vs Shuttle

Godzilla vs Shuttle
Artist's rendition of why the Japanese fear space travel. View full.
Member reactions:
I am adding this to my favorites just as soon as I complete typing this. Brillant. I love it.

Funny Godzilla is back

Godzilla is back

Funny Great Godzilla weather

Great Godzilla weather
yangtze river to flood
Member reactions:
S--t for sure. This is ambiguous enough just to grab the h--- of of one's attention.

Funny Tall Basketball Player with Godzilla

Tall Basketball Player with Godzilla

Funny Mexican Godzilla

Mexican Godzilla

Funny Godzilla Attacking a Big Santa

Godzilla Attacking a Big Santa

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