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Funny Godzilla Pictures

Godzilla Causes a TsunamiFunny Godzilla Causes a Tsunami
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Godzilla Tsunami - A Japan NightmareFunny Godzilla Tsunami - A Japan Nightmare
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Tsunami Devastates Japanese Coastal Region

Godzilla in JapanFunny Godzilla in Japan
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Donkey Godzilla Destroys CityFunny Donkey Godzilla Destroys City
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LoL diff idea with source colors are nice.

Soldiers Being Attacked by GodzillaFunny Soldiers Being Attacked by Godzilla
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The composition deserves a merit. Real pity the size is so small that it's hard to give higher marks here

Godzilla Attacks a BoatFunny Godzilla Attacks a Boat
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at your service. I wonder how much they pay this agent

Godzilla Playing a SaxophoneFunny Godzilla Playing a Saxophone
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Love how Godzilla blows fire out of the saxophone.

Obama as GodzillaFunny Obama as Godzilla
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Obama's mojo is missing

Godzilla vs BPFunny Godzilla vs BP
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Sometimes a monster problem needs a Monster for a solution.
Opening credits, a mystery submarine torpedos an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico causing worldwide ecological disaster. The oil leaks into the ocean, and is carried through undercurrents going faster and faster, as credits of people you've never heard of continue to appear and disappear amidst the oily water. By now the oil stream has traveled around the globe just in time for GODZILLA to open one eye...cue music... G O D Z I L L A vs BP
I like the concept and the line "a monster problem needs a monster (for a) solution"
Thank you, in act one we meet a Japanese single parent family that is struggling with day to day life, Shiro the adolescent mischievious youth, and his Father Hirohatti. As Hirohatti is getting Shiro ready for school, with much hilarious trouble, a news report about the oil rig 'accident' and oil leak interrupts Shiros morning cartoons. Hirohatti is very interested, because he is a biologist who has invented/is working on a bacteria that eats oil. He rushes Shiro to school and decides to head to the TV station for more information. Meanwhile in the gulf, a wide shot portrays the grim situation, as the oil darkened water spreads, coast guard and navy ships circle the area in a futile effort to corral in the spill. While miles below, at the heart of the rupture, something stirs... and act 1
ACT 2 Scene change; Infant Island yes, those two little tiny Mothera worshipping fairies or whatever they are, are, yet again singing some crazy 2 minute song in an attempt to hatch the latest Mothera egg. Although the songs translation leaves much to be desired, "Brave Earth Strong Saving Brave Boat Water lazily in warmth" it does provide a beautiful segue to... Hirohatti arrives at the TV station, he is stopped by a guard and a highly amusing chase takes place, leading Hirohatti to literally crash into the beautiful reporter who is covering the story. She assures the guard everything is ok, which is kind of disconcerning since she has NO IDEA who Hirohatti is.... I mean, really, he could be like some kind of stalker freak or something, anyways, even further, she decides to tell him her fiance is part of G-Force, the paramilitary-mutant-bionically-enhanced-telepathic anti Godzilla force, basically. Fade out as the reporter agrees to take Hirohatti to meet her finace. Fade in school bullies picking on Shiro, and yeah, a half an hour into the movie and all WE've seen of Godzilla is his eye. So....we're right on target. end act 2
ACT 3 "Hey quit picking on me" Shiro falls to the ground, books and studies go scattering accross the school hallway. A teacher comes out and chases the bully laughing kids away, and tells Shiro an important lesson of life. The Gulf. The Ocean floor erupts, as fissure upon fissure break through the mile thick mantle, and within the murky depths a large figure can be seen rising to the surface. Two fake looking oil retrieval ships capsize, as a huge whirlpool developes, surrounding the oil rig, and accompanying ships. A close up, of a sailor struggling to stay on ship, looks out, and points, screaming. it rises, two horizontal glowing red eyes, surrounded by an ooze like octopus head, which becomes one with the oil saturated water. As it continues to rise tenticles seperate off from the surface of the pollucted waters, and it screams. Slowly at first it continues spinning with the whirlpool, and begins releasing a sulfaric smoke into the atmosphere above it. Behold Ultra MECHA Smog Monster. end act 3

Little Boys and Nancy Pelosi Escaping GodzillaFunny Little Boys and Nancy Pelosi Escaping Godzilla
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, you even used the scooter girl source for Nancy

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