Rush Limbaugh the GodFather
Rush Limbaugh the GodFather
Rush Limbaugh the GodFather. I am not the leader of the Republican Party
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cracks me up. Rush is definitely fast becoming the last word in conservative politics. Let's keep an eye on him and see it he starts having secret meeting in the back rooms of strip clubs or Itallian restaurants

Funny Godfather Serenade

Godfather Serenade
Member reactions:
Clever. I just wish the main source was not pixelated

Funny The Godmother Godfather Movie

The Godmother Godfather Movie

Funny Michael Jackson -The Popfather Godfather

Michael Jackson -The Popfather Godfather
Member reactions:
I think it's about time one of these won and man, this one is perfectly stated. Thanks for this

Funny Madonna in the Godfather

Madonna in the Godfather
Actual Madonna quote.
Member reactions:
, I've almost read Madmother. Good job. Good sequel. I always read some entertaining new quotes in them. Thanks.

Funny The Godfather with Bernie Madoff

The Godfather with Bernie Madoff
Member reactions:
The cuffs with puppet strings are great. The cuffs on Madoff hands are even better.

Funny The Godfather Rush Limbaugh

The Godfather Rush Limbaugh
If Rush Limbaugh didn't say this, then he should have.
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I agree..... HATE when my step father listens to him on the radio.
Hhahahaha what a hoot. One of the best ones yet...

Funny The Jogging Godfather

The Jogging Godfather
Jim Fixx was the author of the 1977 best-selling book "The Complete Book of Running" an is credited with helping start America's fitness revolution, popularizing the sport of running and demonstrating the health benefits of regular jogging.
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Cool sequel, and thanks for posting the info - I find something new with each of your sequels. Looking forward to the next one.

Funny The Godfather Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Godfather Arnold Schwarzenegger
An actual quote although he prolly said it before he was elected governor of California.
Member reactions:
Man, love the quote and the weights used by puppeteer.
Hahahahahahaha, he said way more than that, I refer to the movie "Pumping Iron" I won't repeat it here. 7th quote down the page

Funny The Godfather

The Godfather
GarRobMil Anthology Here
Member reactions:
. Great homage to our resident prankster GarRobMil. He should enjoy it when he sees it.
The finger source is from the immortal Uncle Sam poster, right. Love how you did FN tag.
You've got a good eye, NewsMaster. The finger source is indeed from the classic Uncle Sam poster.
. Love it. Great image and text . Will put in my favs.

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