Bat Goddess
Bat Goddess
Bat Goddess. Member reactions:
Fantastic background and large view, congrats on the Bronze PS.
Looks like a very tasty meal she has there. Congrats on the bronze, PS.
Really nice job and I love the skull source. I used it a few contests back and I expect to use it once more befor the holiday. Congrats on a novel idea and the cup. Cheers
Thanks Hits good to see you back on the podium 😎👍🏼

Funny Isis the Desecration of the Goddesses Name

Isis the Desecration of the Goddesses Name
Member reactions:
Impressive, especially in the original view.
Thanks guys... I am heartsick over this terrorist group.

Funny Greek Goddess Digital Art

Greek Goddess Digital Art
This is one unhappy Greek Goddess. She has just discovered that her temple is in ruins.

Funny Goddess Kristin Kreuk

Goddess Kristin Kreuk
Member reactions:
Nice use of the original source
Thank you Kellie ... It was a simple job of color adjustment. But the end result was good.
Oh... Thanks balodiya. I loved your comment.

Funny Moon Goddess Kellie

Moon Goddess Kellie
Member reactions:
Absolutely beautiful.......and the chops not bad either...., Excellent Work Hidden
she looks like angel here very cool work ..
FN's guardian angel is shown here. Excellent.
And at #3-as prophecized:'Moon Goddess Kellie'. Another stunning Win. Congratulations.
Congrats, # 3. What, you couldn't do a 4th. Tsk, tsk. Bwahahahahah.
Uno how much this meant to me & still does, couldn't vote this contest to many conflicts of interest
Thanks all...This is my favorite of the bunch in regards to artistic qualities, and took me a bit longer too.
Congrats on the trophies. This is my fav. Very nice.

Funny Uma Thurman Hollywood Goddess

Uma Thurman Hollywood Goddess
Member reactions:
If Uma see that job certainly gonna feel more ... y. Congrats on silver Cam.
Flawless blending, Cam. Congrats on the silver.
that's really great cam , congrats on the silver , keep up top works

Funny Eastern Sea Goddess

Eastern Sea Goddess
Mermaid from the far east...
Member reactions:
Nice work. I do however wish it was MUCH larger
Beautiful indeed. Congrats on your first medal.
Welcome to Freaking News and congratulations on your first trophy. Pity the image size is rather small and does not allow us enjoy this work in full beauty. There's no need to make the image too small - the "full view" will keep the original size.
Congrats moroka, beautiful composition....
I told you this will win congrats on the bronze friend and big welcome to Freakingnews keep up top works

Funny Goddess of Nuclear War

Goddess of Nuclear War
Original art by Eugene de Blaas
Member reactions:
So many powerful images in this contest, and this one stands on it's own.
Ah, the Rainman ... good on you, Silver Congrats.
Lots of fire/flame/light work here. The girl from the painting came alive too - looks like she belongs to the composition.
Congrats on silver Rainman.. Spectacular colors..
GORGEOUS-this is unquestionably a work of art. kudos.
Congrats on yet another trophy. Love your picture.

Funny The Goddess Marilyn Monroe

The Goddess Marilyn Monroe
Member reactions:
Me likes. Pink is the girl's best friend... after diamonds.

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis as Circe the Goddess of Magic

Jamie Lee Curtis as Circe the Goddess of Magic

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