Gods Touch
Gods Touch
Gods Touch.

Funny Joan Rivers Roasting the Gods

Joan Rivers Roasting the Gods
Member reactions:
Laughing God in the clouds is a great touch

Funny Playing Golf With God

Playing Golf With God
Enjoy the video Robin Talks Golf
Member reactions:
awesome.... Moon is replaced as a golf ball... Like the amazing view and great caricature
Yep, I made him Scottish, a tribute to one of the funniest monologs I ever hear on golf. Being an avid golfer it is doubly funny, man THanks for the votes and comments, NM, 420, Doc, Luciano, Rajesh, Pat, Jim, Vetleba, Paco and ILoveLayers
Many thanks, Elegary, B3X, Goat and Bob.


Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Some shadows are needed though - from the hat, from the hair, from the beard (and possibly from the football onto the robe, not sure about this one - will have to try and see)

Funny God Playing Soccer

God Playing Soccer

Funny Adam Giving God an iPhone

Adam Giving God an iPhone
Video call from satan

Funny Dog In God's Hands

Dog In God's Hands
I did this for a lifelong friend, whose dog, "Leo" recently passed. RIP, "Leo."
Member reactions:
Sorry to hear about your friend's loss. Leo looks like he was one happy dog
Leo was a rescue, who enjoyed a wonderful and loving life.
Very Sad to lose your pal but, he will live forever in memories. My prayers go out to your friend. What a nice gift you gave them.
so cute puppy... RIP in God's hands... hope you will get another companion
I was sure this would win. You did good, Doc.
Sorry to hear about your loss pvrdds I know how you feel we lost our 11 year old German Shepard almost a year ago there are still times I think I see him laying by the door or bathtub. You have done a great job immortalizing him here on freaking news.

Funny God's Evolution Clock

God's Evolution Clock
Member reactions:
Hard to beat this one and what a good imagination.
Nice idea and execution. You might consider replacing the wall paper with something more appropriate to an office setting ... a subtler design with a softer hue, or wood paneling. And, adding more evolutionary figures to the clock, 1 thru 12, each pointing in a clockwise direction starting with the earliest life form and then progressing through time.
Best work... possibly made by God like the Buddhist monks covering their mouth and ears and eyes to forbid all sins of the world the Evolution made by God is really heart touching well done
Thanks Vlad, Paul, Tim, geriatric, Elegary.

Funny God Using the End Of World iphone App

God Using the End Of World iphone App
Member reactions:
And another flawless chop from the master of flawlessness.

Funny God Making Some Coffee by Michelangelo

God Making Some Coffee by Michelangelo
Member reactions:
Hahahaha I love it. Your stuff is always clean as a whistle

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