GOD BLESS AMERICA!. . Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Some shadows are needed though - from the hat, from the hair, from the beard (and possibly from the football onto the robe, not sure about this one - will have to try and see)

Funny God Ball

God Ball

Funny Go home god.your drunk

Go home god.your drunk
. Member reactions:
So small and so danderous.. me likes a lot.

Funny In God's Hands

In God's Hands
I did this for a lifelong friend, whose dog, "Leo" recently passed. RIP, "Leo.". Member reactions:
Sorry to hear about your friend's loss. Leo looks like he was one happy dog
Leo was a rescue, who enjoyed a wonderful and loving life.
Very Sad to lose your pal but, he will live forever in memories. My prayers go out to your friend. What a nice gift you gave them.
so cute puppy... RIP in God's hands... hope you will get another companion
I was sure this would win. You did good, Doc.
Sorry to hear about your loss pvrdds I know how you feel we lost our 11 year old German Shepard almost a year ago there are still times I think I see him laying by the door or bathtub. You have done a great job immortalizing him here on freaking news.
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Renegade.

Funny Philip of God

Philip of God
. Member reactions:
Peaceful Philip is no more in this world... RIP
I love this. I wondered who dun it. Really captures the whole deal

Funny The God of Venus and Light

The God of Venus and Light

Funny Oh, my God !

Oh, my God !

Funny SkyDiving with God

SkyDiving with God
. Member reactions:
Clever idea Nice sporting spirit with God

Funny Tesla God of Electricity

Tesla God of Electricity
. Member reactions:
God of thunder come to earth by his Hammer
Two tips. Bigger and spend a wee more time on masking and clean-up. Compositionally this is superb
One of ur best efforts, keep it coming, not something u learn overnight.

Funny God...I need a miracle !

God...I need a miracle !
nancy pelosi. Member reactions:
Nice to see the Classical Angel Ponds face cream well done
Out of the box. very well executed with her sign of age
Great job...threw up in my mouth a little though...
Great job matching texture and head swap Lucian.

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