The men who stare at goats
The men who stare at goats
The men who stare at goats.

Funny Goat in a Bar

Goat in a Bar
Pygmy goat found in bar
Member reactions:
Lovely. Guess Peter (Goat) has a scond job.
Funny people do funny things.... bring animals to bar... well represented the news story with this chop... Poor little goat... serving Liquor

Funny Goat Valentine

Goat Valentine
Member reactions:
Funny as all ....
Awesome..... Lovely Goat lips... great to see Mr Goat expressing the love to animals
Looks like some fairy tale idea and love with no limit Cleaver chop
Dear o babes and me hangin out....hahahahahahaha, love it Hidden...crack me up......
Thanks, everyone. Glad you like it and can take a joke, Goat.
Congrats on the silver, Paul, and Mr Goat.
Good stuff man...Silver well deserved...Made school crack up yesty when i showed them too....
Thanks, Goat. Glad I could make your mates crack up as well. You're a good sport.

Funny Goat with a Blond Wig

Goat with a Blond Wig
Member reactions:
She looks more beautiful love the Ribbons and her lips with lipstick creates a bold look good one
Good idea of having ribbons Cute expression
She is so sweet.. I would love to Kiss her Beautiful work hidden very nice job of hair and horns with ribbon and the Killing smile


Member reactions:
Very realistic... good work on shadows and the blood spills

Funny Goat opps.....Special forces!

Goat opps.....Special forces!
Missed the the Goat Army here it is now.
Member reactions:
Great to see the Goat Army, looks tougher then Men
Pity you missed the goat contest, but this chop still rocks.

Funny Mountain Goat Soldier

Mountain Goat Soldier
Goat Guard
Member reactions:
very funny to see Goat with the bullet proof jacket and pair of night vision goggles
Hahaha, love the facial expression of the goat. Great chop all around.

Funny Goat attacks

Goat attacks
Member reactions:
excellent use of source and put this goat with armour and the jacket wonderful job to see its firing the bullets

Funny Men Who Award Goats

Men Who Award Goats
Old Goat
Member reactions:
The Goat is obliged to get that gallantry medal from the President nice chop to put a cigar and the medal to the brave goat ...
Another cup to add to the collection....well done Veroni
Thank you all very much. Yay. Was tough competition.
Love it Veroni , Congrats on the Woody ...
C'mon get on with it, quit fiddlin' about.

Funny Full Metal Goat

Full Metal Goat
Come on, guys. man-meats and elbows.
Member reactions:
they were trained to protect their privates....
Hahaha, excellent. Azure too.
Azure. From now you will name all my entries. K.. . Thanks everyone.

Funny Goats in the Army

Goats in the Army
The British have a long lasting tradition of having goats in the army. They serve as mascots, and are also honored with high army ranks, as Billy the goat (full name William Windsor, just like prince William). Goats are chosen at about 5 months old, and serve for 7 to 9 years, after which they retire to British zoos. During their service, each goat receives a ration of two cigarettes per day, which it eats, and is given a pint of Guinness a day after it gets one year old. Photoshop goats in the army of any country.

Funny Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat
Photoshop this mountain goat image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this mountain goat climb some unusual places and objects, using this mountain goat image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the mountain goat into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Pasiphae and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Goats in the Army

Goats in the Army
Apparently the British have goats in the army with pretty high titles. [ A disgraced British army goat has been reinstated to his rank of lance-corporal after shining on parade. Billy Windsor, mascot of the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh, was demoted to fusilier - equivalent of private - after ruining a parade for the Queen's birthday at a military base in Cyprus, when he ran amok. The goat dodged his handler and darted from side to side, throwing soldiers off their stride.' In his first public appearance since his demotion, Billy, seven, reportedly performed exceptionally well and was reinstated by his commanding officer, reports the Scotsman. ] I've heard of animals in the army, but this is the first time I hear of goats with decent army ranks serving Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth by ruining her birthday and butting fellow soldiers. When asked whether he regretted the incident, Billy the goat responded: "Na-a-a-a-a-a-a." You know, there's lots of unfairness here. I love to butt people, but I get my face punched every time I do it. Goats do it and they get away with it, because they are goats. It's almost as unfair as being punched in the face for humping girl's legs, when every dog can do it and get away with it. The good news is that I'm growing a goatee and turning into an old goat, then moving to Britain, where I intend to join the army, butting everyone. That way if someone asks me why I'm butting them I can always say: "Whadddaaya wa-a-a-a-nt? I'm a goat-damn goa-a-a-a-t." In this contest you are asked to photoshop goats in the army. P.S. On a second thought, there's lots of old goats in the U.S. Army too, so I might as well stay.

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