Gnomes from the Kremlin
Gnomes from the Kremlin
Gnomes from the Kremlin. Member reactions:
Agree, this is clean work and actually has a nice realistic look. Great touch.

Funny Little Gnome Village

Little Gnome Village

Funny Barack Obama as a Gnome Wanting to Go Home

Barack Obama as a Gnome Wanting to Go Home
Obama go home
Member reactions:
Amazing Awesome Adorable And A-1 /-\ - |

Funny Dog Bee Garden Gnome

Dog Bee Garden Gnome
She's not as innocent as she looks or safe.
Member reactions:
hehe... That was my 'nice' version (sans shadows/fine tuning)..... today will be working on my 'blood bath' version...Never tried blood before... Edit: Gnomes do not have blood, per my husband. So it turned out not to be as 'bloody' as I thought I might make it.
fantastic,so funny,so cute,and so clever.=)
Okay, WTH...., another disappearing comment. I praised this one already and I guess will do so again. I love these doggie chops. Doxie, the vultures are just hillarious. This reminds me of that travelocity commercial with that creepy gnome. In my book, the pup can't knock over enough of those wierd things hahahahah Joni wanted to buy one and I said I'd leave for Alaska before I'd stay in the same yard as one of those. We should have a gnome bashing contest.........
Nice chop Doxie, just one suggestion if I may. Because there's so much going on in the foreground, I might suggest eliminating the forest in the background behind the fence and just adding a calm sky or somethin'. It would give observing eyes time to rest a bit before taking in the whole composition. But awesome effort.
FW: That's an excellent suggestion FW.... Please feel free to make them... It's something to remember in the future... THANKS.. Hit: HA... We have one gnome, but after this entry, I feel the strong desire for another one... Must. Be. Strong.
awww, the bloody gnomes would have been sweet.
doxi , that was great and funny design keep up top chops

Funny Gnome Riding Stone Motorbike

Gnome Riding Stone Motorbike
Member reactions:
Me likes. just enuff motion blur ... but is that the same bike. The contest image doesn't show tailpipes, the tail-light isn't the same ... (The Noticer Strikes Again.)
Nice job... I think as long as you have used the background it should be ok... Good Luck...
Ah, yesss. (slaps self upside head) Maybe eye should pay attention to ALL the details...still, me like because of great chop-technique, regardless of subject matter, imaginative and original.

Funny Fortune Telling Judge with a Gnome in the Courtroom

Fortune Telling Judge with a Gnome in the Courtroom
Fortune Telling Judge Source Pic
Member reactions:
Stand back.... The Judge is gonna tell us everything.
That is a beauty of a news story, good find.
Well why didn't they tell him he was gonna get fired if he told anyone his little secret..

Funny Conan O'Brien the Garden Gnome

Conan O'Brien the Garden Gnome

Funny Gnome Bungee Jumping

Gnome Bungee Jumping

Funny Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone

Funny Britney Spears & Gnomes

Britney Spears & Gnomes
Member reactions:
She better be's starting to nod off..

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