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Funny Globe Pictures

Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden GlobesFunny Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes
Member reactions:
Golden Globes anticipation is high for host Ricky Gervais HIGH RES (Best) related story
huge round face, and nice work on his smile like this
Nicely executed. wonderful work on head, U had ur Gold hidden
This was just too funny and a killer piece.Blew me away.
Thank you kindly to all, I appreciate your kind words I had a lot of fun with "Ricky Roundface" . . . and thanks to FN for the feature.

Escher Globe DisintegratingFunny Escher Globe Disintegrating
Member reactions:

what did that night..

Eddie Murphy with a Snow Globe Birthday PresentFunny Eddie Murphy with a Snow Globe Birthday Present
Member reactions:

work christmas, now that's almost easter, is really nice and well done
Thanks...I edited the image, i upload it..but i dont see the changes... why..
Thanks Kratos... it was not too good for win a medal..

Winter In A Snow GlobeFunny Winter In A Snow Globe
Member reactions:

great work, but who is the lady on the deer. just curious....
This is just amazing.
What can I say. We have some phenomenal HIDDEN chopper on board. This chop is so good it makes me drool. Done in the holiday spirit too. I especially like how you did the red nose and the reflection.
Hey. It's that chick from FN. (.)Looks like she needs to be shaken.High marks-nice job.
Congrats on the double win preemiememe. Excellent work.
congrats... you are a fantastic graphic ...
geriatric,, and thanks everyone ...
geriatric,, and thanks everyone ...
and goat,, its triplets..,,,ohhh you ment the win,,
and goat,, its triplets..,,,ohhh you ment the win,,
Nice work on both pieces. And i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the saturation. Lotsa fun in both of them.

Skier in a Snow GlobeFunny Skier in a Snow Globe
Member reactions:

One of the best uses of the source in a neat setting
Looks beautiful, peaceful and calming. Like this one a lot.
Congrats on the bronze, Burnt. Nice to see ya back.
that's was great BF nice to see you back , congrats on the bronze

Robert Downey Jr wins Golden GlobeFunny Robert Downey Jr wins Golden Globe
Member reactions:

Wood'e get more trophies. Congrats again, mate.
Twofer...... I liked this one the most, actually. Probably the use of teal. I'm sort of partial to that color these days. Always outstanding work. steady on...

Obama in Snow GlobeFunny Obama in Snow Globe
Member reactions:

Please full view. Sources
Nice colors and composition. Looks like a winner to me.
Pretty cool, but I wish the main source took more central role in the composition
Congrats Amadeus. Nice work and good use of sources

Nuclear Snow GlobeFunny Nuclear Snow Globe
Member reactions:

It's a GREAT idea, but the transparency of the buildings brings it down a bit.
superb idea but yea the see through skyscrpers are distracting a tad.maybe keep them full resolution and use the glass filter on low setting would help. either way it worth trying something as it is potentially a high finisher. good luck
Why is noone following the contest directions. I thought it had to be a painting or movie.
Jeremix errr... it does... Go figure LMFAO. Start DQing now and there will be like two chops left hahahahahahahahah
There's just no respect for authority anymore.
I agree Jeremix, I find it very unfair to those who do take time to read directions & follow them.
This entry would have all chances of placing in top 3 if it followed the contest directions. Still, an outstanding work on its own.
oo hard to vote if its not per directions ((
A concept like this would make a great movie though. I often think of our world leaders as children bickering over a toy or creating a disaster in total oblivion or disregarding any possible consequences. Great chop.
I agree FW awesome chop at end of day, I like your idea re World Leaders as children

House in a Snow globeFunny House in a Snow globe
Member reactions:

Globe Bowling BallFunny Globe Bowling Ball
Member reactions:

GlobeFunny Globe - Photoshop this globe image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-shaping this globe, designing other things from this globe, using the globe in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the globe into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Edu Wagtelenberg and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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