Glenn Beck as Paul Revere
Glenn Beck as Paul Revere
Glenn Beck as Paul Revere. Glenn Beck - Recommend Full View Click to view sources
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... superb. He's on TV right now as I type... I had to hear his response after the firing this weekend of The Green Czar.
Sweet treatment of a pretty hated dude, and great characterizing . One of these days I'll have to catch his show and find out what all the noise is about. Is this a new image host you are using. I like it.
Hitspinner, I'm not to sure how long Image Chicken has been around, but it sounded delicious to me and it's very easy to use. About Beck, you either love him or hate him, not much gray area there. everyone, TY for your comments.
Awesome color scheme and composition. Tons of visual punch.
Amazingly good, so smooth & blended well.
well I have to say welcome back I know that's amazing style , Awsome and Grea8 work and congrats on ....
Congratulations on the gold, KIR. Nice to see you on the podium again.
Felicidades por el oro. Un gran trabajo realizado.
Awesome chop KIR. Glen Beck is a raving lunatic though. Now he wants to bring DDT back to America.
Thanks all for your kind comments and votes. I dedicate this chop for to those who will be marching this Saturday in Washington, Democrats, Republicans and Independents that all want to see sanity return to our federal government. Stop the FREAKING spending already.
Outfreakinstanding. Love the style of this image. Well done.
Gonna check out Glen Beck. I keep hearing the name but never seem to catch his show. You really delivered in this chop. Very strong showing with a lot of class. Composition is flawless too. I looked at it and went there went any hope of a gold for me hahahahahahahahaha. But as always, there is no regret to step into the shadow of splendid craftsmanship and indeed an honor to be counted among it. Very well done.
I know that was you David as always congrats on the gold , ( as in my design you got fish and smiling , keep up great works man ....
It's an awesome picture of a true patriot, Glenn Beck. If you leftys bothered to listen to him and real conservative radio stations, a real news station like FOX, instead of MSNBC and ABC (that have been bought by the Obama administration), you'd see the light the way we do. WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK from you insane leftys. Go Glenn. Go Glenn.

Funny John Glenn with a Long Neck

John Glenn with a Long Neck
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I'd hate to see him with a whiplash injury.....holy cow.

Funny Glenn Frey 2016

Glenn Frey 2016
Glenn Frey Dead at 67 Glenn Frey and the Eagles had quite a run. So many great songs. Gone now but not forgotten. Music is forever.
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Frey's a tad transparent, but otherwise good chop.

Funny Glenn Beck Bishop Bearer of The Holy Chalk

Glenn Beck Bishop Bearer of The Holy Chalk
Mr Beck does not need Stone tablets, chalk and his infinite wisdom sufice todictate the destiny of humankind.
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Please provide the news link as per contest directions
I am new, just started. And this entry was suposed to be In the Freak Show contest. But I have searched in how to delete it from 2010 contest and I don't know how.
pheeew...thank you...I was thinking it was going to be disqualified. Thanks.

Funny Crazy Glenn Beck

Crazy Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck Is ‘Totally Cool

Funny Glenn Beck + Barack Obama

Glenn Beck + Barack Obama
Day- keeps you in the light. Night- keeps you in the dark.
Member reactions:
Nice match, good and clean. The staples need a bit of work...a slight shadow maybe
Neatly done. Is it my imagination, or have they reduced the size of that tick on Obama's nose. I remember that thing being REAL distracting during the debates.
Fantastic - now I see they share common genes.

Funny Glenn Beck Crying like a Little Girl

Glenn Beck Crying like a Little Girl
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Report Card: Does not play well with others..recommend expelling.
Hey Sassyfras. He's perfect for the Tube. Give the man a new contract and a gun.

Funny John Glenn as the Mona Lisa

John Glenn as the Mona Lisa

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