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Funny Glasses Pictures

Small Glass : Small PriceFunny Small Glass : Small Price
Member reactions:

Clean work. Nice idea with the shrunk beer glass.

Woman with the Big GlassFunny Woman with the Big Glass
Member reactions:

This digital art took at least 16 layers, many of them concentrating on the lady's glass. My glass filter doesn't seem to do much in terms of getting the glass to look more real. digital art
Thank you again for your comment, sullishere.

With these glasses I thought it was snowFunny With these glasses I thought it was snow
Member reactions:

Bumpy ride on the stones... thinking it as snow with goggles very crazy idea
Cool idea. Blended so well, it looks real.

The glass fountainFunny The glass fountain
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The Google Glass competitorFunny The Google Glass competitor
Member reactions:

Google admit: "We failed. We cannot compete: with these glasses you can even smell what you're seeing. That's the future" News Link
Fixed the link for you. Please follow the link format in the contest directions next time. Great chop.

Glass Is ClassFunny Glass Is Class
Member reactions:

Google "Glass" Winners
Amazing way to show how google glass would be good work on the putting the beam of light focus on the ground well done

Mirror Mirror GlassesFunny Mirror Mirror Glasses
Member reactions:

Very well designed Like the images on the glasses

Fight Club GlassesFunny Fight Club Glasses
Member reactions:

Very good the glass broken during the fight
Way to go Laredog.....Top 10 finish, that's great. Keep punching out the'll get there.

Broke Glasses !Funny Broke Glasses !
Member reactions:

Poor Frankie, he breaks everything.
It was so good, i can see the eyes through the glass

Member reactions:

Magnifying GlassFunny Magnifying Glass - This Wednesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this magnifying glass image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - magnifying parts of people and objects with this magnifying glass, designing a poster with this hand lens, putting the magnifying glass into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Guglielmo and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Eye GlassesFunny Eye Glasses - These holidays, the sales of prank eyeglasses are up, which have plastic human eyes attached to the frames with springs. When these fake eyes pop out it gives a special meaning to the phrase "eye glasses". Let's design glasses which would actually have human eyes in the frames, similar to how it's done in prank eyeglasses with fake plastic eyes (but with no springs please). Some examples may be showing celebrities and politicians wearing such glasses with their eyes, or with somebody's else eyes. You are welcome to make the eyes bigger or change their shape somewhat to fit the frames.

Celebrity GlassesFunny Celebrity Glasses - Put strange or goofy glasses on celebrities or politicians. Feel free to design new unusual models of glasses. If you design a new model, it can be shown separately, or on a person.

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