Beach Glass
Beach Glass
Beach Glass. In a few years these will end up in somebody's Beach Glass collection. Party on.
Member reactions:
Well done with shadow work, cleaver placement of glasses and bottle-cap
Excellent work. I love how you placed the shadows from the seagulls behind the picture frame.
Well executed idea. IMO the bottle shadow is too much vertical.

Funny Small Glass : Small Price

Small Glass : Small Price
Member reactions:
Clean work. Nice idea with the shrunk beer glass.

Funny Woman with the Big Glass

Woman with the Big Glass
This digital art took at least 16 layers, many of them concentrating on the lady's glass. My glass filter doesn't seem to do much in terms of getting the glass to look more real. digital art
Member reactions:
Thank you again for your comment, sullishere.

Funny Little Whale Pet in a Glass

Little Whale Pet in a Glass
Member reactions:
Freaking magnificent. Look at the girl's blue eyes and the splashes the whale makes. Hats off.
Awesome Every section is superb great caricature
Thank you Nanny, Balodiya, Newsey, Eric, Hobbit and Doc
The best idea and performance. Congrats, Hitspinner.
Thank you Wanderer, Gummy... right on time , Doc, Ariel, PJ, D-Man...
Congrats.. I love the reverse manga on her face. And lovely eye color.
Congratulations on the Gold Cup, HitMan. Magnificent job, great design with stunning color.
Congratulations HS. The spotlight is on you.
Congrats on a well deserved win, love it.
Thanks Hobbit, Newsey. Haha Geri, had plenty of spotlight over the years. I just want the $5. I retired, I gotta support this lavish lifestyle somehow . Thanks UC, Icy and Bob...

Funny Joe Biden Wearing Google Glasses

Joe Biden Wearing Google Glasses
A real world Joe
Member reactions:
all policies searched through Google in Senate and he got amazed to see the results good job crazy expression
Like the concept. Wish the face was not so low res though

Funny Glass Fountain in a Mall

Glass Fountain in a Mall

Funny iGlass Apple Glasses

iGlass Apple Glasses
It's the newest sensation. An iphone and eyeglasses combined.
Member reactions:
She looks so beautiful as an apple and her glass were powered with IOS... freaky and creative concept like it
Neat idea. I believe a little bit of shadow from the frame on her right temple would enhance the image.

Funny Underwater World in Glass

Underwater World in Glass

Funny The Google Glass Competitor

The Google Glass Competitor
Google admit: "We failed. We cannot compete: with these glasses you can even smell what you're seeing. That's the future" News Link
Member reactions:
Fixed the link for you. Please follow the link format in the contest directions next time. Great chop.

Funny Google Glasses Prototypes

Google Glasses Prototypes
Google "Glass" Winners
Member reactions:
Amazing way to show how google glass would be good work on the putting the beam of light focus on the ground well done

Funny Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass
This Wednesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this magnifying glass image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - magnifying parts of people and objects with this magnifying glass, designing a poster with this hand lens, putting the magnifying glass into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Guglielmo and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Eye Glasses

Eye Glasses
These holidays, the sales of prank eyeglasses are up, which have plastic human eyes attached to the frames with springs. When these fake eyes pop out it gives a special meaning to the phrase "eye glasses". Let's design glasses which would actually have human eyes in the frames, similar to how it's done in prank eyeglasses with fake plastic eyes (but with no springs please). Some examples may be showing celebrities and politicians wearing such glasses with their eyes, or with somebody's else eyes. You are welcome to make the eyes bigger or change their shape somewhat to fit the frames.

Funny Celebrity Glasses

Celebrity Glasses
Put strange or goofy glasses on celebrities or politicians. Feel free to design new unusual models of glasses. If you design a new model, it can be shown separately, or on a person.

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