Looking Glass
Looking Glass
Looking Glass. Member reactions:
Thanks NM and Luciano. Cool, I snagged 2 trophies. I usually tank in these sorts of contests.
Silver, Woody and top 5 Congrats, Hitspinner.

Funny Prince Edward's New Glasses

Prince Edward's New Glasses
Member reactions:
Had cup all over it... Well made chop. congrats Hobbit.
Rather a lot of extras outside the painting.
Congrats on the Bronze. But I LOVE Them All. This was a great contest everybody matched the painter's styles perfectly
Cute and clever, Hobbit. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny George Needs New Glasses

George Needs New Glasses
Member reactions:
This one made me laugh out loud. Well Done.
In my opinion proportions between lens are wrong. Otherwise awesome.
George never looked better. Congratulations Pcrdds ...
Doc... Great one... Very nice detail. Grats on the cup as well
Darn good chop, cool glasses to go with his wooden teeth, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Silver. ILOVE Them All. This was a great contest everybody matched the painter's styles perfectly

Funny Young Edward VI with Glasses

Young Edward VI with Glasses
Original painting by Hans Holbein the Younger, regarded as “The Cameraman of Tudor History”

Funny Picasso's Girls with Glasses

Picasso's Girls with Glasses
“Art is a lie that makes us relize the truth.” -Pablo Picasso
Member reactions:
Different approach to the contest theme. Love it.
Hahahahaha another one out of the box. Well thought

Funny `Barbara in glasses` Albrecht Dürer

`Barbara in glasses` Albrecht Dürer
Member reactions:
Another goodie. Congrats Andrew. Perfect job
Thank you, everyone. Contest was hard for voting. A lot of perfect pictures in the contest.
One of my faves ion the contest. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.
Thank you, Lucido5*, Armatien, Paul and NewsMaster.

Funny Apple iGlass Glasses

Apple  iGlass Glasses
Member reactions:
Great Innovative idea... this glass shows the world in a real 3d format
Clever thinking, not sure gives you a lot more than actual Google's glasses ot things like that.
Fabulous concept and execution. I would position the shadows a bit further so that the glasses appear a bit further from the face (now they look almost glued on it)
Clean and clever. Well done. Congrats on the wood
Congrats on Wood, GRM.. Unique well done image..
Thanks for the comments everyone.

Funny Broken Beer Bottle Glass on the Beach

Broken Beer Bottle Glass on the Beach
In a few years these will end up in somebody's Beach Glass collection. Party on.
Member reactions:
Well done with shadow work, cleaver placement of glasses and bottle-cap
Excellent work. I love how you placed the shadows from the seagulls behind the picture frame.
Well executed idea. IMO the bottle shadow is too much vertical.

Funny Tiny Glass of Beer

Tiny Glass of Beer
Member reactions:
Clean work. Nice idea with the shrunk beer glass.

Funny Woman with the Big Glass Digital Art

Woman with the Big Glass Digital Art
This digital art took at least 16 layers, many of them concentrating on the lady's glass. My glass filter doesn't seem to do much in terms of getting the glass to look more real. digital art
Member reactions:
Thank you again for your comment, sullishere.

Funny Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass
This Wednesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this magnifying glass image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - magnifying parts of people and objects with this magnifying glass, designing a poster with this hand lens, putting the magnifying glass into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Guglielmo and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Eye Glasses

Eye Glasses
These holidays, the sales of prank eyeglasses are up, which have plastic human eyes attached to the frames with springs. When these fake eyes pop out it gives a special meaning to the phrase "eye glasses". Let's design glasses which would actually have human eyes in the frames, similar to how it's done in prank eyeglasses with fake plastic eyes (but with no springs please). Some examples may be showing celebrities and politicians wearing such glasses with their eyes, or with somebody's else eyes. You are welcome to make the eyes bigger or change their shape somewhat to fit the frames.

Funny Celebrity Glasses

Celebrity Glasses
Put strange or goofy glasses on celebrities or politicians. Feel free to design new unusual models of glasses. If you design a new model, it can be shown separately, or on a person.

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