Gizmo & Son Gizzy Jr.
Gizmo & Son Gizzy Jr.
Gizmo & Son Gizzy Jr.. Daddy's little Mogwai
Member reactions:
We moved it from Celeb Fathers to a Freak Show because this is not a "person", formally speaking
Celebrity Fathers,formally speaking, real or fiction
Gizmo is a celebrity,he's an icon,but I'm cool with moving the little Mogwai to freak show.
Might have worked in Fathers but not a "person" so I get it. Works here just fine too, maybe better. Nice job A....hidden
You are welcome, I kind of like Gizmo a lot too.
Thanks all,I've been in love with Gizmo since the 80's
Nicely done ... I gave that same carriage to my Goddaughter when she was a wee one. She keeps all of dolls I gave her in it Thanks for stirring the memories.
Thanks Qtr,that's cool that you gave your Goddaughter the same carriage

Funny Gizmo in a Sports Car

Gizmo in a Sports Car
Member reactions:
Good job, but the gremlins and the car need some shadows

Funny Gizmo Rocks

Gizmo Rocks
I love this little guy
Member reactions:
Freaking like it, but some shadows would be nice too.

Funny Gizmo's Gremlin Wearing Sunglasses

Gizmo's Gremlin Wearing Sunglasses
uh huh.

Funny Gizmo with Junk Food

Gizmo with Junk Food
You better eat those munchies before midnight,Gizmo.
Member reactions:
Now we're getting down to the real reason for junk food
The idea has a merit. needs some shadows though.

Funny Gizmo in Love

Gizmo in Love
Member reactions:
Hilarious idea, but the execution is waaay blurry. The hair looks too fake and painted

Funny Gizmo Playing a Saxophone

Gizmo Playing a Saxophone
this is weird i know . i was experimenting so im not sure.

Funny Gizmo in a Hat

Gizmo in a Hat
Member reactions:
Interesting composition. Masking on the hat may need more work - it's semi transparent at places

Funny Gizmo Eye Mouth

Gizmo Eye Mouth

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