Rudy Giuliani on Cosmos Magazine
Rudy Giuliani on Cosmos Magazine
Rudy Giuliani on Cosmos Magazine. Member reactions:
I love it. Wouldn't it be nice to jettison Rudy...

Funny John Edwards & Rudy Giuliani Movie

John Edwards & Rudy Giuliani Movie

Funny Drag Queen Rudy Giuliani

Drag Queen Rudy Giuliani
I think it would be a show worth seeing...
Member reactions:
freaky face.

Funny Postal Worker Rudy Giuliani

Postal Worker Rudy Giuliani
Even Rudy had to take a urine test to qualify for a postal worker's job.
Member reactions:
Congrats on gold and silver Keb. Nice work.
Congrats Keb x2, this one is hilarious Nice job.

Funny Rudy Giuliani Working at McDonalds

Rudy Giuliani Working at McDonalds
Just an idea for a new magazine... We could keep the issues rolling just with the politicians. Who needs Brittney.
Member reactions:
Sweet work, AJC. I just wish the main source image was bigger.
I originally had it as a much bigger file, but I wanted the whole picture to be visible... The tag line on the bottom was important, so I re-sized it to show the whole image on the screen. Should have kept the big file up, eh. detail was much more evident...

Funny Fire Chief Rudy Giuliani

Fire Chief Rudy Giuliani
Rudy really wanted to be a small town fire chief after the events of 911. Now he will have the time to follow his dreams. Compression kills the reds. View full for non-compressed image.

Funny Black Rudy Giuliani

Black Rudy Giuliani
Member reactions:
Congratulations, coolkat. Looks realistic.
Congrats CoolKat Does that mean Sharpton will endorse him now.
Congrats to you also and he sure could use the endorsement of Sharpton.

Funny Rudy Giuliani in Drag

Rudy Giuliani in Drag
Rudy Guilliani
Member reactions:
. Nice attention to lighting & skin tone. Also like the way you used the nise filter to match the skin. The only thing is the teeth & the whites of the eyes went yellow when you matched the skin colors. Dressed like that, ol' Rudy will sure get a lot of beads in the Mardi Gras Parade..
Giuliani could only be pleased by this flattering composition. Nice work.

Funny Rudy Giuliani Gender Change

Rudy Giuliani Gender Change
Member reactions:
Hmmm he may actually look better as a girl.
Have to admit, the pretty hair does distract from the teeth. Very well done.

Funny Showgirl Rudy Giuliani

Showgirl Rudy Giuliani
Giuliani has been noticeably missing from the campaign trail lately. He was recently spotted doing the 9 o'clock show at Caesars Palace.
Member reactions:
La Cage Aux Folles. FULL VIEW IS A MUST HERE PEOPLE.... I've never seen Rudy look more appealing. The vibrant colors & the skintones are great. The gopher teeth actually look good surrounded by lipstick. Well Done. Beautiful. My fav.
It's frightening how well Giuliani cross dresses
I agree with Katiekate. I think Giuliani would actually be proud of this photo. And how great that Keb found showgirls in red white and blue.

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