Bill Clinton in a Hot Tub with his Girlfriends
Bill Clinton in a Hot Tub with his Girlfriends
Bill Clinton in a Hot Tub with his Girlfriends. Member reactions:
Great image but the font treatment is distracting.
I don't want to be mean, but can someone explain the rules to me. I was told that you cannot use the same face twice, that this is recycling, and that it shouldn't happen again. I'm tired of seeing the same faces of Bill Clinton, Obama, Michelle, Putin, Mr. Bean used over and over again. Is this rule only for new people, or what. I don't get it.
tiger: "Recycling rule" only applies to photoshopped work of yours. You can use the same photo sources again though.
I'll chime in on this. This takes me back to discussions we had back in 2008. It's why I started morphing faces; to get away from the "Hackneyed" appearance. Using same sources ... yeah, okay if that is what floats your boat then fine. But those gold trophies come from "NEW" looks. Funny chop D.
Thanks for the info. I guess it's the same source as in this one,
What is the source for Michelle's face here,, can I use somebody else caricatures.

Funny Breakup Grafitti on Girlfriends Photo

Breakup Grafitti on Girlfriends Photo
Try it sometime.
Member reactions:
Good idea for wiped her face from the mind....
I did this 2 years ago... bought the old memories back by posting this chop
Sorry to bring back old memories..but it's so much fun to harmlessly destroy a mean person. Thanks for all the comments.

Funny Gollum's Girlfriend

Gollum's Girlfriend
Poor gollum, dropping that ring sure ... ed her off..
Member reactions:
Not from a cgi-page/forum... pic from reddit.. got stopped last freakshow....
Yeh..She has got comparatively beautiful eye and smile and hair and skin and and and and and all is nothing but gift from hidden I like this chop
Even wicked characters look beautiful sometimes and this can happen using photoshop
You made the featured spot for your efforts. Nicely done, strong chopping skills evident
Glad this beauty did not go to a waste basket.

Funny Indian Stud with Girlfriends at the River

Indian Stud with Girlfriends at the River
Member reactions:
Who can resist a woman with a mustache. I'm pumped up.
Oh, I can't wait for payback, hidden. .
Ok... Gold Gym and Swimming pool a Dual offer to get this body well merged and DMan is waiting to get the same Hilarious
Woody congrats, dd. You're in trouble. .
Congrads on the Woody, u b hangin' with these and still get a woody.
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... House.
Ahhhhhh some familiar faces. Goody woody...
The chicks are kinda cool Nice tat on the pilgrim's body Congrats on the bronze, DD.
Congratulations DeadDog. Glad to see you are living up to your Tribute. All Hail DD. "WOOF."

Funny Yalta Conference with Girlfriends

Yalta Conference with Girlfriends
would love to have found more hi-res images to work with
Member reactions:
Awesome idea. Great with any resolution. Add more chicks for second line.
Are they proud fathers.... or enjoying with chicks... good one like ur concept but poor fellows standing in the second line
Probably the best remake of this classic photo I've seen. Hats off.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Girlfriend

Vladimir Putin's Girlfriend
Member reactions:
Yes..... She deserves to come first in the race

Funny Mel Gibson's Valentines Day Gift of Torching Girlfriends Car

Mel Gibson's Valentines Day Gift of Torching Girlfriends Car
Member reactions:
A perfect gift to 'EX' fire in the air with Love
One of my faves in the contest fer sure. Mel Gibson is that kind of guy.

Funny Vlad Putin with his Girlfriend Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow

Vlad Putin with his Girlfriend Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow
Member reactions:
Hilarious effect imposed on me by seeing Putin's face
What was that lady in background up to.... Cool effects and nice work

Funny Man at Home with his Animals at Girlfriend

Man at Home with his Animals at Girlfriend
Member reactions:
I heard you like brunettes so I changed the blonde
This should be a magazine cover or movie poster. Beautifully done.
Thank you so much Geriatric, you are too kind
Now its time to give time to Family Ron Paul looks so amazing and his hot wife on the bath tub is very hot good to see him again Lovely chop with all pet animals
So beautifully done, cool and clear work. his green eyes are so good, and lady hmmmmmmm
Many thanks D-man, Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend very glad you like it
Gold congrats, Lady Sunshine. I get half, right. .
Yes, Paul you got half Thank you DD, Fitim.
Congratulations. Very nice Sunshine Girl.
I knew that Paul likes teddy bears. Congrats on the gold, Sun.

Funny Portrait of David Petraeus and Girlfriend

Portrait of David Petraeus and Girlfriend
CIA Director David Petraeus quits over affair CIAo David .
Member reactions:
Now he is going to History keeping himself painted to remember his past

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