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Funny Girlfriend Pictures

Girlfriend is Cray-CrayFunny Girlfriend is Cray-Cray
Member reactions:

good poster design.... the birds and stars fly effects makeup a good design in it

Bigfoot and his GirlfriendFunny Bigfoot and his Girlfriend
Member reactions:

Both seems to be a good couple good chop

Winnie the Pooh and Girlfriend on the CouchFunny Winnie the Pooh and Girlfriend on the Couch
Member reactions:
Movie Review - Winnie the Pooh (***1/2 out of 5)
Pooh must be friends with Charlie Sheen

Tiger Visits His Elephant GirlfriendFunny Tiger Visits His Elephant Girlfriend
Member reactions:

Many thanks geriatric, balodiya, rajestar, Krrish .
Very creative and romantic.
You are right. I notice with my works that I am a romantic. I did not really know it before . hahaha .

Man Arrested With Dead GirlfriendFunny Man Arrested With Dead Girlfriend
Member reactions:

Man Arrested with body of his dead girlfriend in his home
I guess the term "Stopping for a cold one after work" can be a little confusing for some people
Thanks, Ther3dbandit. Thanks, rajeshstar.
The girlfriend is too horrible, great work
This is scary and well done. All the best.
It's gross and funny. Man, that cake is zombie special.
Thanks, Newsy. You can order the same cake if you'd like. Operators are standing by.

Eddie Murphy Donkey with his GirlfriendFunny Eddie Murphy Donkey with his Girlfriend
Member reactions:

Thanks Big D. Thanks geriatric Thanks JoaoN.

Ronald McDonald Loses His GirlfriendFunny Ronald McDonald Loses His Girlfriend
Member reactions:

I like the idea. Highlights and shadows are a little off, considering the background is a night scene. Just a thought.
Tarkus..thanks for the input..I think I am getting lazy in my old age.
brilliant concept..this scenario works fantastically well with her sour grapes expression.
Excellent fix. Now it's one if my favorites.
Fleek keeps rocking with his creations. Me likey

Berlusconi`s Teenage GirlfriendFunny Berlusconi`s Teenage Girlfriend
Member reactions:

Berlusconi indicted for sex scandal with teenager
deaddog...sure, your kinda babe.
OL. Obama makes such a cute midget chick. I like the hair dye package in Berlusconi's pocket. Is it for him or for lil Obama.
Thanks, Newsy. Yeah, he is a cute little person, huh. The hair dye is for BOTH of them, but supplies are limited.
Thanks, and deaddog should get together.
, so they need it both. Congrats on the woody, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy...these Woodies are having a toll on my health.
Reminds me, I haven't hugged my midget today Great humor as always
hahaha that's great and funny one pcrdds .. congrats on the woody ..
Lol. Congrats on the wood pcrdds. It's so funny and excellent execution. I love that.

Al Pacino and Girlfriend FaceliftFunny Al Pacino and Girlfriend Facelift
Member reactions:

(Lucila Sola starring the strange girlfriend)

The Scream`s GirlfriendFunny The Scream`s Girlfriend
Member reactions:

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