Space giraffe
Space giraffe
Space giraffe. Member reactions:
Clean as a whistle. Nice work always

Funny Burning Giraffes and Cell Phones

Burning Giraffes and Cell Phones
Painting by Salvador Dali
Member reactions:
clever choice of painting and nicely blended. congrats.
Thanks Hobbit Eric and Lucian Thanks Newsy Paul Hidreley Bob and Jere. I appreciate all of your comments
Originality pays... in line with Dali concept.

Funny Two Headed Giraffe

Two Headed Giraffe
Member reactions:
Generally you don't make many errors Luciano. But to my eye, the mane should follow the back of the neck of the one closest to the camera and maybe intersect loosely with the one in the rear. Great source choice by the way.

Funny Giraffe's Under The Mistletoe

Giraffe's Under The Mistletoe
Giraffe's share a kiss under the mistletoe

Funny Barack Obama Gets a Giraffe For Christmas

Barack Obama Gets a Giraffe For Christmas
Member reactions:
Haha this rocks... Looks very real Luciano

Funny Giraffe with a Twisted Knot in His Neck

Giraffe with a Twisted Knot in His Neck
Member reactions:
How can it even do that.... maybe in dreams its possible to fold the neck like this Hilarious
Difficult task for giraffe to fold the neck..... Please other animals don't do that other wise they will die....
Kewl Chopping. These are giraffe eggs and the birds are jealous.
Giraffe don't make eggs....but....they shouldn't even make knots. Very funny.
Excellent. Should be a special cup just for this

Funny Human Giraffe with Lipstick

Human Giraffe with Lipstick
Member reactions:
Eye lids and piercing lips are lovely work especially eye matches very well

Funny Giraffe in a Nest

Giraffe in a Nest

Funny Giraffes Without Necks

Giraffes Without Necks

Funny Short Necked Giraffe

Short Necked Giraffe
I'm still the tackiest one in my family. .

Funny Facebook Giraffes

Facebook Giraffes
What's up with so many facebook users using photos of giraffes on their profiles? Did giraffes get too social lately and start using facebook? The answer is a new riddle that has been circulating on facebook - those who accept the riddle challenge but fail to give the right answer agree to use any giraffe picture as their main profile photo. Photoshop giraffes using facebook one way or another.

Funny Giraffe

Photoshop this giraffe image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this giraffe with some other animals, showing creative ways to use this giraffe image in advertisements, art, putting this giraffe into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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