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Funny Giraffe Pictures

My baby giraffeFunny My baby giraffe
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

This is adorable on so many levels. Love it.
This looks great Awesome job done.. Best of luck
Really excellent chop. Congrats on the silver
Silver Cup Congratulations, Pix. First-Rate job with applause for Pic of the Day.
Congrats on the win, the chop is so darn precious.
... it's better than gold for me

2 GiraffesFunny 2 Giraffes
Member reactions:

That's a giraffe's way of "Liking" people on facebook
Giraffe's way of Poking people.... Biden gets one poke

Giraffe On Her FacebookFunny Giraffe On Her Facebook
Member reactions:

A giraffe looks at her Facebook page, hoping to see her friend's messages.
Sweet and I see this giraffe is using new version of facebook already
Wao... lovely Giraffe facebook page really lovely and great to see some new relations erupt in it

Here's why your Facebook friends have become giraffes!Funny Here's why your Facebook friends have become giraffes!
Member reactions:

I've never seen Mark Zuckerberg so cool ^^
Mark looks awesome in this caricature and Giraffe also got a caricature great job done
Professional looking design Wanderer, congratulations on the Gold.
Thank you, Friends. Just found now right hand needs be rotated 180 Deg. Sorry.
No prob Wanderer, now Zuck is now left handed for real
Thank you for support, UncleChamp. NewsMaster, please let me know if I can send Mark's picture after arm surgery.
Andrew, email me the edited version and I will upload it for you. Congrats again.
Thank you, NewsMaster. Please send your e-mail address.

Water giraffeFunny Water giraffe
Member reactions:

Nice to see Giraffe swiming in the water
Great thinking to make a cross breed Giraffe.... from the Duck

Puffer giraffeFunny Puffer giraffe
Member reactions:

Made me laugh. Reminds me a sock monkey, .
Should be on Animal Planet's Too Cute show.

Giraffe Girl(GG)Funny Giraffe Girl(GG)
Member reactions:

....good one hidden. I did a Goat Girl Once. I called GG too.
Cool One SplatShot "GG Animalia"
Fantastic pose given by a giraffe first time ever seen a Giraffe standing
Congratulations on the Woody Silvercanine. Animal girls rule.
Woody cup congrats Silver, enchanting and tastefully done
Congrats silvercanine on winning the wood.
Wood congrats silvercanine. Very elegant giraffes.

GiraffeFunny Giraffe
Member reactions:

Tekno-giraffeFunny Tekno-giraffe
Member reactions:

Love to see the extended neck and the handle to raise it is really funny good thinking ... Well done on this chop
Out of the box, yeh I mean it... this thing was in a freaky magic box when I was kid ... creative work done hidden very nice

Facebook GiraffesFunny Facebook Giraffes - What's up with so many facebook users using photos of giraffes on their profiles? Did giraffes get too social lately and start using facebook? The answer is a new riddle that has been circulating on facebook - those who accept the riddle challenge but fail to give the right answer agree to use any giraffe picture as their main profile photo. Photoshop giraffes using facebook one way or another.

GiraffeFunny Giraffe - Photoshop this giraffe image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this giraffe with some other animals, showing creative ways to use this giraffe image in advertisements, art, putting this giraffe into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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