Ginger. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Gold, # 1 in my books, and as a person too.
Thanks for your great comments HH, Gummy, And Cos. Very Much Appreciated. (:
Congrats SplatShot, she is a Cutie, very well done.

Funny Morgan Freeman Ginger Chin

Morgan Freeman Ginger Chin
Member reactions:
congrats... think the shadow on the neck and shirt could have been rendered a bit better to put u over the top to GOLDness. Don't listen to me though i "C+" on my entries fo this contest .....congrats again.
aintmeeee..(((congrats)))) he looks delicious..
Great concept and execution. Congrats aintme.
Congrat's on the bronze, well done work. Cheers Mandrak
seriously wierd congrats.

Funny Ginger on Gilligan's Island

Ginger on Gilligan's Island
Member reactions:
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale....
This is freaky - I love how you rotated her mouth too

Funny Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Shadow Dancing

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Shadow Dancing
Fred and Ginge...
Member reactions:
This is a nice image and I hope you don't mind my saying this, but in the process, Ginger's mouth (protrudes) and her nose changed drastically. It doesn't look like her any longer.
Sorry - but this is how it was in the original image.
I'd love to see the original.. I actually thought it was Vera Ellen rather than Ginger Rogers.

Funny Ginger AND Mary Ann

Ginger AND Mary Ann

Funny Fred and Ginger of the Animal World

Fred and Ginger of the Animal World
"Ginger dear, you look FANTASTIC tonight."
Member reactions:
Ha. Very funny. Clever too. The tail on the right needs to be feathered a little more, maybe a motion blur would solve that issue.
Its Classical Toast... Nice Love seen between them. Good Job

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