Hannah Giles Cutting Acorn with Chainsaw
Hannah Giles Cutting Acorn with Chainsaw
Hannah Giles Cutting Acorn with Chainsaw. Hannah Giles exposes rampant corruption in ACORN Click to view source pictures
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Beautiful Smoke. Saw Bar. ...90 Degrees off. -Former Professional Tree Killer.
Not quite 90 degrees I hope. It was placed where the original was at the same angle. I free transformed the blade as good as I could. I know it's not perfect, it's art I see what you mean now. It's a special giant acorn carving saw with a twist of 90 degrees on the saw bar for maximum control. If you ever carve giant acorns you'll need one of these
news1st, I fixed the saw bar, couldn't let it go once you pointed it out. What were the odds a lumberjack would be on FN. Thanks for the sharp eye.
Great Fix KIR. It was more my problem than your's. When you've held a chainsaw for as many hours as I have, you just don't feel right until it's pointed in the right direction. Great Chop. Thanks.
This entry is so aCORNY. Seriously though, excellent satire and art. I am not lumberjack,but this looks great to me.
KIR strikes again. Congratulations on the bronze.
Congrats KIR, excellent work I am wondering how many many pimps and prostitutes are in that nut.
Splendid work KIR.. very cool lighting, Congrats on bronze..
that was really fantastic chop Keepo as always congrats on the bronze and keep up great works friend
Thanks everyone, for your comments and votes. Hannah Giles is only 20 years old and she has out reported all the major news networks with good, old fashioned, investigative reporting, a dying art in this country IMO. Special thanks to news1st, who made me stay up until 3:00 am to correct the saw bar angle Funkwood, I was thinking of your style when I was editing this color scheme (greens & yellows), glad you like it. Rainman, standing room only Pretty exciting, this is the first time one of my chops has had more views on Twitter than FN, over 15,000 in 24 hours. I'm sure FN will overtake in the long run, because FREAKING NEWS RULES. A final note, I have been contacted by Hannah's sister (Regis) who has requested a high rez version for creating a poster and it was featured on Red Eye on FOX News 9-25

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