Matt Lauer's Sanitation Gig
Matt Lauer's Sanitation Gig
Matt Lauer's Sanitation Gig. It's a dirty job but a disgraced reporter's gotta do it.

Funny David before a Gig

David before a Gig

Funny Joan Rivers' Standup Gig in Heaven

Joan Rivers' Standup Gig in Heaven
She went too soon, but God has the last laugh.
Member reactions:
Clean work, but somehow she looks not as herself. Probably due to the round face here and different hairstyle
Yet I didn't do anything to her face except open her eyes a bit. I did a lot of work on the hair and body. THANKS.
Not sure why, it could be the angle from which the source photo was taken. She had a narrow pointy jawline and chin, but here it feels wide and rounded, which makes the whole face look rounded. I did not mean to belittle your work, Icy, it's a quality chop, I just commented on the likeness to Joan
Oh, I wasn't upset, didn't feel you were mean, etc. I'm just realizing that this is how her face was when she was smiling or maybe I chose a source picture from a time when she carried more weight. I DID reduce her figure - it was wide. It could be the photographer's angle or some other manipulation he/she did. I have to backtrack a bit, too -- I did narrow her nose and did something to her nostril, not sure what. But I didn't widen her face. THANKS for making me think through the process; makes me better at chopping.

Funny Wonder Woman At Walmart Gig

Wonder Woman At Walmart Gig

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