Lame Christmas Gift
Lame Christmas Gift
Lame Christmas Gift. Member reactions:
Thank you Pcr, Hitspinner. Everything made from different sources
TY. Finally got a chance to drop in. Lake Isabella, though beautiful, is a bit back in the stone age... still. Should have Internet within a few months.
Thanks Rajeshtar, Hit glad everything is fine and hope to see more of your stunning works.
Bronze congrats, Lady Sunshin3. Welcome back.
Very nice-missed the vote. Congratulations.
Good one Sunshin, congrats..... On the third day of xmas, shouldn't she get 3 toilet paper rolls....we'll just assume there's one mega roll in the bag, heheh.
Bronze congrats Sunshin3 . . . nice to see you again Beautiful work nice touch with the trees through the window
Thanks Pcr, Geri, Funk I thought in the bag could be 4 more that's why I said are 6 but it could be too easily just one mega, Qtr thank you so much
Bronze congrats, Sun. Love your creativity.
Thank you so much Ricky, DD, Newsy your appreciations mean a lot for me.
cool work sunny congrats on the bronze ..

Funny Beyonce's Birthday Gift to Barack Obama

Beyonce's Birthday Gift to Barack Obama
Obama celebrates birthday with celebrities
Member reactions:
That's what I got for my 50th too. Great chop
this must be the chopper of must stay up all night watching tonight show and conan to get your material, and sleep during the day....I guess thats what happens in retirement
Nice work . . .nice detail as always . . .
Thanks, everyone. fall asleep too early to watch Leno and I'm not a big Conan fan (used to be, but no more).
congrats on the win ( not Conan fan ) Paul
Thanks, Mr. S. Conan got the shaft when he lost his time slot and it's just not the same. His best work is the short films he does.
Obama is such a lucky guy. Great work, congrats on the bronze.
Very cleverly done. The cream goatee made me laugh. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Nice I wish I was jay-z he gets to have her All he wants
picasso18...just become a rapper.

Funny The Perfect Father's Day Gift

The Perfect Father's Day Gift
Father's Day: A Real Holiday or Just a Retail Holiday.

Funny Putin Clown Gift For Barack Obama

Putin Clown Gift For Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Sunshin3, Kellie, Blooddiamond, Sassyfras, XtraBaSeHitZ, Cmond7o3, marin. thanx a lot..
WoooooW excellent work here
Well, this took me by surprise. The composition is just GENIUS. Freaking LOVE IT.
AAAAAAAAawesome man. My God. It's so beautiful and effective. Congrats.
Incredible use of the source pic, a winner for sure
congrats on a well deserved gold. ...who in the *bleep* voted a 2 and what in the *bleep* were they smoking..
man .. that's really crazy work awesome details here .. what an crazy idea too . Big congrats on the gold and keep up top works brother
thanx all for your generous votes and comments, marin : I guess it's Putin
Totally awesome work. Congrats on the gold Salis..
9.5 and 9favs.. Could be the picture of the year. well done mr Creative.
Beauty of a chop Salis.. congrats on the gold mate..
thanx sun and X-mate, jere my man, thanx Buddy, is't that something or what..
Congrats on the win, Salis. 9.5 has to be one of our highest scores ever on the site.

Funny Obama Gifts to the Pope

Obama Gifts to the Pope
Known for his thoughtless gifts to Heads Of State, Obama continues the trend with the Pope. For those who don't know, all of the items the Pope is holding (not counting the Marlboros) are sold on "Infomercials" on television in the United States.
Member reactions:
That last gift is freaking hilarious. and the look at the priest's face in the background is priceless
Thanks, Newsy...are you familiar with the other "gifts." Can you interpret what's written on the carton of Marlboro.
Luv the Snuggie....... stupidest thing ever, but they sell.
Thanks, DD...yeah, now they even have them for dogs.
Familiar with all of them Who haven't heard of Sham or Kaboom cleaner. The Marlboro pack has a text in Bulgarian or Polish. It says smoking may lead to cardio-vascular diseases and cancer
Thanks, Preemie...Thanks, Newsy...didn't know these products were known worldwide. Thanks for the translation.
congrats on the bronze pcrdds...excellent job.
You have a Snuggie, don't you. Congrads bud. I was nippin at your heels.
Thanks, Ibou...thanks blooddiamond...Yeah, DD, you sure were nippin' at my heels. Sorry, no Snuggie here...but do have Kaboom, Oxyclean and Ginsu knives.
Congrats mate, a funny and well done image.
Lol, that's so funny. Congrats on the bronze
Bronze congrats, pcrdds. As a bonus, you get a special price on Sham if you call withing the next 30 minutes. Operators are standing by.
Thanks musicalnote, Mark, RW, Sunshin3 and Newsy. Darn, I missed the calling deadline. No Sham for me. Lucky for me, we've got an "As Seen On TV Store" nearby. Really.

Funny Tool Box Gift

Tool Box Gift

Funny Obama Launching a Gift For Aliens

Obama Launching a Gift For Aliens
it's need full size ...if you have time
Member reactions:
ok I see it in full view but except the face (ok half a face) of liberty statue I didn't see to much of our character ...and what Obama got to do it in this case. Sorry but I don't understand.
crisclod : did you saw it in full size .. roadrunner : ok it's obama send a fake statu for aliens and inside it hugh house ... also you can see the alien open the gift
I like the top half, even if it's pretty bizarre (aliens flying in a Star Trek ship.), but I don't get why Obama's in this one either.
Technically speaking a fantastic composition by inself. However, since this is the Hugh Laurie contest, I wish Hugh took bigger part of the composition.
Kratos... This is pretty epic. Newsie is right but I see lots and lots of work. People should have been considerate of that and voted higher in spite of the Hugh taking secondary position. Great Job, many hours in this one. I thought it might have been Rainman
Thanx for all ... I don't know what to say ... but it's just a spend free time with 6 hour working I tried to do the down of design like rainman style and up of design it's my fav style thanx for great comments

Funny Man Bringing a Gift

Man Bringing a Gift

Funny Coffin Christmas Gift for Grandma

Coffin Christmas Gift for Grandma
...hope you can use it soon.

Funny One Free French Fry McDonald's Gift Card

One Free French Fry McDonald's Gift Card
Member reactions:
Mind you don't get caught in the stampede.

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