...one giant leap...
...one giant leap...
...one giant leap....

Funny Giant Giraffe bombing

Giant Giraffe bombing

Funny Giant seal

Giant seal
Member reactions:
Swimmers and Sunbathers, Pree Nice chopping, Hidden.
Pree, at that size, he eats anything he wants Great chop.

Funny Dog Giant

Dog Giant
Member reactions:
I honestly thought this would win. Again, your depth of field is deep.
I thought this would win too. Totally excellent. Congrats

Funny Fox giant

Fox giant
Member reactions:
Great Work, Hidreley. Congrats on the Bronze Cup. Good to see you back.
Grats hidreley, this has a powerful depth of field.
Jeepers Hidreley, what happened. You dropped 114 Karma. This is excellent, better than that, even. Congrats on the bronze and wood.
Good one Hidreley, is that a kind of tilt-shift effect . Looking good .
Hitspinner i do not know what happened to my karma, I voted as always. I need to recover.
Thank you all for the congratulations. I am very happy.
hidreley congratsss.. This has such a nice feeling
Great looking piece. Congrats on the BRONZE.

Funny Giant Camels of Giza

Giant Camels of Giza

Funny Giant Black Cat

Giant Black Cat
Member reactions:
Great execution and idea. Reflection in the floor gives it believability


Member reactions:
3rd to 1st to 30th then a bobble between 6th to 12th. Wish I knew wether it's because it is a lizard, or because they thought it's bad. That was one heck of a carnival ride. Lol I made it as REALISTIC as possible.
Ok I admit it, gave it a 7 only because it was a lizard. It most definitely was not bad, but also wasn't a mammal. Didn't give any non-mammal above 7 which was a mistake, because the (mammal) rule has since disappeared.
Interesting how he almost seems camouflaged sharing the same colour scheme as the buildings 😎
Champ, thanks for stepping up and saying something, takes balls. I didn't expect to do well once it was brought to my attention I messed up. If rules are not enforced, then they're pointless and I had no complaint had it been DQ'd and it should have been, simple as that. The fact that the rules changed has me concerned for future contests.
I wasn't sure PS if that was a good move or not, had several backgrounds but this one grabbed me.
Ha, thanks EDUENROJAS for the only 10 awarded in the contest. Lol. Sweet revenge. Lol
That's it spinner, I was going to give it fur and ears.
Thank's mrassad, nice showing on your part.

Funny Giant Gorilla

Giant Gorilla

Funny Howard Stern Gentle Giant

Howard Stern Gentle Giant
Member reactions:
Preemium chop.. Awesome idea, Christmas lights are the perfect touch.

Funny Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants
The owners of a giant rabbit named Simon who was found dead after a United Airlines flight demanded that the airline pay damages, order an outside investigation and re-evaluate how it handles animals on flights. Attorneys for Simon's owners, who purchased him in hopes of winning the title of world's largest rabbit at the Iowa State Fair this summer, said they would take legal action if United failed to respond within a reasonable time. How many more giant animals are out there? Create REALISTIC images of oversized animals - no sea creatures or insects For more background on the oversized bunny and potential lawsuit against United Visit This Story

Funny Giant Bugs

Giant Bugs
More news from paleontology this week. Scientists discovered a fossilized part of the biggest bug ever known - the ancient sea scorpion was 8 feet long and lived over 360 million years ago. This discovery suggests that spiders, bugs, crabs, and similar creatures were much larger in the past than their present day relatives. Photoshop giant insects any way you like. Some examples are: photo hoaxes of large bugs (e.g. a boy holding a huge dragonfly in his hands), giant insects in old paintings, human sized bugs living human lives (doing jobs, walking next to people, etc.).

Funny Giant Squid

Giant Squid
The live giant squid was caught on camera for the first time and its pictures are the most searched thing on the internet now. The giant squid lost one of his tentacles when it was fighting with spears. What a coincidence. K-Fed almost lost his testicles when he was fighting with Spears. In this contest you are asked to photoshop giant squid in any way you like. Provide evidence of giant squid existence in the current days and in the past. Paintings, magazine covers, news paper articles or giant squid photos are good examples of entries.

Funny Giant Fruits and Vegetables

Giant Fruits and Vegetables
Create any giant fruit or vegetable. Make your images as realistic as possible. Take your time blending your new monster vegetables and fruits into everyday scenes.

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