At His Giant Donut Factory
At His Giant Donut Factory
At His Giant Donut Factory. Member reactions:
If there is a taster's mine.
How many times times Kim Jong Un asked: DONUT disturb him. Excellent work, Hidden.
congrats mr P. i like the smearwork on his face and the punchline. well done.
Hahahaha I was going to do one about donuts too Great minds do think alike. Nice one Doc. Congrats on the Bronzie
Thanks, everyone. Had a lot of fun with this one, but it made me crave DONUTS.

Funny New York giants

New York giants
Member reactions:
Liked it. Good idea, infact there should be one statue like this.
Excellent show off of the tallest athelete of USA. Good work using the building and the Man like it

Funny Building A Giant Robot

Building A Giant Robot
Member reactions:
Fantastical. ... Excellent imagination and execution.
Yes yes, love this masterpiece.. Got a Homer Simpson look
Very nice. Love how you put the people working on it.
. This looks amazing in this condition also..
Thanks, toledo, Bob, Mr. Black and Andrew.
... I had no idea this was yours Doc, definitely one of your best.

Funny Giant tomato

Giant tomato
Surely feed the whole farm.
Member reactions:
GMO's. Now where's the ladder. Kewl Idea.
Suggestive image. Who can help cows coming down .
Very Good Work Hidreley. Still looking for the ladder (or just top backside) they used to get up there on.
Yep, what NM said X2. Really nicely crafted
Hehehehe, cows rose behind SplatShot
I love it too, very pleasing composition..

Funny Hillary Stalked By A Giant Squirrel

Hillary Stalked By A Giant Squirrel
A Republican intern in a giant squirrel costume has been following Hillary Clinton on her book tour
Member reactions:
Caricature is ultra smooth and background work is genius, simply lovely and crisp
Awesome political satire. An intern dressed as a giant squirrel was following Hillary.... you better thank that intern he did not dress up as a giant beaver, this would give plenty of room for interpretations
Well done Doc. Pretty goofy news Congrats

Funny Giant girl playing

Giant girl playing
Member reactions:
Beautiful asnd creative. It almost looks like a Rockwell. - Great work.
Thanks a lot dear friends, his words are like a trophy to me.

Funny Woman Finds A Giant Snake in Bathroom

Woman Finds A Giant Snake in Bathroom
A woman finds a 12-foot snake in her bathroom.
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha, the toilet paper roll holder made me laugh laud.
who is that beautiful women .
She's some kind of babe, isn't she, preemiememe.
Well done, you scored a fourfecta. Congrats on the gold. Great chop full of fun
congrats...... ,, sooo odd to click on the page and there I am sitting on the throne.
Excellent. I missed the vote but, '10' looks like the number I'd choose. Preemiememe looks great.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Part of the winnings go to Pree (model fee).
Thanks, Newsy. Pree models for me for free. HA.
Pdjyang, Howard Stern is all over this chop, because preemiememe is his big fan.
Congrats on the quadruple winnings Paul. Still love ya style.

Funny Meeting of giants

Meeting of giants

Funny Giant

Member reactions:
Way cool and way well done. Congrats on the cup
Very happy.. Thank you my friends.
Congrats, hidreley. Did you find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Funny Ancient Roman Giant Found

Ancient Roman Giant Found
Ancient Roman Giant Found
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. Might pass as a hoax. Love it
I reckon this will end up being passed off as real eventually out there in web-world
thanks I was hopin it would end up on Ancient Aliens next season :o)
It is a very cool, realistic presentation

Funny Giant African Land Snail

Giant African Land Snail
Photoshop the photo of this Giant African land snail any way you wish. These snail species are the biggest in the world, growing up to 30 centimeters (11.8 in) in length. They are native to West Africa (the coasts of Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Togo, and Nigeria) and are considered a serious pest since they can eat and destroy crops and ecosystems due to substantial quantities of plant food they consume daily. Giant African land snails eat pretty much anything that's in their path and green. Each snail lays about 1200 eggs a year, so even several such snails can populate and destroy large ecosystems within months. Snails are hermaphrodites, thus even one snail can produce a whole snail colony when there's enough plant food nearby. Africans consider their meat a local delicacy. Some people like to keep these giant snails as pets too due to their exotic size. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News.

Funny Giant Bugs

Giant Bugs
More news from paleontology this week. Scientists discovered a fossilized part of the biggest bug ever known - the ancient sea scorpion was 8 feet long and lived over 360 million years ago. This discovery suggests that spiders, bugs, crabs, and similar creatures were much larger in the past than their present day relatives. Photoshop giant insects any way you like. Some examples are: photo hoaxes of large bugs (e.g. a boy holding a huge dragonfly in his hands), giant insects in old paintings, human sized bugs living human lives (doing jobs, walking next to people, etc.).

Funny Giant Squid

Giant Squid
The live giant squid was caught on camera for the first time and its pictures are the most searched thing on the internet now. The giant squid lost one of his tentacles when it was fighting with spears. What a coincidence. K-Fed almost lost his testicles when he was fighting with Spears. In this contest you are asked to photoshop giant squid in any way you like. Provide evidence of giant squid existence in the current days and in the past. Paintings, magazine covers, news paper articles or giant squid photos are good examples of entries.

Funny Giant Fruits and Vegetables

Giant Fruits and Vegetables
Create any giant fruit or vegetable. Make your images as realistic as possible. Take your time blending your new monster vegetables and fruits into everyday scenes.

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