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Funny Giant Pictures

Meeting of giantsFunny Meeting of giants
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GiantFunny Giant
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Way cool and way well done. Congrats on the cup
Congrats, hidreley. Did you find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Ancient Roman Giant FoundFunny Ancient Roman Giant Found
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Ancient Roman Giant Found
Looks totally real. Might pass as a hoax. Love it
I reckon this will end up being passed off as real eventually out there in web-world
thanks I was hopin it would end up on Ancient Aliens next season :o)
It is a very cool, realistic presentation

Cat giantFunny Cat giant
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Giant shoppingFunny Giant shopping
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Nice visual.... looks great as a giant

Giant Snail Invades The White HouseFunny Giant Snail Invades The White House
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Awesome snail work. The hands are creeping me out. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Giant Snail InvasionFunny Giant Snail Invasion
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Florida battles invasive giant snails
got remember the event "snails on the road..." well composed the giant snails making people scary good one like the news link
Quality and crisp chop nice head and skin of her and Huge Snail is very well placed on the road with managed shadows Good work

Giant Crabs Invade Chesapeake BayFunny Giant Crabs Invade Chesapeake Bay
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Giant Crabs found in Chesapeake Bay
Hahaha so cool. Reminds me of that old 50s SiFi flick about giant, telepathic crabs that scared the poopys out of me.
"HA. Run for cover-it's a Crab invasion." Funny chop.
Great work on the crabs and the people on/in them. The people in the foreground deminish the chop somewhat imo.
I love to eat Crabs..... but this Giant one is really tasty.... good chop and nice composition of crabs picking up people fantastic job done
Quality work in placement of these scared running ppl
Do you freaking sleep, Doc. hahahahah what is this... #4.
Thanks, Tim. In fact, I sleep a lot. I "sleep chop." .

Giant washed ashore British CoastFunny Giant washed ashore British Coast
Member reactions:

El Niņo to blame.
This is historical Idea, good thought could be real I guess

Ban On Giant Sodas OverturnedFunny Ban On Giant Sodas Overturned
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Mayor Bloomberg's ban on giant sodas overturned by Judge Seems like Ellen DeGeneres is happy about this as a sad Mayor Bloomberg looks on.
Great composition,a work of art, masterpiece, concerto to the eyes.
ahahahahahaha, my friend, your work is always more fun, i can tell you the graphics.. is always perfect .... you always know compose gag absolutely perfect in the great satirical fantasy, you may make a small book with all your best skits .... still we always have fun "hidden".
Out of the box, cool body Vs Head work Love it
paul my friend your job is fantastic, much many toooo congrats for your wood cup
Congrats on the Wood. Would have probably gotten the Gold if your drink (in the cup) didn't defy gravity (ha).

Giant BugsFunny Giant Bugs - More news from paleontology this week. Scientists discovered a fossilized part of the biggest bug ever known - the ancient sea scorpion was 8 feet long and lived over 360 million years ago. This discovery suggests that spiders, bugs, crabs, and similar creatures were much larger in the past than their present day relatives. Photoshop giant insects any way you like. Some examples are: photo hoaxes of large bugs (e.g. a boy holding a huge dragonfly in his hands), giant insects in old paintings, human sized bugs living human lives (doing jobs, walking next to people, etc.).

Giant SquidFunny Giant Squid - The live giant squid was caught on camera for the first time and its pictures are the most searched thing on the internet now. The giant squid lost one of his tentacles when it was fighting with spears. What a coincidence. K-Fed almost lost his testicles when he was fighting with Spears. In this contest you are asked to photoshop giant squid in any way you like. Provide evidence of giant squid existence in the current days and in the past. Paintings, magazine covers, news paper articles or giant squid photos are good examples of entries.

Giant Fruits and VegetablesFunny Giant Fruits and Vegetables - Create any giant fruit or vegetable. Make your images as realistic as possible. Take your time blending your new monster vegetables and fruits into everyday scenes.

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