Ghoul With the Dragon Tattoo
Ghoul With the Dragon Tattoo
Ghoul With the Dragon Tattoo. Member reactions:
I can see the Ghostly face not the dragon tattoo but good chop well designed
There is no dragon tattoo -- just the ghouls in the positions the stars of the movie were in.

Funny Ghoul With A Pearl Earring

Ghoul With A Pearl Earring
Member reactions:
FN: congrats for a well chosen contest. Its useless to comment on each & all 20 excellent entries... And tough on voters who'll find it MOST difficult to score. ps. "Ghoul..." sorry for using your space for this comment
Awesome. I'll never see this picture again without thinking of this.
Just one small tip: The title should say earring (double R)
Absolutely stunning chop my favourite of this comp.
Congrats KIR Nice artistic FX to bring it all together.
Congrats KIR, interesting textures & good use of source pics.
Thanks all. Very honored to be between two FN greats.
KIR is back - what a comeback chop. Congratulations, mate.

Funny Ghoul Mona Lisa

Ghoul Mona Lisa
Ghoula Lisa
Member reactions:
now she's the moaning lisa. I know bad pun but hey someone had to say it.

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