Barack Obama Back to the Ghetto
Barack Obama Back to the Ghetto
Barack Obama Back to the Ghetto. please view... fool (+14 PIX 2GETHER)
Member reactions:
Very Good Expression, and the face is too good with a Large Chain studded neck is a freaky one
. Nice Costume Selection, obama looks stunning
Good job with nice effects and very well merged.

Funny Man with Huge Ghetto Blaster

Man with Huge Ghetto Blaster
My JVC can bust the concrete.
Member reactions:
It's like where's Waldo. Had to look for him, but there he is. great job.

Funny Ghetto Fabulous Homeless Man

Ghetto Fabulous Homeless Man
Member reactions:
Seattle does have a certain flavor to it and you captured it perfectly. Good luck.
Conngrats MatthewLynn I thought they all dance in- the streets on sunny days in Seattle...
Hahaha thanks AZ... I've seen my fair share of bums dancing around here. Mostly just hound you for change though.
"Local Boy Makes Good at FN...Congratulations." I think this image has circulated Seattle by now.
Fantastic chop. I'd try improving it further by changing the ciggy for cigar and adding some shadows from the hand onto the whiskey bottle
Great chop. Nice use of sources, Congrats.
Taking pictures at pike place again. congrads

Funny Ghetto Superbad

Ghetto Superbad
this was fun to do
Member reactions:
congrats on the wood vipez. I thought you would do better. I love your chop.
Da boys in da hood. Woody for bad boy vipez. Way to go, bro.

Funny GroundHoG Ghetto

GroundHoG Ghetto
Dem Hogs aint got no chance in deez streetz.
Member reactions:
I really like this job.
Nice image... I don't like what he's doing tho... congrats on the wood.

Funny Street Inteview in the Ghetto

Street Inteview in the Ghetto
Member reactions:
The tripod , photographer and the big kid need some shadows. Otherwise great work
Wood for SF too, congratulations, again - almost trifecta.

Funny Bird in the Ghetto

Bird in the Ghetto
Its hard being a Bird on da Streetz yo. SOURCES

Funny Schindlers Liste -Twice the Ghetto

Schindlers Liste -Twice the Ghetto

Funny Jaws in the Ghetto

Jaws in the Ghetto
Just when you thought it was safe to dance in the streets...
Member reactions:
Forced inland because of the oil spill, encouraged by the spacious sewer systems, unhinderd by the weakening and aged streets. Bump Bump...Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bump Bum... Can an overqualified high school professor in biology, and two street savy drop-out gang members with hearts of gold (and the bling to match) hope to defeat one of natures' deadliest predators on THEIR turf. You bet your $$. J A W S .
Jaws in da hood. Cool Training Day (2001) is considered one of the most sucessful ghetto movies of all time. The flick grossed $105,000,000 worldwide, and stayed in top 10 box office position for 7 weeks. Besides being a financial success, the film gathered glowing praise from the critics, Denzel Washington won the Academy Award for Best Actor, and Ethan Hawke was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Ghetto legends Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg took pride in taking part in Training Day. Take any movie and photoshop it into a ghetto/hood/gangsta movie.

Funny Ghetto

Photoshop this ghetto image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: changing the weather in the image, placing the man on the chair into some new environment; putting people, ghosts, or objects in this ghetto image. Many thanks to Linden Laserna and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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