Luck Of The Germans
Luck Of The Germans
Luck Of The Germans. Not just for the Irish anymore :}. Member reactions:
Nice thinking but irish theme is a bit confusing me.
It was supposed to be a play on words.Based on coming in 5th no one else got it either.I added all german elements in the chop.The leprechaun theme was used just to depict the luck of the Germans winning the World Cup.Anyways,I didn't take my meds so
Good looking POT of Gold.. Great Job andwhat..
Top5Gratz Andwhat. Yep..your right. Beyond the skill ability and dedication, it does take some luck to avoid the mishaps and WIN a sporting event of the World Cup magnitude.

Funny the rolling stones German

the rolling stones German
mick jagger in brazil. Member reactions:
XLNT. Probably Gold. One RX though: select and horizontal flip the number 13.
Very colorful and nice caricature work ... I remember Newsmaster mentioning this in one of your previous chops, regarding the size of the two heads ... Jagger is positioned slightly behind Travolta, yet his head is so much bigger. Positioned the way they are, John's head would be slightly larger than Mick's. Also, I think it would make your overall image stronger if you were to pair two people who are more commonly seen together. It's still a nice looking chop and will probably win a cup.
Pacovilla and QTR have excellent suggestions. Technically it's a great chop, but composition wise it makes us wonder, why are these two people shown together. (as QTR rightly said)I would suggest keeping the original heads here (two German footballers, caricaturized or not), this would make this chop much stronger than just choosing two random celebrities who have no connection to soccer
I dunno. Jagger has one big noggin. This could be to scale.
Unfortunately they are both completely unrecognizable.
, thank you very much for your support, friends. are right in every detail. I thought to edit this work, to make sense of the picture, but I have not guardodo the process. I will try to do something right now to make sense. thank you very much
I have edited some details. Now if they have to see the characters. I would have liked sujerido do everything, but I have the process. thank you very much, for your friends advice.
Technically perfect. Sometimes hard to understand if there is a story behind.
Was never any doubt, great job, Elegary. Congrats
Yea, not any doubt, critiqued all the way to the gold Congratulations Elegary.
I don't know what to do with the contest theme; but it's a funny picture anyway... CONGRATS on GOLD
, thanks you very much, friends

Funny German Style

German Style
Do it German Style. Member reactions:
Nice work,but shouldn't there be shadows .
Excellent work andwhat about shadows (excuse me for the joke)
No shadows needed they are jump and it has a smoke overlay thank you I work on those shadows
CONGRATS Winning the Bronze WahPic.. Very nice.

Funny German Witch

German Witch
Which idiot told that it is obliged to come in sunday best. Member reactions:
The best at its best... Witch is now united with the family Welcome home Excellent background used
Very very thanks rajeshstar

Funny Germans Blow Off Steam!

Germans Blow Off Steam!
NOTE: Bruce Willis was born in Germany.Germans blow off steam with swearing hotline. Member reactions:
This is a really hotline like the fire near his ears and his stud on the nose
Superb. Nice message not to use the phone for a longer time otherwise the result would be like this
ha ha ha look at him I like the msg out there...some one hates his lady
Great chop d-dog ... the infamous snot bubble ... Congrats on the Bronze.



Funny German President Resigns

German President Resigns
German President resigns ____________Sources . Member reactions:
Would love to see your sources, but it seems like the link is broken. Should be know who the man at the typewriter is.
the man at the typewriter is a simple man, not important, he just writes the resign letterthnx anyway =)
It is 'resignation letter' for the record. Good work-high marks.
Christian Wulff Resigns, excellent work with the source images great effects created through lighting thunders and typing his resignation
Shame to see this not place.Tough competition.. great chop.
thnx all =) Toledoeagle...that's not a problem =) i'll try to win next time

Funny World War 1 Unknown German Soldier

World War 1 Unknown German Soldier
this my works are ispirated from the wonderfuls works of funkwood: Image1 Image2 thank you funkwood for the inspiration -Edited by Moderator on 7/4/2011 4:58:59 PM-Edited by Moderator on 7/4/2011 4:59:35 PM
... on the other hand what is really ORIGINAL today. EVERYTHING has already been done before and our chops are all based on existing images. But you're ALWAYS the number one, my friend: your touch is unmistakable
... thanks roby you are always "my faithful friend ".... i thank you especially because you always manage to identify ... means that you know me very well. although sometimes i try to do something different you always know me i love you my friend ... "always so hetero ... ual" heheheheheascoltatrascrizione fonetica
appoggio ragazzi , tutto e già stato fatto , chiaramente il lavoro fatto da te e stupendo , e quello del grande maestro e stata una grande fonte di ispirazione , come un grande pittore segue sempre la corrente d'arte che preferisce , ripeto fantastico lavoro. grande significato , per paesi come il nostro che ancora ne trasporta , il ricordo , atroce. questa "è arte vera e ben fatta" buona fortuna. support of friends, everything already been done, clearly the work done by you and gorgeous, and that of the great teacher and was a great source of inspiration as a great painter follows the current art they prefer, again great job. great significance for countries like ours who still carries the memory, atrocious. this "true art is well done and" good luck.
psmandrake, questo è certamente uno dei più bei commenti e complimenti che abbia mai ricevuto da quando sono quì su freakingnews, ti ringrazio, con roberto è un discorso che abbiamo fatto innumerevoli volte negli anni... e ben sappiamo che una volta mischiati i vari componenti anche di uno stesso lavoro, quello non è più lo stesso ma "un'altro".... io poi per comporre i miei lavori anche se a volte posso ispirarmi a qualcuno uso sempre non meno di 15-30 immagini diverse miscelate fra di loro ed ulteriormente cambiate nei colori luci ed ombre...... quindi ne nasce sempre un lavoro originale ed unico nel suo genere. grazie ancora a roberto pixjockey ed a psmandrake..... thank you guys............. ------------------------------------------psmandrake, this is certainly one of the most beautiful comments and compliments i ever received since i freakingnews of here, thank you, and robert is a discourse that we have done countless times over the years ... and we know that once mixed with the various components which are of the same work, that is no longer the same, but "another ".... i then compose my work even though sometimes i can inspire someone i always use at least 15-30 different images mixed with each other and further change in color lights and shadows ...... so it is always born an original and unique. thanks again to roberto and pixjockey psmandrake ..... thank you guys .............
Ahaaa... not "World War"; but " War"...GOOD LUCK, my friend, NOBODY in this contest can take you a DESERVED cup
yes geriatric... you're right, but i have translate from italian, (prima guerra mondiale)... "first world war".... bye friend
thank you rajeshstar... you are too good whit me
thank you know how i did it.. with about 25 pieces made ​​from about 20 different pictures and many hours of work and infinite patience my friend, in my next work i'll show you the source images that i use for my work. bye friend
ed infine voglio ringraziare con moltissimo affetto il mio amato amico roby-pixjockey che mi dà sempre il suo supporto morale... grazie davvero amico mio del tuo appoggio incondizionato... sei grande... e mi manchi davvero.... anche se ci sentiamo spesso quì su freakingnews.... grazie amico mio di essere sempre al mio fianco.... bye robbertuzzolo.... ciao amico mio....... ---------------------------------------------and finally with great affection i want to thank my beloved friend roby-pixjockey i always give her moral support ... thank you very much my friend for your unconditional support ... you're great ... and i really miss you .... although we often hear of freakingnews here .... thanks my friend always be by my side .... robbertuzzolo bye .... hello my friend .......
Bronze congrats, Riccardo. Depressing, but great job.
Dai, Ricky, che un bel bronzino te lo sei portato a casa pure tu CONGRATS on bronze, my friend.
P.Sss.. for me you're ALWAYS the BEST(ia)...
Congrats on the bronze Ricky, great works... I love your style
thank you at all my friends...pcrddsboulpixjoaonnebraskathomasrajieshstarhemantbalodijageriatricpsmandrakegeriatricand even at that beautiful and chubby kid who comes from switzerland .. and eat lots of chocolate ... robertino pixjockey rizzato ,just does not like chocolate ... but he likes to spread it on the girls before eating ... the girls are his "bread".. heeheheeehheeheehe ......................--------------------------------------------ed anche a quel bellissimo e paffutello ragazzino che viene dalla svizzera.. e mangia tantissima cioccolata... robertino-pixjockey.rizzato... non gli piace solo la cioccolata... ma gli piace spalmarla sulle ragazze prima di mangiarla... le ragazze sono il suo "pane" .... heeheheeehheeheehe......................---------------------------------------------
comunque roby, hanno vinto due bellissimi lavori, meritavano entrambi l'oro... niente da dire... però anch'io pensavo di meritarmelo... ma non importa, gloria ai vincitori se sono così bravi come salis... se la meritano... ----------------------------------------roby, however, have won two beautiful works, both deserved the gold ... nothing to say ... but i thought i deserve it ... but no matter, glory to the winners if they are as good as salis ... they deserve it ... ----------------------------------------
Congratulations. Translation accepted and thanks for explaining the reasoning behind the wording. I have an American WWI bayonet that looks like the one you used which was apropos.
YEAH. Salis & Co. are really GREAT artists and they deserve ALWAYS every single cup. But you too, my FRIEND D'accordissimo con te: Salis e compagnia bella SI MERITANO sempre ogni singola coppa; ma anche tu però, AMICO mio.
as Pixjocky said , your work is amazing Ricky, I love the way you pop the colors in your pieces,the way you handle lights and shades, congrats on the win my friend..
Congrats on the bronze, Ricky. Another fine creation from you.
Congrats Rickytrek1. Super excellent work.

Funny German Rice Beer

German Rice Beer
"Overall German beers are my favourite tipple when it comes to taste.". Member reactions:
Not a "rice" beer (though Reis means rice translated) - we call it "Kölsch" or, in English, "Cologne style beer". The term Kölsch comes from the city Köln = Cologne
"THNX Tom, we live and learn, I never thought of Cologne as a beer style, unless you mean it's flavour comes from that 4711 perfume they make there." .
Oh, I never drunk Koelsch - but I hope it's not tasting like 4711... ^^Here's some info about it.
Congrats again Wiz Great job at making a label that looks totally real.

Funny Margot German Minister

Margot German Minister
German Protestant Church elects first woman as its leader

Funny German Shepherd

German Shepherd
This Wednesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this German Shepherd image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - making this German Shepherd perform some stunts, designing a poster with this German Shepherd, putting the dog into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Erdogan Ergun and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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