Geriatric Park Movie
Geriatric Park Movie
Geriatric Park Movie. Member reactions:
VERY Clever...we "Baby Boomers" thank you.
Nice work, hidden ... Should'nt the"G" be as large as the "P" ...
Yes, it should - good eye. I could say I'm following in the footsteps of the Navaho Indians - alwasy include a knot or two in the weaving so as not to appear too perfect and anger the gods...
Ahh...finally a place where I can be at peace. zzzzzzz....
Excellent title work like the caption the most 65+ and so on good work on this
Cool morning walkers attraction, nice poster

Funny The Geriatric Snow Team

The Geriatric Snow Team
The best age for extreme winter sports is after retirement, when you have the time to study the kinkyest freezing air positions
Member reactions:
The stunts may require some 9 month arthritis treatment. Groovy chop

Funny Pacman Geriatric Edition Chasing Viagra Pills

Pacman Geriatric Edition Chasing Viagra Pills
Member reactions:
the dentures packman and viagra.
Does anybody remember the awe and excitement that was generated when 'Pong' first made its appearance in bowling alleys and bars. People were amazed. I think 'Pac-Man' and then 'Space Invaders' followed a year or three later. This was all before the invention of the home computer, except perhaps a few geeks putting together Heath Kits. I can remember things many moons ago, but now I turn around and forget what I was about to do. Something to look forward to, eh. Now what was I saying.

Funny Geriatric Monopoly Board Game

Geriatric Monopoly Board Game
Maybe it should be called monOLDpoly. monopoly main source medicine bottle bingo card casket monopoly man (still alive)
Member reactions:
Awesome, especially in full view. "the only game 1 out of 20 seniors remember."
Love it LoL

Funny Geriatric Boy

Geriatric Boy
Something to keep Grandpa busy so you don't have to listen to how his bad hip has really flared up this week.
Member reactions:
and i thought we had colour television now. what no mario....
It may only be 2" x 2", but its still "A really big show."

Funny Geriatric Mick Jagger on Stage

Geriatric Mick Jagger on Stage
Member reactions:
Use the News link format for ease of viewing.

Funny Spinter Cell Geriatric Edition

Spinter Cell Geriatric Edition

Funny Geriatric Barbie Doll

Geriatric Barbie Doll

Funny Geriatric


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