Gerbil and Llama Talking on Cell Phones
Gerbil and Llama Talking on Cell Phones
Gerbil and Llama Talking on Cell Phones. Check out his yin-yang.
Member reactions:
, Richard Gere, a Gerbil, and a llama all in one image, this one is gonna around the inet.
The gerbil is right behind Mr Gere all the way
My compliments to my French buddy apraxine for providing me the clever llama/lama idea. Oops, not so clever after all. The voters have spoken . . . again.
Thanks for the credit. On the other hand, maybe having a french buddy is not clever. Enfin, as long as we split the loot .

Funny Gerbil Powered

Gerbil Powered
For the environmentally of all, very little pollution.
Member reactions:
Hab-i-trails to you.. until we meet again...
the pellets on the ground really add a nice touch. kind of blurry though
I love the pelets, they definately add to the pic.

Funny Gerbil Surfing

Gerbil Surfing
ridin the tube (not tp)

Funny killer gerbils

killer gerbils
Member reactions:
this is just a random but really funny pic that exploits the fact that gerbils aren't so nice after all.

Funny gerbil


Funny Gerbil

Gerbil dropping acid.

Funny Gerbil Army

Gerbil Army
Member reactions:
i hope that animals wouldn't desire to be like humans so they could have guns, i think nature gave animals more sense than this
See were for much more then what MR.Gere thinks.

Funny Gerbil Stuffing Record

Gerbil Stuffing Record
Am I the first to sink to this level so quickly.
Member reactions:
Rumsfeld deserves worse than innuendo, but great job non the less.

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