Genie at the bottom of the Bottle
Genie at the bottom of the Bottle
Genie at the bottom of the Bottle.

Funny Genie of the Lamp

Genie of the Lamp
Member reactions:
The smoke coming from the lamp needs to be smoother... And look like it's coming from the lamp's spout...
Very nice, Bardy. Congrats on making Theme Post.

Funny Water Genie in a Bottle

Water Genie in a Bottle
Member reactions:
And for my last wish I wish for 3 more wishes.

Funny Barack Obama the Battery Operater Genie

Barack Obama the Battery Operater Genie
Go away
Member reactions:
Nice source
Kelli u pick the winners, and 6 is the best I can get from you So, this is what I do Sorry.
Heya Hohouse. You certainly picked me wrong, I have given you more than a 6 on many occasions, This is a good image but the work in the source is the outstanding part in this image

Funny Photoshop Genie Salis

Photoshop Genie Salis
Tributing My Friend-Salis2006 Sources Many Thanks to diamoneyes.deviantart for the Stock image
Member reactions:
Salis looks magical here seems he lost some weight too.
Big muscles... Heheheheheeh That is indeed a novelty for us artists that sit on our rumps all day playing with pictures hahahahha Great Job, my friend. Congrats on the cup
... what a great chop to honor a great Bla bla bla .. i really love what you did DOC .. thanks and congrats on the silver ... silvercanine.

Funny Robin Williams and the Genie From Aladdin

Robin Williams and the Genie From Aladdin
Member reactions:
Aah.... Now he has the control of a Jenie good one
This is of course, excellent. Congrats on the silver B3X

Funny Beth Stern the Genie

Beth Stern the Genie
Happy Birthday Beth Stern
Member reactions:
HA. Gee...I wonder who might have done this. .
I had too It brings me joy..
Woody congrats, Hidden Pree. . Love the "Howard Eyes" in the glass. Great job on the Genie smoke.
Congratulations for the Woody, Premie.. Outstanding work, one of the best..
Yepppers this was a Preemiememe chop, no mistaking it Definitely a premium chop too Woody congrats
Thanksss...I had to add the crab ..

Funny Barack Obama the Genie of the Lamp

Barack Obama the Genie of the Lamp
Thanks for your feedback
Member reactions:
Truly impressive what you did to the source photo. Add slight shadows from the kids onto the chairs and it'll be perfect.
Funny one. I agree with hitspinner, addin shadows will carry you near the top.
, the bronze for Elegary too, triple congrats.

Funny Microsoft Genie Satya Nadella

Microsoft Genie Satya Nadella
... but now I recommend you to open the Windows...
Member reactions:
The new CEO sure feels elevated. I hope it's the fumes and not the farts that elevate him. Great satire here.
Great Ballmer's expression, but his left arm looks small
This is Hilarious... Higher in the sense not he alone... Company comes first Like his Turban and his pet
How'd you do that. You snuck ahead of me at the last second Congrats man, beautiful job.... That is a pretty dusty fart...

Funny Barack Obama's Genie

Barack Obama's Genie
Member reactions:
Excellent work. The dance instructor kinds reminds me Vin Diesel here too

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