Snail Generator Painting
Snail Generator Painting
Snail Generator Painting.

Funny Groundhog with a Generator

Groundhog with a Generator
With a garden veggie powered generator.
Member reactions:
Unfortunately, the dumb rodent forgot to turn it off at night and Farmer Brown now has another trophy hide nailed to the side of the woodshed.

Funny Power Generator on Mars 2120

Power Generator on Mars 2120
Original 6500 x 4317px 300 DPI

Funny Al Gore Power Generator

Al Gore Power Generator
Member reactions:
Al lights his home with his new invention that he sells to the government for $1,000,000. (and that's cheap for govt work)

Funny Hamster Powered Electrical Generator

Hamster Powered Electrical Generator
Another example of the chinese smartness (i think i've created that word). It reminds me "Men In Black"
Member reactions:
...That would have to be one BIG mouse. Cute idea.
nice idea, but the background should be black.
i hope the mouse doesn't get tired, otherwise we'll all be screwed
The mice are working 24/7 for you guys, so m,ake use of this power

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