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Funny Gene Pictures

Gene Wilder's FrankenfishFunny Gene Wilder's Frankenfish
Member reactions:

Piranha Returns Nice blend of scary face to it.... with sharp teeth

Gene Simmons' BulldogFunny Gene Simmons' Bulldog
Member reactions:

Lovely curley hair of the Dog.... Like the Mask on the face
One of the best chops in the contest. Wish it'd get a trophy too.

Gene Wilder Riding a magic Bike in the ForestFunny Gene Wilder Riding a magic Bike in the Forest
Member reactions:

Love the steam-roller wheels on this & its also very mystical ...
Gene. How awesomely random for him to show up.
This was a really cool chop you did Robinbobin , Congrats on the bronze ..

Gene Shalit MoustairFunny Gene Shalit Moustair
Member reactions:

Mona Lisa as Gene SimmonsFunny Mona Lisa as Gene Simmons
Member reactions:

the rock version of the Mona Lisa

Gene Simmons in ITFunny Gene Simmons in IT
Member reactions:

I like the way this looks . . . except there should be no second "S" after the apostrophe . . . just . . . Simmons'

Gene Hackman PaintingFunny Gene Hackman Painting
Member reactions:

Gene Hackman by RembrandtFunny Gene Hackman by Rembrandt
Member reactions:

Blended so well, I now begin to think Hackman and Rembrandt look similar.

Gene Simmons with Dog FaceFunny Gene Simmons with Dog Face
Member reactions:

This actually started out as a Pug but I had to stretch it(liquefy) to fit his long face and make it look more like a hound dog...
Excellent blend. It's would score higher if it followed the contest directions closer. )Basically it merged animal and human face in your entry)

Hugh  Hefner Gene Simmons and Kendra WilkinsonFunny Hugh Hefner Gene Simmons and Kendra Wilkinson
Member reactions:

Source Hugh Hefner (Nose/Head/Body) Gene Simmons (Lips) Kendra Wilkinson (Eyes)
He smiles cause he knows he looks pretty now

Gene SimmonsFunny Gene Simmons - Looks like Gene Simmons will have to go into hiding. Your mission is to photoshop how Gene will try to hide from public.

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