Shinzo Abe With a Geisha
Shinzo Abe With a Geisha
Shinzo Abe With a Geisha. Japanese and East Asian studies have called on Japan to accurately address its history of colonial rule and wartime actions, particularly the “comfort women
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Congrats, Jeremix. Another perfect picture.
You did capture the Japanese spirit here too. Top job.
Woody for Jere too. Shinzo sends his greetings.

Funny Poster of Obama as Geisha

Poster of Obama as Geisha
White House Hosts Abe
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Somehow he fits quite well I like how you did his "radioactive" eyes

Funny Jeb Bush as a Geisha

Jeb Bush as a Geisha
Member reactions:
On second thoughts his neck could be bigger on the right.

Funny Miley Syrus the Geisha

Miley Syrus the Geisha
oops I missed another one...... think she's turning Japanese, I really think so......
Member reactions:
Fabulous blending - looks like a real photo.

Funny Red Geisha

Red Geisha

Funny Modern Geisha

Modern Geisha
Click here for source picture.
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Beautiful job. How did you ever mask out that hair.
pcrdds: It was much easier to mask out the hair than you might think.
I hope you'll let us know how you did the hair masking.
It was pretty easy to mask out the hair. I placed the layer with the flowers above my picture and did set it to "multiply". Than I played around with the brightness and contrast. Now I only had to erase the parts of the flower picture that were too noticeable and that's the whole mystery.

Funny Marilyn Manson as a Geisha

Marilyn Manson as a Geisha

Funny Geisha Power Japanese Wonder Woman

Geisha Power Japanese Wonder Woman
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I see at least finding her G "string" won't be a problem
You mean gree string don't you hahahahahahaha
sid...awesome..tough crowd...awesome chops..
great chop sidKing .. congrats on the woody
Congrats on the Woody. (no pun intended) Nice chop.
Congrats on the wood, Sid. You had me guessing who the author is

Funny Memory of a Geisha

Memory of a Geisha

Funny Alberto Gonzales the Geisha

Alberto Gonzales the Geisha
Reassigned to Tokyo's House of Pleasures. source
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Just another great entry, how do you do it.
Hohouse, using multiple layers and layer options is a key fundamental in most my chops. Smudge tool and dodge/burn tool I make use of a lot too.
Superb blending. Now I know whom else Alberto Gonzales reminds me - a Japanese Sumo wrestler.
Congat's Rainmaker, pretty image.. Junka
, thanks for all the comments...I appreciate it
Thanks I'm still learning and with me it takes a long time, but I'm from learning the masters at freaking news, you guys and gals are good.

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