Geico Caveman Money
Geico Caveman Money
Geico Caveman Money. GEICO--So easy even a GERMAN Caveman can do it. (No offense intended).
Member reactions:
Nice idea to put the Cave Man forehead to the face of the currency... its a perfect match
What I like best about this one is even the clothes match. Very good merge. Love it.

Funny Geico Swamp Wars

Geico Swamp Wars
Member reactions:
Now we're talking. great elements, hidden.Pay a we bit more attention to shadow fall so as to ground the necessary figures
Yep, clean neat work...I agree with Hitspinner..Shadows are essential to ground them...There is a pluggin that does good shadows called eye candy... Give me a yell if you cant find a free version of it...
Out of the box.. crazy frog and tricky stunts

Funny Geico Gecko Astronaut and Aflac Duck

Geico Gecko Astronaut and Aflac Duck
There's a little insurance company mascot jealousy at play here...
Member reactions:
Dont know whether it is correct to use birds in this contest instead of animals .. but nice chop ..
Very cute... but the Space suit makes him bigger then ever good one
Suni--Last time I checked, birds ARE animals. So are Geckos.
Very interesting and clean work for little insurance company

Funny Edgar Degas Geico Advert

Edgar Degas Geico Advert
Could switching to Geico, really save you 15% or more on carriage insurance.
Member reactions:
Just a thought: If you moved the mascot elsewhere, and flopped the guy and positioned him next to the wheel as if he was trying to fix it . . .

Funny Barack Obama in Geico Insurance Advert

Barack Obama in Geico Insurance Advert
So Easy A Caveman Can Do It..yes we can....

Funny Geico Gecko Duct Tapes Aflac Duck

Geico Gecko Duct Tapes Aflac Duck
Member reactions:
Lil gecko has been a busy boy...
This is AWESOME. I love how the picture tells a story. And the "Duck" tape pun is embedded as well. Great work---must view full.
Very nice... It just cracks me up. I would add a small red line (same color as FN sig) on the bottom of the image and mask the part of the duct tape out so it would look like the duct tape is just rolling off the image (don't forget to add shadows)... There is no need for this but it would just be really funny in my opinion.
thanks for all the comments hamid,thanks for the suggestion, my husband said 'i wouldnt bother doing it', but after i did it, he thought it was very cool and a good idea
Totally hilarious... Congrads on the bronze, Burntfaery
Congrats on the Bronze Burntfaery, very well deserved... You're more than welcome, I am glad you did it, it looks really cool...
Congrats Burntfaery Great play the word duck/duct tape with commerical icon rivalry.
that was you ... it's really Amazing work congrats on the bronze
Oh my god, terrible puns at their finest. I love this chop. Perfect on soooo many levels. Humor takes it over the top. Who knows maybe Geico will want to use it...its ten times better then the commercials that they're using now. Congrats on the bronze. It's a shame because there is at least 5 gold medal worthy chops and only one gold.
So dang funny. Congrats. (very well earned.)

Funny Geico Life Insurance Frog

Geico Life Insurance Frog

Funny Two-Headed GEICO

Two-Headed GEICO
Member reactions:
Excellent job, but consider removing some masking debris over the lower head.
Very nicely done. Good to see that you are back and submitting even more quality work again. You may not notice this on your monitor, but the upper portion of the background is a very light, gradient shade of grey. The masking debris which you removed also left a noticeable white area around the head and to the top. It might be best to remove all of the background from just below the text and upwards as there are also a few blue smudges around the text.
Okay, but this is about as good as it's going to get because of time restraints. Thanks for the help.
And that IS as good as it gets as there is nothing else which needs adjusting. Well Done on the edit.
very funny concept. good reflection and DOF. now, can i have one for a pet.

Funny Geico Bird

Geico Bird
Looks like the little green guy gets around

Funny Geico Killing the Competition

Geico Killing the Competition

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