Gee, thanks a lot Dr. Frankenstein
Gee, thanks a lot Dr. Frankenstein
Gee, thanks a lot Dr. Frankenstein. Dr Frankensteins Monsters Schumer Schiff Pelosi
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Really Awesome Job. Bronze Congrats, Hobbit. A 5...
Thanks a lot UncleChamp, It was 1st place till the end and I got zapped the last vote.
One of my favs. Nice work, Hobbit. Bronze Congrats.

Funny Gum Gees

Gum Gees
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A precise chopper removal. Quality work, it's the Bees Gees Knees.

Funny Isis Gee Leopard

Isis Gee Leopard
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Congrats Dudley, as Tony the Tiger would say, "It's great."
thanks guys. Pure luck, and a great source pic.
thanks guys. Super source picture, and a bucket of luck did for me.
Well done DD, here's to many more

Funny Bee Gees Caricatures

Bee Gees Caricatures
Now you know why they sang in such high pitch tone... but all kidding aside... Rest In Peace Mr. Robin Gibb.

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