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Funny Gay Pictures

I declare the Winter Olympic Gays openedFunny I declare the Winter Olympic Gays opened
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

Outstanding chop. He knows how to hit the jurorsColo
Thought this one might win. Very well done

Gay SochiFunny Gay Sochi
Member reactions:
Soviet style Fabulousness.
Color on his face is freaking brilliant just love this chicken

March Of The Gay DucksFunny March Of The Gay Ducks
Member reactions:

These ducks are gay,angry,homicidal and utterly Fabulous.
Hehehehe is toooo funny and very well done your job bravo
I just seen that guy in french TV today . funny compo .
Hilarious ducks... representing them Gay Community

Absolut GayFunny Absolut Gay
Member reactions:

There is a wiseass in every crowd
Excellent. I would bet my fortune on just this type of 'New' product to hit the market in the future. Then 'Illegal-Alien Brew' bottled Beer and...etc.
Thank you Geriatric, Nanny, Newsmaster, Toledoeagle, Disasterman.
Its the way of Creativity turns into an awesome AD. This is really marvelous chop with well illuminated and shading given so perfectly good work over all
Have to smile every time I see this, great job.
....This is amazing chop and color combination very good
Congrats on the gold, this is a good one.
Thank you Doc, Hobbit, Eric, Rajesh. One might say this one definitely steps out on a dry branch
and you are that wiesass... nice job & congrats hitspinner.
So I guess this goes good with tequila (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
. What an impressive chop. Love the reflections on the shoulder of the bottle. Great job.
Thanks Geri, Bob, Anton, Eagle and NM. I guess it does, Bob
Absolut Gold.. Congratz HitMan, Love the Aztec look of the feathers, great job..
Looks great. What about the taste. Congrats, Hitspinner.

Gay friends or friends of gays ?Funny Gay friends or friends of gays ?
Member reactions:

Gay Silvio Berlusconi Would Escape Prosecution, Says Vladimir Putin
I LIKE this one. Russia's anti gay stance really ticks me off. Even if you don't like a certain lifestyle you shouldn't make non-persons of people. Off the soap box Nice chop

Gay Man Wears Tutu to WorkFunny Gay Man Wears Tutu to Work
Member reactions:

Idaho Republican fears 'a gay guy' might 'come to work in a tutu'

Simon Cowell Is Not GayFunny Simon Cowell Is Not Gay
Member reactions:

Simon Cowell is not bothered by rumors that he is Gay
"EUUWWWW." Nice work-looks like a studio portrait photo.
The badges on them will only say about their interests.... both look hot and humid Niel and Simmon made for each other...
Nahhhhhhhhhhhh... he's gay. Another nice one
Woody congrats as well you're a chopping machine.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Billy Mac. It keeps me sane.

Supremely GayFunny Supremely Gay
Member reactions:

Supreme Court likely to advance gay marriage but stop short of broad ruling Much to look at in such a small file. Had to trade quality for size a wee bit.
Ha. Should of been the one doing all the clipping paths. : (
All of your people seem to be proportionately correct to the background image, except for the Supreme Court figures why are they bigger than the people in front of them.
They aren't intended to be proportional. They have a huge task in deciding how to proceed, there fore they are shown larger than life. Also, many, many folks cannot name them little let lone identify them. Just ask someone nearby you. What are the names of the Supreme Court Justices. The answers and deer in the headlight eyes may surprise you. They are intended to appear as they have. Slightly, done as caricatures, the rest of the folks are just that.
P.S. Notice that the Justice's heads are about 20% too large for the bodies also.

Chick fil GAYFunny Chick fil GAY
Member reactions:

Eat gay chicken. It is Fabulous.
Link doesn't work-check directions/formula.
Funny muppets store who were supposed to buy there . Humans or Puppets .. good and funny work

If Sochi Olympics Embraced Gay RightsFunny If Sochi Olympics Embraced Gay Rights - Gay right activists around the world have called for boycott of Sochi Olympic Games for their intolerance of gays. The Russia's anti-gay laws were introduced in 2013 and are meant to punish any "gay propaganda". In reality, though, any "coming out" or any favorable public speaking about same-gender relationships is classified as gay propaganda in Russia and can get you in prison for up to 3 years. In other words, one can be gay in Russia but one can't speak about it or otherwise show his true colors in public. The Russia's gay intolerance was one of the reasons many heads of state (including Barack Obama and Angela Merkel) chose NOT to attend these games. Before the beginning of Sochi Olympics Putin said that even gay athletes are welcome in Sochi as long as they "behave like normal people and don't emphasize their orientation". And, surprise, surprise... yesterday the first openly gay athlete - Dutch speedskater Ireen Wust - got the gold medal. Photoshop how Sochi Olympics would be different if they totally embraced gay rights, welcomed openly gay athletes, and allowed any "gay propaganda".

Gay WeddingsFunny Gay Weddings - President Barack Obama on Monday defended his view that gay couples should have the right to marry, saying that the country has never gone wrong when it "expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody." "That doesn't weaken families. That strengthens families," he told gay and lesbian supporters and others at a fundraiser hosted by singer Ricky Martin and the LGBT Leadership Council. "It's the right thing to do." Photoshop gay weddings, where a bride and a groom are of the same gender.

Gays in MilitaryFunny Gays in Military - Training for the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that forbids gays from serving openly in the armed forces is going better than envisioned, commanders told Congress last Thursday. The repeal will take effect 60 days after President Obama, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that it won't end up being detrimental to military operations to reverse the ban. Therefore, as soon as this fall, gays may be permitted to serve openly in the armed forces. Since later this year gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military, and they won't have to hide "their colors", show how they may alter/decorate their uniform and weapons and use makeup to serve really "openly" from now on.

Is Senator Craig Gay?Funny Is Senator Craig Gay? - After growing pressure from the Republican clan, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho has resigned, after the recent arrest for trying to engage in a homosexual act in an airport bathroom. The arrest was done by an undercover police officer and Craig pleaded guilty in hopes that the case won't have to go to court and won't become public. However, as soon as the information was released to the public and caused a big scandal around the Republican senator, he changed his plead to "not guilty", stated that he is "not gay", was not involved in any indecent acts, and that his actions were misinterpreted. Photoshop anything connected to the scandal around Senator Larry Craig. For example show magazine covers; or some evidence, documents, or photos that may shed more light to the story, or may prove whether he is gay or not. Remember to keep your entries safe for work.

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