Swamp Gator In A Red Dress
Swamp Gator In A Red Dress
Swamp Gator In A Red Dress. Member reactions:
Ha Sweet stuff, Gummaster. Adorable Crazy Legs Chuck.
Thanks, He make Mrs. Nancy's coat look good too.

Funny Gator


Funny In Vest i Gator Alligator

In Vest i Gator Alligator
Sherchomp Holmes, OBE
Member reactions:
A alligator, or gator wearing a vest. Put it all together. Investigator. Like Sherlock Holmes, a famous fictional detective, or investigator.
Congrats, Icy. Super and well executed Idea.
Bronze congrats Icy,so adorable and great
Definitely one of the best in the show. Congrats on the bronze, Icy.
Well crafted. Lots of attention to detail. Love it.

Funny Future Human Riding His Telepathic Gator

Future Human Riding His Telepathic Gator
Future human and his telepathic gator on tera-formed Europa
Member reactions:
No words for this chop..... a very brilliant and near possible future predicted well :0 great chop and nice details and smooth finish good one
Kewl Chop. What's up with the signature on this one.
What signature. Thanks SS, eric, PSM, Sulli, Rajesh, Elegary, DD, Joan and Karar
Excellent entry. Sci-fiction at high level.
Quality artwork. I would not overdo the sharpness on the crock and the UFO - just makes it harder to blend with other chop elements that have much lower sharpness levels.
Many thanks 420, D Man, NMN, Luciano, and Doc
I think this one is up there with one of my favorite chops of yours. Beautiful work, congrats on the win,
Congrads on the Gold Cup, u know what I think.
congrats. where did your gold cup from yesterday run off to.
Congrats, Hitspinner.
Congrats and you didn't need to sign it, we knew who's it was by the Topaz squiggles. I gotta figger out how you do that.
Thanks 420, Bob, Gummy Hidreley, Wanderer, Jere..... hey dude.... HoHouse and Hobbit. Gummy, there are some discount programs that give the Topaz Vivacity result, HoHouse has one that is pretty darn close. Topaz also has a suite of effects for about $40 bucks called Topaz Clean 3. Using the controls in Clean 3 you can get Vivacity effects. I have been having a love affair lately with Vivacity just as a departure from my standard filters. Actually a lot of the time I don't use them at all. It just depends on the mood I am in and the time I have before deadline. Also some cool filters can be found here http://flamingpear.com/

Funny Baby Gator

Baby Gator

Funny Fried Turkey Gator

Fried Turkey Gator
Member reactions:
Crocko-turkey. Cool

Funny Gators in the Toilets at the Superbowl

Gators in the Toilets at the Superbowl
Tebow's old shirt in the toilet like his game.
Member reactions:
All Alligators suffering from constipation very funny
Nanny. I thought this to be a locker room shot from last Saturdays Gator vs. Hurricane game.
Thanks Everyone for your great comments and your vote.

Funny Wheaties Florida Gators Cereal

Wheaties Florida Gators Cereal
Wheaties to honor NCAA champion Florida Gators
Member reactions:
It would look better if it said "OHIO STATE" on it.

Funny Gator Land

Gator Land
Paradise by the bay
Member reactions:
Very nice, but not anywhere I would want to live.

Funny Miami Gator

Miami Gator
Miami is attacked by a huge gator.
Member reactions:
Another crocodile immigrated to Miami...wonderful (it's not an alligator)

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