Gateway to Heaven
Gateway to Heaven
Gateway to Heaven. Member reactions:
I can suppose the meaning of the door, not of the windows.

Funny Space Shuttle Blasting Off From the Gateway to Space

Space Shuttle Blasting Off From the Gateway to Space
Too bad we have lost this capability.
Member reactions:
I don't normally like to get political on FreakingNews. President Bush announced the cancellation of the Space Shuttle program on Jan 14th, 2004. I am not a fan of either President, but I am a huge fan of the TRUTH. It was already extended then past its planned retirement and was given two additional extensions one each by Bush and Obama.
Maybe the next President will have a new on built.

Funny Gateway Arch Bridge

Gateway Arch Bridge
St. Louis had the gateway arch re-oriented to ease traffic conjestion crossing the mighty Mississippi.
Member reactions:
Arch-ya glad your not driving a truck on it.
I know guys who would actually try to Jeep this. Nice and clean, sharp.
the idea is a bit scary to me. Kinda steep isn't it.

Funny Gateway McArch

Gateway McArch
To enhance city revenue, St. Louis has entered into a lucrative contract with a major fast food company.

Funny St. Louis Gateway Arch by Salvador Dali

St. Louis Gateway Arch by Salvador Dali

Funny Gateway Arch Upside Down

Gateway Arch Upside Down

Funny Microsoft Gateway Cows

Microsoft Gateway Cows
I knew it. Gateway is indeed feeding off the Microsoft teet. (C'mon Gateway, cow print, had to be done. Full view is twice this size, and kills the blur.)
Member reactions:
Over your lips and pasture gums, look out stomachs, here it comes.
Would've been better with an MS logo on Mom cow.

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