Bill Gates
 Bill Gates
Bill Gates. Did Bill Gates receive the DNA of a very old grandmother.
Member reactions:
Well done, except for the floating mouse (drop shadows will do that).
MsgtBob, I have recorded your pertinent and well-founded remark and I thank you for it

Funny Gary Busey, Bill Gates

Gary Busey, Bill Gates

Funny Beautiful Lady, At The Garden Gate!

Beautiful Lady, At The Garden Gate!
Claude Monet, "The Garden Gate".
Member reactions:
Fantastic work on the painting itself. Lol MAGA
Beautifully done, love the colors and the choice of beauty
Agree with HH and MAGA cap a great touch. Is that Melania, looks like her

Funny The Gate

The Gate
Member reactions:
Nice medieval feel to this. Would like to see a few changes to one of the guards so they aren't just flopped images of each other.

Funny Smokey at the gates

Smokey at the gates
Buford T. Justice and charlie Barker waiting for the Bandit at the pearly gates

Funny The Gate of Hell 2020

The Gate of Hell 2020
Member reactions:
Lol as usual Wanderer. Treasure trove of parody. Love Obama. Congrats on Top 5.
I see him, the evil skull, ha ha ha ha... Great job

Funny Bill Gates: Now is your turn, Jeff. Just do it!

Bill Gates: Now is your turn, Jeff. Just do it!

Funny Bill Gates Homeless

Bill Gates Homeless
Member reactions:
We're all just one "Blue Screen" away homelessness.

Funny Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.

Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.
Member reactions:
Looks like Ol' Bill is still pickin' up the tab. Excellent Chop.
Has a Norman Rockwell feel congrats 😎

Funny Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Funny Gates Donates

Gates Donates
Bill Gates has given away $4.6bn (3.6bn) to charity in his largest donation since 2000. He remains the world's richest person, despite giving away 64 million shares in Microsoft. The shares are equivalent to 5% of his total fortune, currently estimated to be $89.9bn. Since 1994 Mr Gates, 61, and his wife Melinda have given away a total of $35bn in cash and stocks to a range of charitable causes. Imagine the wealthiest people in the world becoming the poorest! Create images of any of the Billionaires found on the 2017 Forbes' list of the world's billionaires as homeless and poor. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Castle Gate

Castle Gate
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of castle gate (Skipness Castle in Scotland, image credit: Dunnock_D) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design this castle gate, decorate it, change the environment behind the castle gate, use this castle gate in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Gates

Photoshop this image of gate door (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: remove the bricks from this doorway and show what may be behind it, reshape this door, use this door image image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Bill Gates

Bill Gates
Bill Gates has officially left Microsoft this Friday. While Bill planned his departure for years, it happens at a difficult time for Microsoft - the company struggles to compete with Google for search engine domination. Microsoft attempts to make its own "live search" popular were not successful, and the company is back to negotiations with Yahoo about the possible take-over of Yahoo search engine. Before "Microsoft" was registered as a trade name in 1976, the partnership was called "Micro-soft" for a year before the hyphen was dropped. In the first years of Microsoft, Bill Gates actively wrote code, and personally reviewed every line of code that was written by other employees. Gates was always fascinated with programming and was often described as a geek or even nerd by people who studied with him. He went from zero to hero with Microsoft, he brought us Windows, but now the captain is leaving the boat. Good bye, Bill! To say good-bye to Bill Gates, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what alternative professions he could have chosen, Gates in movies and paintings, photoshopping Bill Gates as a nerd (in the current or early years), showing how he will look in his senior years, etc.

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