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Funny Gate Pictures

Heaven's GateFunny Heaven's Gate
Member reactions:
She was definitely the best.
All poster is very Nice and this special gate for paradise and it's open by the God for special person's ...
Sweet composition but I don't see shadows.
Very artistic chop filled with images of Shirley through her life. I think the middle chair and Shirley herself need some shadows on the floor though.
Wherever she goes... she showers the spirit of love.... RIP

Gates of HellFunny Gates of Hell
Member reactions:

Gates of Hell Gaza City
Well presented the Gates of New Jersey and the gatekeepers were really much scary then the fire Good job done
Thanks rajeshstar, I always look forward to your comments.
The dogs at the gate is just superb and mindblowing.
Glad to see your critter found new work (ha).

secret gateFunny secret gate
Member reactions:

Very nice to see that job between the top 5, congrats geilf

Bill Gates Wins LotteryFunny Bill Gates Wins Lottery
Member reactions:

nice story board for Bill Gates, great idea to include excel to predict numbers lovely thought
What menu did he use for that, or some new features added on the Beta version ha ha ha
Clever and Hilarious. ... and mighty great to see you again, GRM.

Bill Gates with New Heart HardwareFunny Bill Gates with New Heart Hardware
Member reactions:

Beat different
Super chop, but sure wish it were bigger in full view.
I tried Newsy but it blurred out too much at any larger size. Not sure why but it was frustrating. Haven't chopped in awhile, little rusty.
Love the hole around the heart... awesome.
Sorry, but he looks kind of plastic to me. The idea is great though.
Jerry, I understand. Just think it'd score way higher if it were larger, but it all comes down to sources I guess. Mighty glad to see you here again.

I-Fall Bill Gates Being Pulled Down by an Old MacFunny I-Fall Bill Gates Being Pulled Down by an Old Mac
Member reactions:

Shown: Bill Gates and Microsoft President : Jean-Philippe Courtois
So good, fantastic expressions on both Love it
Wonderful. geometrically perfect. The top view is fantastic. colors and lights, they are superb.
Awesome and fantastic job done Really the expession is too good
What a image, great to see the Bill living on the edge and the Jean holding him on the edge., Hilarious and funny chop
$, after seen this entry, I withdrawn from this contest. Congratulations.
thanx every one, Krrish, nice to see you back my friend.
Congratulations Mr. Salis. this work is among my favorites.
Wooden Congrats salis I love the expressions, especially Gates great shadow & lighting effects as always I especially like the shadow work on the chain and Bill's body only thing I noticed first off, was that the lack of visual to the full depth of the background, diminishes the "hanging on the edge of the building" effect somewhat.
thanx everyone, qtrmoonshop I got your point, I'll try to achieve that next time I choose this kind of prospective ( which is really hard to work with ) and finding the suitable sources is much harder, thanx for your Critique.
Congratz Salis, very well, you are so creative and your technique is very very good.

Whitney Houston Sailing to the Gates of ParadiseFunny Whitney Houston Sailing to the Gates of Paradise
Member reactions:

ericnorthend i am happy you like my idea for witney
azuresky i love stairway to heaven.... led zeppelin and pink floyd are the greeeeeeeeeeeat groups
Nice idea to including the bath tub as a boat and wonderful use of cloudy environment to pretend a different world great job done
So many elements here. A gorgeous image. Well done
Super Idea Excellent job done Best of Luck
rajeshstar thanks, it seemed like a good idea to make sail to heaven with the bathtub where she was found.
azuresky,thank you so much, my work has always many elements, and many special manicured. thanks again
thank you surili, i never use photoshop, use of graphics softwares very very old, paintshop, photoimpact and micrografx draw .... i do not know to use photoshop yet.
balodiya thank you very much... occasionally i have a nice idea .... hehehehehe
Fantastic work Ricardo . . . I especially love the "before her time " emotion that the elderly figure evokes nice touch along with the bathtub reference, just fabulous overall. Silver Congratttttttsssssss.....
qtrmoonshop fantastic compliment i've done, you have fully read all the messages of my work, you're always careful. thanks again my friend
RICKY the man, Sliver congrats, great job
Wonderful work, silver congrats Ricky.. Very close race.
a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thank you at all friends: jimshort, newsmaster, salis, and sunshin3 i am very happy for your congrats guys thanks thanks thanks
Now, go out there and sell your artistry like RWPike.

Young Bill GatesFunny Young Bill Gates
Member reactions:

Mundo... congratulations.... great work..

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in Indiana JonesFunny Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in Indiana Jones
Member reactions:

Nice work . . . wish it was bigger . . .
SILVER Congrats D-man, beautiful work.
Silver congrats Dizazterman --> -->. Excellent work, which is why I mentioned wishing it was bigger . . . easier to see all the great detail
Thanks qtrmoonshop...I usually make them too big but I over compensated this time
Fantastic work Disasterman111 Congrats on your Silver cup

Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates Happy Steve Jobs in DeadFunny Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates Happy Steve Jobs in Dead
Member reactions:

Mark zuckerberg & Bill Gates said : Finally Steve Job is DEAD Sources :
I don't see how this is a tribute honoring Steve Jobs
All in fun i see , Steve is probably looking down wondering if Mark zuckerberg & Bill Gates could top his inventions . I doubt it .... Great chop, but cutting it just a little on the edge of some people on this site .
WOODY Congrats CoolDES, very good job.
WOODY Congrats CoolDES, very good job.

Castle GateFunny Castle Gate - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of castle gate (Skipness Castle in Scotland, image credit: Dunnock_D) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design this castle gate, decorate it, change the environment behind the castle gate, use this castle gate in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Bill GatesFunny Bill Gates - Bill Gates has officially left Microsoft this Friday. While Bill planned his departure for years, it happens at a difficult time for Microsoft - the company struggles to compete with Google for search engine domination. Microsoft attempts to make its own "live search" popular were not successful, and the company is back to negotiations with Yahoo about the possible take-over of Yahoo search engine. Before "Microsoft" was registered as a trade name in 1976, the partnership was called "Micro-soft" for a year before the hyphen was dropped. In the first years of Microsoft, Bill Gates actively wrote code, and personally reviewed every line of code that was written by other employees. Gates was always fascinated with programming and was often described as a geek or even nerd by people who studied with him. He went from zero to hero with Microsoft, he brought us Windows, but now the captain is leaving the boat. Good bye, Bill! To say good-bye to Bill Gates, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what alternative professions he could have chosen, Gates in movies and paintings, photoshopping Bill Gates as a nerd (in the current or early years), showing how he will look in his senior years, etc.

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