Vintage Gas Gal
Vintage Gas Gal
Vintage Gas Gal. Going for max realism here
Member reactions:
This looks like an actual color photo and not colorized.
Thanks Crafty--Just what I was going for.
Awesome job with all correct colors, pumps Gas Gal uniform and '42 Ford. Congrats on the max gold, LunaC.
Really nice work on this, looks real,Congrats on the win.
Max realism achieved. Looks great. Congrats.

Funny The death of the country's gas station

The death of the country's gas station
Member reactions:
Thank you. I try to place some history of modern Russia under the water.

Funny Life's a gas

Life's a gas
Member reactions:
Super Image, Bloomster. Deserved a Much Higher Finish in My Book.

Funny Short Legs, Long Arms - manager of the bigest gas station

Short Legs, Long Arms - manager of the bigest gas station

Funny Death of the Gas Station

Death of the Gas Station
Member reactions:
CraftyOne, everything is in world news.
Thank you, AndWhat. See you in the next contests.


eSyria conflict: Russian war crimes claim 'rhetoric' says Putin
Member reactions:
This needs to be made into art and submitted somewhere as a political commentary piece. Great job.
Thank you, TheGimp. If gas delivery will be done from Qatar Russia cease to exist. Russia has today only gas and oil and ... very old nuclear weapons.
Good one but it taks a lot of time to see all details.

Funny Sumo Gas Chamber

Sumo Gas Chamber
Sumo Wrestler fights dirty, a little human gas does the trick.
Member reactions:
Looks like she lost a little weight (ha). Nice one. Might help to have her hair cast slight shadow onto her chest.
Thanks MsgtBob, fixed it, you were right.
She is a little bit overweight, but she looks ready debates.
Oh boy Gotta cover these ... s though, could you email me the edited version.

Funny Hillary, give a tip to the King of the Gas Station

Hillary, give a tip to the King of the Gas Station
Member reactions:
Gold Congrats Andrew. You built a very amusing chop

Funny Gay Gas Mortar

Gay Gas Mortar
Member reactions:
Remembers me Ibrahimović, PSG soccer player.
I liked this one the most spinner, even above my own. I dropped from second to 5th at one point and prayed I would drop to 6th so I wouldn't get the Worth 1000 pat on the back for winning nothing, you got stuck with it.
2nd to 5th. That 5ucks. This one of mine got pounded down early and never did get legs. Thanks DD, Andrew, Luciano, Willie, crafty and Newsmaster

Funny Mona Lisa Wearing a Gas Mask

Mona Lisa Wearing a Gas Mask
*Gioconda perfume or face of oxymoron behind any apparent stay a strong reality
Member reactions:
Awesome different perspective. Bottle transparency is intended .
I have to agree with Lu here. Either make the bottle float, or put it in here hand, because now it seems like it's going through her hand and it feels like a photoshop mistake and not intentional. i really like the m,ask and the door though..
Agree with the above - great work, but the floating transparent bottom seems strange

Funny Gas Masks

Gas Masks
While Obama awaits for the Congress authorisation for airstrikes against Syria, Israelis line up for gas masks, preparing for possible Syria's chemical atack against Israel. Meanwhile Syrian opposition groups are requesting gas masks from the US and allies to protect themselves from any future chemical attacks by the al-Assad forces. Let's show how gas masks can be used as protection or as a fashion statement - put gas masks on anyone or anything. Some examples are - put gas masks on celebrities and politicians, animals, include gas masks in movies and paintings, etc.

Funny Gas Mask

Gas Mask
Photoshop this gas mask image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting this gas mask on people, animals, or objects, redesigning the gas mask, putting the gas mask into some unusual environment, using this gas mask image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Gas Masks

Gas Masks
The history of the gas mask spans for two centuries. Since then, the gas mask design has gone through many changes and gas masks have been used in military as well as civil cases when working with toxic, smoky, or dusty environments. Gas mask costumes are very popular on Halloween too. Photoshop gas masks any way you wish. Some examples are: design special versions of gas masks (e.g. glamor gas masks for female celebrities, gas masks for rockers, for hockey players, etc.), put gas masks on celebrities and politicians or animals, include gas masks in movies and paintings, etc.

Funny Gas Prices

Gas Prices
[ At most gas stations across the US, gas prices dropped the lowest since March. Gas prices followed the oil prices which dropped below $66 a barrel on Monday. Exxon Mobil, Shell, Texaco and other "gasoline" companies voiced their concern about declines of their profits and their stock prices. ] I have designed a perfect strategy for Exxon Mobil bosses. How about when the gas goes up to $4 you pretend it's just a normal market trend, and when the gas prices drop to $2.65 you start whining like you lost your lollipops? It looks like I am a little late though, because that's exactly how Exxon Mobil strategists advised their bosses to act. Exxon Mobil made over 13 billion (with B) last quarter, and was this close to changing its name to 'Bend Over, America'. But now they are acting like if gas prices drop further we'll soon see street bums with signs "Former Exxon CEO. Need money for hooker and gas". In this contest you are asked to predict whether the gas prices will continue dropping or will rise again, and show how gas stations will adjust their services accordingly. If gasoline prices hit zero, will gas stations offer free gas? If they skyrocket, will gas pumps be changed for more precise devices? You are free to show pretty much any changes you envision, as long as they are directly connected to gas stations. (E.g. chopping a horse pulling a car as alternative means of transportation is not an acceptable entry in this contest, as it is not directly related to gas stations).

Funny Gas Prices

Gas Prices
Show what the world will be like in future if gas prices keep climbing (magazines, newspapers, TV, new devices, life style, etc.)

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