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Funny Gas Pictures

...It's A GasFunny ...It's A Gas
Member reactions:

This shows the true nature of pollutions currently going on in this globe... She is beauty but hidden in mask... Its an unfortunate event to witness in today's world
I'll leave the hands target up to you Joan. Thank you all for your comments.

Saving GasFunny Saving Gas
Member reactions:

I might just need 2 of them,,, one for each foot.
Like the minature of the car.... really saves fuel for children
I wanna order one too. Cute lil toy it is.
Silver congrats, DD.
Congratulations. Great concept & execution DD.

Sarin Gas Attacks in SyriaFunny Sarin Gas Attacks in Syria
Member reactions:
Gassed to death over 1,000 people, including hundreds of children.
Nice work. Funny text wording on the canister.
Nice job. Just curious as to why you flipped the painting. And, if you are going to add things to a painting, you should texture them to look like the painting as well.
Flipped just for interest...lady now looks at you instead of husband. l textured the masks but not the gas canister, my bad
Excellent job you missed the mask contest but put it in a right place. nice makeover on those couples and showing them as suffers of chemical bomb
Hi my friend. Congratulations. Happy to see you.

Darth Vader Gas VersionFunny Darth Vader Gas Version
Member reactions:

I hope you enjoy this one...XD
Looks like a hardcore Army Man... good job

Gas Works ParkFunny Gas Works Park
Member reactions:

Home-Made  Do-It-Yourself  Gas MaskFunny Home-Made Do-It-Yourself Gas Mask
Member reactions:

Ha, I shouldn't laugh. It might come down to this someday. Until a year ago I had everything I needed to survive a chemical attack or radiation exposure but preferred to eat so sold it all. Great idea, funny and well chopped
Clever and hilarious. Bronze congrats, GRM.

Full of GasFunny Full of Gas
Member reactions:

Not sure of my thinking behind this, too much time on my hands at the moment.
Yeah.... Full of Gas and Palin is riding with him to pump more oxygen into his blood very funny Bill is taking all advantage
perfect lovers way to party riding on the street

Romney Pumps His Own GasFunny Romney Pumps His Own Gas
Member reactions:

Mitt Romney seen actually pumping his own gas.
He has kept his Hope Alive for next elections and by the time pumping his own Gas very funny Like the way Romney is designed and the Dog is guarding the car is so cute
Excellent work done good story created. neat and clean chop.
ha ha ha hysterical idea, Hilarius chop, freaky dog and crazy car with funky look and great staring girl in background is very genius placement with hording as she voted
Great chop, and I love it even more for details like - the homeless girl with the sign in the background and Hope poster. Bronze congrats too, Paul.

Gas Rationing StickersFunny Gas Rationing Stickers
Member reactions:

Gas Rationing, Shortage Fray Nerves In NYC
Hilarious to see the funny sign boards At least they save some bucks on fancy number plates to fund more gas very good job
This is really useful idea from the NEWS.. i'll try this now

Etch-a-Sketch Gas Prices at the PumpFunny Etch-a-Sketch Gas Prices at the Pump
Member reactions:

It's not just daily, but by the minute.
Gas prices subject to change while refilling ha ha ha what a shocking message good job
Customer must sign on that and leave ha ha ha, Etch A Sketch Sign as cash pad
Great composition, but the image size is small

Gas MasksFunny Gas Masks - While Obama awaits for the Congress authorisation for airstrikes against Syria, Israelis line up for gas masks, preparing for possible Syria's chemical atack against Israel. Meanwhile Syrian opposition groups are requesting gas masks from the US and allies to protect themselves from any future chemical attacks by the al-Assad forces. Let's show how gas masks can be used as protection or as a fashion statement - put gas masks on anyone or anything. Some examples are - put gas masks on celebrities and politicians, animals, include gas masks in movies and paintings, etc.

Gas MaskFunny Gas Mask - Photoshop this gas mask image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting this gas mask on people, animals, or objects, redesigning the gas mask, putting the gas mask into some unusual environment, using this gas mask image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Gas MasksFunny Gas Masks - The history of the gas mask spans for two centuries. Since then, the gas mask design has gone through many changes and gas masks have been used in military as well as civil cases when working with toxic, smoky, or dusty environments. Gas mask costumes are very popular on Halloween too. Photoshop gas masks any way you wish. Some examples are: design special versions of gas masks (e.g. glamor gas masks for female celebrities, gas masks for rockers, for hockey players, etc.), put gas masks on celebrities and politicians or animals, include gas masks in movies and paintings, etc.

Gas PricesFunny Gas Prices - [ At most gas stations across the US, gas prices dropped the lowest since March. Gas prices followed the oil prices which dropped below $66 a barrel on Monday. Exxon Mobil, Shell, Texaco and other "gasoline" companies voiced their concern about declines of their profits and their stock prices. ] I have designed a perfect strategy for Exxon Mobil bosses. How about when the gas goes up to $4 you pretend it's just a normal market trend, and when the gas prices drop to $2.65 you start whining like you lost your lollipops? It looks like I am a little late though, because that's exactly how Exxon Mobil strategists advised their bosses to act. Exxon Mobil made over 13 billion (with B) last quarter, and was this close to changing its name to 'Bend Over, America'. But now they are acting like if gas prices drop further we'll soon see street bums with signs "Former Exxon CEO. Need money for hooker and gas". In this contest you are asked to predict whether the gas prices will continue dropping or will rise again, and show how gas stations will adjust their services accordingly. If gasoline prices hit zero, will gas stations offer free gas? If they skyrocket, will gas pumps be changed for more precise devices? You are free to show pretty much any changes you envision, as long as they are directly connected to gas stations. (E.g. chopping a horse pulling a car as alternative means of transportation is not an acceptable entry in this contest, as it is not directly related to gas stations).

Gas PricesFunny Gas Prices - Show what the world will be like in future if gas prices keep climbing (magazines, newspapers, TV, new devices, life style, etc.)

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