Gargoyle. Member reactions:
Reminds me of The Thing. Should show sources for this one. Very nice.
Thanks dd oh yeah The Thing just had time to create it. About 20 layers 😎👍🏼
Congrads, But liked danny better, both winners
Congrats on a close one. Was that source from a plaster sculpture. It looks like a Golem or something. Gargoyle works too Silver...
Thanks Gummy. Hits It was from a Halloween Mask minus all the eyes and other elements. All the Steampunk details added from several sources, Medusa head added and part of a Black and white portrait of an indigenous women making up the forehead and eye brow and a few dreadlock sources. The wife said it's Picassoesque. Thanks Splat and fugit appreciated. Thanks Hohouse happy you liked the Danny entry. At least with Freakshow we get to share the hard work that misses a deadline.
Cosmix, this is so darn Freaky, darn good pic and different, Congrats on the win....
Grats Cosmix. Never was sure whose this was. I've tried to make a human Thing a couple of times from scratch... and gave up. I'll try again sometime.
Go for it dd look forward to seeing it. Cheers Bob 😎👍🏼

Funny The Gargoyle in the Rain

The Gargoyle in the Rain
Member reactions:
Excellent work to see the freaky Bat Man like his wings open up and the drops of rain over the sky

Funny Alligator Gargoyle

Alligator Gargoyle
Member reactions:
It's another quality critter from the slick-man. Again, he managed to crawl the roof and tag with his spray-paint, .

Funny Gargoyle and His Friends

Gargoyle and His Friends

Funny Eagle Gargoyle Overlooking the City

Eagle Gargoyle Overlooking the City

Funny Gargoyle and Stone Eagle over Paris

Gargoyle and Stone Eagle over Paris
Weathered over the years the two creatures became friends.

Funny Robotic Gargoyle in a Dark City

Robotic Gargoyle in a Dark City
Sources A bit out of time
Member reactions:
Truly superb. This could have won the apprentice contest. Full view is very impressive
Pitty about the time. would have been a high placed finish. great work
Congrats Drapsico All the effort is appreciated.
Thanks for the coments i really appreciate it.
Bronze congratulations, Drapsico. Great work should never get wasted - this one took a trophy even in tough competition freak show.
Like the robotics you've given it...fantastic theme.

Funny Gargoyle Open Air Movie

Gargoyle Open Air Movie

Funny Gargoyle with Linda Blair

Gargoyle with Linda Blair
Member reactions:
Here is another one where I'm at a loss on voting. This deserved much higher marks in my opinion...but, then, that's just my opinion I guess. But, I think it is great
Well, in a way I am not surprised at all. This chop was an afterthought and a quickie. The source image reminded me of some demonic figurines in the Exorcist film. The truth is, I couldn't wait to finish this creepy chop just so I could stop looking at it. Truth. Yesterday I modified the blue values into the teal/green band and it's even worse. It's just too creepy and I think people reject that. When you think about it, Linda Blair could barely milk anything out of her career after the Exorcist other than small parts and I think that is directly related to when people see her they are reminded of some really terrifying images and a dark place they unconsciously forbid their minds to go. I dunno, but that explanination works for me. Then there is "taste" to consider Anyway BOO. Bwhahhaahahahah Thanks for the comments OOOO ...

Funny Forest Gump & a Gargoyle

Forest Gump & a Gargoyle

Funny Gargoyle

As we are approaching Halloween, we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this gargoyle image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - dressing up this gargoyle, showing how it would live an ordinary life, designing a poster with this gargoyle endorsing some product or service, putting the gargoyle into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Claudia Meyer and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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