Garfield The Last Romantic
Garfield The Last Romantic
Garfield The Last Romantic. Animal Odd Couples A fragment of the story says: "In the Animal Kingdom, friendship often cross the lines of genus and species and results in some oddball inter-special relationships" I took these two characters familiar to all of us, and created a romantic scene, where Garfield shows his charm and sensuality to his partner Ratatouille. If you see the rose also acts as a fishing pole, from which hangs a piece of cheese, is a fanciful and funny thing I wanted to add to the work to show a romantic trap or a dangerous temptation which Ratatouille will face. Hope you like it _____________ 18 Stocks used, 2 days of work *Please Full View*
Member reactions:
I wish i knew the secret of getting an inage as clean as this. Awesome work.
Great work remind me of my work of Hunting Time too
Lol.I thought it was yours, Kratos. Must be that darn mr S. again then.
Mmmmm, i guess im not Mr S. too. Thanks for the comments guys, it took me a lot of effort Mr. Hidden
I thought it was a K piece also Jeremix, he must be giving hidden tutoring LoL Cute piece.
jere and Kellie .. i thought i did that in my dream too . i didn't gave any tutorial to anyone must be B i guess ^^
oops... you got me on this one too jere... ... or not... I thought it's kratos too... what a freaky chop here... mr. Hidden...
really good job
Belez congrats your critters are classy duo congratulations.
So it was you, Belez. really cute and really pro looking chop mate. Grats.
Congrats on the silver Belez, beautiful chop. I thought you had the gold.
thanks for all the comments, and rwpike i also thought that, i will have to keep on the try of get my 1st gold.
Congrats belez, awesome chop. It does look similar to something kratos might chop as noted in some comments. Perhaps the subject matter and color palette is similar.
Congrats on the Silver Belez... Pro Chop and Coloring..
Pro work on all counts. Congrats on the silver, Belez.

Funny Hunting Time For Garfield

Hunting Time For Garfield
hope you like it
Member reactions:
... what a bad design.... you should consider the Apprentice Contests ... amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing chop dude... wtg...
amazing i was gonaa do something like that but have no time gr8 jop hide
So cute, funny, great idea. i fave it. this pic stolen my heart..... i love it the garfield act,eyes, and the fish
Kratos.... ur back... ... is it hot in here or just me ... Congrats on the win my friend... well deserved...
Love that and very freaky...awesome chop....excellent work...Congrats for the gold Designerkratos
I should have known who did this master peice.Congrats on the win..........
I was Afraid that i lost my skills in ps coz since more than 40 days no contests . , glad all you like my design thanks for great comments and votes
i'm verry happy to see you back congrats on the win my friend ^^
Congrats on the gold Kratos. Great work..
Congrats on the gold, Kratos. Close race with Xaos - he's a tough man to beat.
Congratulations Kratos. I'm, still, waiting for the triple-K comicbook (Kratos' Killer Kartoons). You didn't lose anything-just aged a bit like a good wine.
yeah newsy , last time we joined together ( me and xaos ) he did kicked my ass . have fun playing with him thanks geriatric maybe soon after 10 years i will make one hahah
hey Kratos, thought id commented..must of been on deviant..thought this was awesome and deserved the win...good onya mate...
this one is just awesome. a stroke of genius haha
hey thanks Chidow .. had alot off fun in this one
Freaking awesome work and congrats on a well deserved golden trophy, Kratos. Your last 4 works have all gotten scores above 9 and if this rate continues you will be scoring solid 10's pretty soon.

Funny Garfield Crushed by Mayday

Garfield Crushed by Mayday
Member reactions:
Looks great. Would be nice to see sources

Funny Garfield Eye Mouth

Garfield Eye Mouth

Funny Garfield & Eiffel Tower

Garfield & Eiffel Tower
used images
Member reactions:
It would have been even funnier if you had the tower being pushed over slightly by him.
GttoGiallo thanks you from Paris .
GttoGiallo tried... it was just too hard .

Funny Garfield Holding a Red Pepper

Garfield Holding a Red Pepper
Member reactions:
Ops......sorry My FN with problems. Delet one please.
Garfield goes vegetarian. No more lasagne for him.
hey this is good. but can you add a bite on the pepper to outstand more. just a suggestion.
Congrats on 2nd place. Another example of a well done image.

Funny Garfield Smiley Face Emoticon

Garfield Smiley Face Emoticon

Funny Gay Andrew Garfield

Gay Andrew Garfield
Member reactions:
He looks more prettier than girls nice coming out and good vibrant background used

Funny Garfield The Cyclops

Garfield The Cyclops

Funny Garfield Dinosaur

Garfield Dinosaur
These Dino's really love lasagna.
Member reactions:
LoL Lasagne

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