SplatShot's Garden
SplatShot's Garden
SplatShot's Garden. Looks like a prisoner swap to me. One baby squirrel in exchange for the release of the dog's human. If it weren't for that dog Splat would be pushing up daisies (well OK there not exactly daisies)
Member reactions:
...now Gummy this has to be a Photoshop fantasy. Because my dog Rocco would always choose to keep the squirrel.
Looks like papa squirrel about to deliver a vicious “splat shot” with rake, for Rocco’s rough handling of baby squirrel Awesome.
I always suspected Splat snoked weed when chopping
Thanks for the Joint Gummy...I needed something to get me thru this contest...Whew.... ... Newsy
Thanks all and especially to Splat for being a good sport.

Funny White House gardening

White House gardening
Member reactions:
Ohh That explains it
Congrats, Mr.Lucianomorelli. Is it family next business.
The Green House, hahaha, brilliant. Love how you showed Bo here.

Funny Mr Natural's Garden

Mr Natural's Garden
http://tinypic.com/r/29xuqgm/8 source photos
Member reactions:
Thanks Andwhat
Great cartoon here. Something I saw a lot of years ago.
A real beauty. Thanks for the change... Congrats on the bronze
Thanks everyone.Growing up I always loved R.Crumb and his style of Cartooning
Cute-cute-cute. Congratulations Preemiememe.

Funny Shirley Temple in the Garden

Shirley Temple in the Garden
Member reactions:
Nice Chop and In this green garden she is looking sweet.....
Lovely foreground (leaves), though masking of it needs more work

Funny Gardening


Funny White House gardening

White House gardening

Funny The garden of Alien

The garden of Alien
Member reactions:
amazing.... art work... iike the some hidden aliens appear in this chop

Funny Barefoot in the Garden

Barefoot in the Garden
Barefoot in the Garden OH......stepped on a STICK.... Large Size Source Images
Member reactions:
Ouch,,,I don't know about you but if I had just stepped on a stick like that I would have thrown my cigar 1/2 way across the graveyard.
Thanks Gummy, I Appreciate your comment.
Stepped on a stick and the leg piercing perfectly matched the comment... good work on the background to look scary
Ahhhh a twofer. Congrats on the termite food... Great Halloween chop
Thank you very much Geriatric, Thanks Hit-man, I would rather be "front row" but Wood is Good.
Another freaking beauty from SS. Congrats on the wood.
haha . just seen this . made me laugh . thanks
If you put sticks in both hands and feet plus a crown of thorns...stigmata meets the exorcist.
Thanks NewsMaster.. Thank you SteveRS. I find it funny too. I'm still laughing. Thanks I appreciate your comment MissPix. I agree..one of the comments I received said she looked like a mix between Linda Blair and The Penguin. I pretty much think that nails it.

Funny A Walk in the Garden

A Walk in the Garden
Member reactions:
Excellent view of the Garden and the Moon and the clouds through the Key Hole is really amazing
Missed it by one.... It was a tough field this time. Very nice job D.
Nice Choppage. I like it. Turn the girl around and it would have scored off the charts.

Funny Key to Fairyland's Garden

Key to Fairyland's Garden
Member reactions:
Nice inclusions of Leaves to the classical key hole The fairies were well placed good one
Inspiring Idea. I thought to do something like this after I saw yours...just didn't have the time.
Thanks, everyone. SplatShot -- that is a great compliment, thank you.

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