Garden Party
Garden Party
Garden Party.

Funny Happy Bunny in the Garden

Happy Bunny in the Garden
Member reactions:
Congrats Pree. Nice to see you back at it. really cute and skillfully made.

Funny Renoir's A Child's Garden of iToys

Renoir's A Child's Garden of iToys
I like Renoir. What's not to like.
Member reactions:
IMO objects shoul be a bit blurry to match the original painting.
Me likes a lot this chop and Renoir too. The way you did a picture in picture on iPad adds nicely to it. Congrats on top 5, Swash.

Funny A Walk In Octopus Garden

A Walk In Octopus Garden
A Sorely Missed Free Spirit
Member reactions:
You've aged him nicely. Nice reference to the yellow submarine too.
Well you do keep spinning the Hits don't ya. Grats bro.
Congrats on the gold Hit
A wonderful job done on this pic, always enjoy your work Congrats..
Hi and . Thanks for restoring my confidence. Sorry I am a bit late on stuff. My IP has decided to sabotage my very existence Well, they are having some meltdowns trying to get services back online... permanently. Thank you Hobbit, Doc, Andwhat, HH, Newsy, Gummy, Luciano, Eric, Sai, Swashbuckle and Pat.
congrats.... He looks wonderful... Imagine..
Many thanks, Elegary, Wanderer, Swashbuckle up for safety , Pree and Bob.

Funny Fairy in the Garden Digital Art

Fairy in the Garden Digital Art
I took a photo of part of my garden, blurred and changed the colours slightly, then darkened the photograph. I drew and painted the fairy and put an orange photo filter on the fairy to help her stand out more. Mixed Media
Member reactions:
Thank you for your comments, SplatShot and balodiya. Misspix, I did not want the background and foreground to match and that is why I blurred the background. I am allowed artistic licence.
nice, well so many german animations follow this idea

Funny SplatShot's Garden Squirrel

SplatShot's Garden Squirrel
Looks like a prisoner swap to me. One baby squirrel in exchange for the release of the dog's human. If it weren't for that dog Splat would be pushing up daisies (well OK there not exactly daisies)
Member reactions: Gummy this has to be a Photoshop fantasy. Because my dog Rocco would always choose to keep the squirrel.
Looks like papa squirrel about to deliver a vicious “splat shot” with rake, for Rocco’s rough handling of baby squirrel Awesome.
I always suspected Splat snoked weed when chopping
Thanks for the Joint Gummy...I needed something to get me thru this contest...Whew.... ... Newsy
Thanks all and especially to Splat for being a good sport.

Funny Woman Finds a Little Fairy in the Garden

Woman Finds a Little Fairy in the Garden
Sources Thanks Ljilja, through beautiful stock.
Member reactions:
Thanks .
Just Freaking Fantastic Hidreley. One of the Very Best in this contest.
It is a magnificent chop and compleletly worthy of great praise.

Funny Kangaroo in the Garden of Eden

Kangaroo in the Garden of Eden
Member reactions: that Chelsea. Dang Roo is in the way.
Had the Roo been holding a couple fig leaves, it would have been perfect.
Nice setting. The snake has to be around somewhere too
I think the snake is under the fig leaf hahahaha Nice one D

Funny Obama's Gardening in their Marijuana Crop at the White House

Obama's Gardening in their Marijuana Crop at the White House
Member reactions:
Ohh That explains it
Congrats, Mr.Lucianomorelli. Is it family next business.
The Green House, hahaha, brilliant. Love how you showed Bo here.

Funny Easter Alien Egg in the Garden

Easter Alien Egg in the Garden
Watch where you reach
Member reactions:
Congrads fine work.always money in the Bank.
Congratulations. Scary thought...the Pod people are with us.
Creative stuff. Such an evil predator bunny
Bronze Easter egg for Hitz-man. Congrats.

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