Trump take out the Garbage
Trump take out the Garbage
Trump take out the Garbage. Member reactions:
The effort Trump expense gets more desperate every day.
i wish he would also . so we can get the impeachment on the way..

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama the Garbage Pail Kids

Barack and Michelle Obama the Garbage Pail Kids
Aren't they lovely.
Member reactions:
Oh my God, this is sooo funny, looks great.
And I agree with Renegade (but not hobbit)
Creative chop, some colour matching problem with bodies but overall excellent.
This chop is NOT to be seen before lunch for sure. Disturbingly cool
Nice Work Andwhat. The Toe Jam looks delicious.

Funny Drunk Man in a Garbage Truck

Drunk Man in a Garbage Truck
America's Biggest Boozers.
Member reactions:
This is great, hidden. So, real looking, I feel right at home.
So that's where he gets his chop-humor; all those magazines to read at his leisure. Dr. Chuckles rules.
Great formation, well suited to the newslink good job done, singles were ofcourse would the largest drinkers I too..
is that a bean bag
Bingo He is chilling out there good to see

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy The Garbage Man

Nicolas Sarkozy The Garbage Man
Member reactions:
Hey there is a man inside the garbage van and the cats doing that freaky thing really Look at his face wonderful chop nice way its presented
Fantastic Composition Nice Uniform. Nice concept Everything is perfect.
Intelligent detail with concept and the chop, a perfect balance with all the stuff around and nice expressions looks real
Love it, congrats and yet another work of art.

Funny Garbage Man Takes Center Stage

Garbage Man Takes Center Stage
Check out How I made this View Full Here Much Better Full Only used the Garbage Can Source
Member reactions:
... good job and very creative for only using one source..
Thanks took me forever to do but thought it was a good idea
Really was my favorite and the 'How To' help was very useful. Congratulations.

Funny Internet Garbage

Internet Garbage

Funny Garbage Truck Shuttle

Garbage Truck Shuttle
How to Track Space Junk Online
Member reactions:
Great editing, great idea and tres clever.
Hehe Nice The bin on the head totally makes it
Clever indeed. Send the freaking junk into space. Astronaut driver is a hoot.
Congrats on a killer gold. Love the concept and execution is spot on.
Heheh congrads AZ, The concept sure works for me. Splendid work as always
looks like its rather expensive to get rid of the trash.. ,, fantastic work ..... rainnn))))congratulations
Now that's takin' the trash OUT. Nicely done AZRM.
Thanks all for the comments Don't forget to recycle
Incredible colors and sharpness. I was wondering how they were going to clean up all that space junk Congrats AZ

Funny Throwing Obama Portrait into a Garbage Truck

Throwing Obama Portrait into a Garbage Truck
Member reactions:
Is that milk coming out of the Obama's nose on the left.
just doing what I do then I see him,hear him, Vomit

Funny Joe Biden Garbage Collector

Joe Biden Garbage Collector
Member reactions:
Before you pick need a permission from Management Very freaky quote and nice chop using the source as well

Funny Garbage Ghost

Garbage Ghost

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