Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James Gandolfini
Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James Gandolfini
Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James Gandolfini. Member reactions:
James would probably like to be remembered like that. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Funny Gangster Paradise

Gangster Paradise
R.I.P. James Gandolfini

Funny Obama as a Gangster with a Gun

Obama as a Gangster with a Gun
Some things are timeless
Member reactions:
Ahhhhhh, I see it's the old Capo-bama theme, see... hahhah, Great job DD

Funny Gangster Needs Food Badly

Gangster Needs Food Badly
Another half ton and he gets to meet Valarie Bertenelli
Member reactions:
Gotta giggle
that's the point (for me, anyway). But, ya know, the coloring of Jabba, shadow, window reflection (of his back) and enhancement of what was a horrible picture of a Jenny Craig storefront (but, the best one available) don't add themselves...
Dedicated to some of them who are in diet, Eat a live frog in the breakfast
Excellent work done on the creature its looks so fat why he needs more food

Funny Gangster Carrying a Girl Shopping

Gangster Carrying a Girl Shopping
Sweet Cuban Girl, on Shopping Ladies maybe your partner is not much interested on what you are buying New idea of Carpet grass, plz comment.
Member reactions:
Should have put the glasses on the Gangster considering the dizzy Freaky chick he is manhandling. Just kidding-good luck.
geriatric: you freak me--ha ha ha, thanks a lot. JoanMcKay, Thank you.
Excellent work done nice lighting effects and great turn of the cuban girl into a fairy
pcrddds: Thank you rajeshstar: Thank you for such a nice comment geriatric:Thank you again
Congratulations. I will look forward to more dizzy & freaky pics from you.
Thank you, Disasterman11, Auburn, geriatric. This is my first winning entry
very clean cartoon effect... the lens lighting... very cool. Congrats..
sorry for late comment , Congrats on the silver medal Eric you do very well lately mate .. keep up

Funny Muammar Gaddafi Gangster

Muammar Gaddafi Gangster
Member reactions:
His hair looks funny. Otherwise quality stuff

Funny Bulldog Gangster

Bulldog Gangster
Member reactions:
what the..., did u Use 3dmax and Cinema 4d for car and gun sources .. ... man u Rock..
I'm looking for the man that shot my paw.
Excellent. So smooth & clean, gr8 subject
As I was choppin' my own stuff I had vision, some Nostradamus one, and saw a dog in action, a gangsta dog, maybe robbin' a bank or something like that... I thought the top 3 of this contest would be showing that. I was worried as nothing similar was appearing, and then you did it ^^ So, these are my early congrats, cause if you don't get a prize for this one, no one does
Excellent Marvelous Brilliant Fantastic Amazing.. Composition. Simply Superb. Great Work.
It's a dog's life - la dolce vita. Many fine details here - from bullet holes on the briefcase to the metal dog statuette on the car. FN bling bling sure is nice
Congrats Xaos you really did a amazing job
Xaos54 this guys literally dressed to kill. congratulations i love your style.
A BIG Thank you to everyone who voted and for all the great comments...this chop was a blast.
Congrats on da win, Chaos. Bling bling bling.
Thanks, Newsy, musicalnote, salis, Ricky and Hits.

Funny Barack Obama Gangster

Barack Obama Gangster
Member reactions:
Al Capone himself would be afraid of this gangster. Solid work

Funny Gangster Dog

Gangster Dog

Funny Hugh Jackman Gangster

Hugh Jackman Gangster
"The Boss Wants His Money"
Member reactions:
Nice chop. Saw his Oscars bit again on TV last night... so talented that guy is.
subtle work on colors : they bring a nice mood to the whole creation
Thank You Again Doxieone Im Glad You Like It
I like this one , nice work Superman keep going

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