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Funny Gangster Pictures

Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James GandolfiniFunny Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James Gandolfini
Member reactions:

James would probably like to be remembered like that. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Gangster ParadiseFunny Gangster Paradise
Member reactions:

R.I.P. James Gandolfini

Gangster Needs Food BadlyFunny Gangster Needs Food Badly
Member reactions:
Another half ton and he gets to meet Valarie Bertenelli
that's the point (for me, anyway). But, ya know, the coloring of Jabba, shadow, window reflection (of his back) and enhancement of what was a horrible picture of a Jenny Craig storefront (but, the best one available) don't add themselves...
Dedicated to some of them who are in diet, Eat a live frog in the breakfast
Excellent work done on the creature its looks so fat why he needs more food

Gangster Carrying a Girl ShoppingFunny Gangster Carrying a Girl Shopping
Member reactions:

Sweet Cuban Girl, on Shopping Ladies maybe your partner is not much interested on what you are buying New idea of Carpet grass, plz comment.
Should have put the glasses on the Gangster considering the dizzy Freaky chick he is manhandling. Just kidding-good luck.
geriatric: you freak me--ha ha ha, thanks a lot. JoanMcKay, Thank you.
Excellent work done nice lighting effects and great turn of the cuban girl into a fairy
pcrddds: Thank you rajeshstar: Thank you for such a nice comment geriatric:Thank you again
Congratulations. I will look forward to more dizzy & freaky pics from you.
Thank you, Disasterman11, Auburn, geriatric. This is my first winning entry
very clean cartoon effect... the lens lighting... very cool. Congrats..
sorry for late comment , Congrats on the silver medal Eric you do very well lately mate .. keep up

Muammar Gaddafi GangsterFunny Muammar Gaddafi Gangster
Member reactions:

His hair looks funny. Otherwise quality stuff

Bulldog GangsterFunny Bulldog Gangster
Member reactions:

what the..., did u Use 3dmax and Cinema 4d for car and gun sources .. ... man u Rock..
I'm looking for the man that shot my paw.
Freaking Awesome gotta love the FN Bling
Excellent. So smooth & clean, gr8 subject
As I was choppin' my own stuff I had vision, some Nostradamus one, and saw a dog in action, a gangsta dog, maybe robbin' a bank or something like that... I thought the top 3 of this contest would be showing that. I was worried as nothing similar was appearing, and then you did it ^^ So, these are my early congrats, cause if you don't get a prize for this one, no one does
Excellent Marvelous Brilliant Fantastic Amazing.. Composition. Simply Superb. Great Work.
It's a dog's life - la dolce vita. Many fine details here - from bullet holes on the briefcase to the metal dog statuette on the car. FN bling bling sure is nice
Congrats Xaos you really did a amazing job
Xaos54 this guys literally dressed to kill. congratulations i love your style.
A BIG Thank you to everyone who voted and for all the great comments...this chop was a blast.
absolutely wonderful, great, gold is deserved... congrats to the heart
Congrats on da win, Chaos. Bling bling bling.
Thanks, Newsy, musicalnote, salis, Ricky and Hits.

Barack Obama GangsterFunny Barack Obama Gangster
Member reactions:

Al Capone himself would be afraid of this gangster. Solid work

Gangster DogFunny Gangster Dog
Member reactions:

Gimme doggy biscuits and noone gets hurt

Hugh Jackman GangsterFunny Hugh Jackman Gangster
Member reactions:

"The Boss Wants His Money"
Nice chop. Saw his Oscars bit again on TV last night... so talented that guy is.
subtle work on colors : they bring a nice mood to the whole creation
Thank You Again Doxieone Im Glad You Like It
I like this one , nice work Superman keep going

Blagojevich American GangsterFunny Blagojevich American Gangster
Member reactions:

Ill. Senate Fiasco

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