Gangster Hog
Gangster Hog
Gangster Hog. Member reactions:
Congrats on the win, he is a good one, waiting for that Loan and he can Keep the Blood.
Nice work...Background and subject well matched
Congrats on the Bronze, Mano. Chopping Excellence.

Funny new gangster, new couple

new gangster, new couple
Member reactions:
Congrats on your gold, the dirty gang... ha ha ha
Looks good, Congrats on the win, hope we all hear something soon.

Funny ... Putin found miniature gangster

... Putin found miniature gangster
In the toy store. Trump found Santa Claus costume, Putin found Miniature Thompson gun. Putin use new hair cut for Summit G20 in Hamburg, Germany - Trump's style

Funny Gangster Woods

Gangster Woods

Funny Mr Bean the Gangster

Mr Bean the Gangster
Member reactions:
Freaky kid (ha). You forgot the stork's reflection in the pool.

Funny Alexis Tsipras with his Gangster Squad

Alexis Tsipras with his Gangster Squad
Member reactions:
He is great even passing through crices he could kept his job still... good work showing reluctant to take aid

Funny Napoleon Bonaparte the Gangster

Napoleon Bonaparte the Gangster

Funny Bruce Willis the Gangster

Bruce Willis the Gangster
Member reactions:
Kewl surreal sorta image, Hidden. Now that's bobble-head if I ever seen one.
First 5 Congrats, Elegary. Great picture quality as always.
Very well done Elegary... Top 5..... you are running with the wolves

Funny Gangster Frankie Fraser with a Baseball Bat

Gangster Frankie Fraser with a Baseball Bat
Gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser dies at 90
Member reactions:
Very stylish mafia-themed chop. I made the link clickable for you. Please read the contest directions on the proper link format to make it clickable next time.
thank you. observations will take into account

Funny Barack Obama Gangster and Valerie Jarrett

Barack Obama Gangster and Valerie Jarrett
News Will Obama throw another aid to the dogs or just go Gangsta all by himself.
Member reactions:
Yep, it happens. This stings far more since I did these in spite of agonizing pain when I should have been resting. But thanks for the votes HH, Luciano and eric.

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